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Dungeon Defenders DLC and update submitted to Microsoft

The latest title update and DLC for Dungeon Defenders has been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for their approval, according to Trendy Entertainment’s Development Director and Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Stiegliz. He added that it “won’t be much more of a wait now,” but confirmed that console gamers will have to hang in there a little bit until after the PC version is released.

Stiegliz made the announcement on the game’s official forums, and fans quickly asked for clarification on the release window. While none was forthcoming, the wait for precise information shouldn’t be long. “I believe Jeremy [Stiegliz] meant the date will be announced in a matter of days,” stated a community manager.

The DLC is titled Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 2, with the first portion having been released back in December. Gamers will visit Morrogo Desert Town in the followup. Stiegliz describes it as “a pretty rockin’ new chapter.”

Source: Trendy Entertainment


Retro City Rampage causing chaos this May

A game we’ve been reporting on for a good year without a solid release date, Retro City Rampage is finally settling its rampage down. Creator Brian Provinciano told Joystiq that it’ll be releasing on digital shelves this May at an undisclosed price. However, the PC version is currently for pre-order at $14.99, suggesting the game will most likely be 1200 MSP. After working on this game for so long, Brian had this to say about what’s next for Vblank Entertainment:

I’ve got many ideas and definitely want to do more open-world games, but right after RCR I will take a breather and work on something small and different. Hopefully something that takes maybe 8 weeks instead of 8 years.”

This game still looks like the open-world love letter to retro gaming and nostalgic destruction, we can’t wait until May when it’s released.


New Awesomenauts screens show off multiplayer insanity

Fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming XBLA release of Awesomenauts got a little something to hold them over in the form of a whole mess of screenshots last week. Developer Romino Games posted a whole slew of screens to the game’s Facebook page Monday. You can see all of the screens in the Facebook photo album.

Awesomenauts is a 3-versus-3 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title from Romino Games and DTP Entertainment. The game will hit for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The game features tug-of-war or capture-the-flag style gameplay in which each team of three attempts to push their way into the enemy team’s territory to destroy an objective with the help of smaller, computer-controlled units. Originally scheduled for late 2011, the game is currently slated to hit in early 2012; no exact release date has been announced, nor has pricing.


Double trouble for Skullgirls with final character reveal

Skullgirls fans are in for a double treat with what is believed to be the eighth and final character reveal for the upcoming fighting game. According to her bio, Double is capable of transforming it’s nightmarish form into that of any person, but often appears as a smiling nun. It can frequently be found in the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity, listening to confessions and attending to the catacombs beneath. The Gametrailers website has provided some information on her (it’s?) fighting style too:

• Double moves around the field as a quivering eldritch horror, and transforms into other characters for most attacks
• While Double may use frames of animation from other characters, many of the attacks are “remixes” of the moves she’s copying
• Even though she transforms into other characters for them, some of the moves are exclusive to Double: several moves that didn’t make the cut on the original character made it into Double.

Skullgirls is being developed by Reverge Labs and should be launching on XBLA early 2012.

Source: Skullgirls Blog via Gametrailers


Klei Entertainment releases Shank comic

After releasing Shank 2 last week, Klei Entertainment has released a free downloadable Shank comic. The comic occurs in the “period between the two Shank games” and features sixteen pages of “over-the-top original artwork” from Klei’s creative director Jeff Agala and artist Vangelis Christou. Hit the source link to view the comic which can also be downloaded for iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire from Comixology.



XBLIG gets a new home in the Dashboard

Microsoft has finally made a move to rectify one of the most longstanding and common complaints about the 360’s dashboard: Xbox Live Indie Games had extremely low visibility. Effective immediately, gamers will no longer be required to manipulate their way through the deepest bowels of the dash in order to peruse the list of available indie titles. A tile labeled “Indie” is now prominently located right underneath the Arcade square on the Games Marketplace.

Independent Xbox 360 developers are also about to get some more love in the form of an XBLIG companion app for Windows Phone 7. The app — currently being beta tested by a few select individuals — is said to be about 90 percent of the way to completion and will provide gamers with a simple way to keep up-to-date on the 360 indie scene. It works by yanking data from RSS feeds of blogs covering the XBLIG scene as well as the XML and CSV data from all the titles. In addition, the developers themselves will vote upon titles that they feel deserve to spotlighted on the service.

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XBLA Publishing negotiations underway for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath remake

Just Add Water has revealed to VG 24/7 that they will not be publishing the XBLA version of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, nor will Microsoft. However, fans shouldn’t take that as a signal to dive into a well of despair. There is reason for hope, as the developer also confirmed that they are currently exploring their options with “two or three” external publishing partners. News of a concrete deal could surface as soon as early April 8.

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Alan Wake goes grindhouse in new launch trailer

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare hits XBLA next Wednesday, and to celebrate Remedy Games have launched a brand new trailer with a bit of a grindhouse feel. The game is said to be a standalone spin-off adventure in which Alan finds himself stuck in an altered reality filled with dangerous shadows as he pursues his evil double, Mr. Scratch towards the town of Night Springs. In addition to the single player campaign, the game also includes an action arcade mode called “Fight till Dawn” where players must battle and survive a full night of enemy onslaughts while racking up a high score.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be published by Microsoft Studios as part of Xbox Live Arcade’s House Party promotion on February 22 for 1200 MSP.


Final Sine Mora character reveal introduces a lizard rocking sunglasses

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture have revealed Sine Mora‘s final character, bringing the exciting line of weekly reveals to a close. Tying up a long list of characters that include the likes of a wheelchair bound buffalo, cigarette smoking cougars, mechanic rabbits, and more, we now have a lizard sporting sunglasses. Known as Lynthe Ytoo, this reptile was left behind by the Imperial Air Force after being injured in battle. In the wake of this betrayal, Lynthe joined forces with Akyta Dryad‘s group of resistance fighters and is now taking the fight to his former employer. With all of the game’s characters out in the open, we hope to be enjoying Sine Mora‘s bullet filled skies for ourselves soon.


Quantum Conundrum’s Kim Swift hints dimension reveal at GDC

The more we read about it, the more adorable and quirky Kim Swift’s upcoming Quantum Conundrum sounds like wacky fun. In an exclusive interview with Joystiq, she revealed more details on what to expect with her upcoming title with Airtight Games. Of the five dimensions, only four have been revealed with normal, fluffy, slo-mo, reverse-gravity and the last dimension being revealed at GDC but it’s most likely not Dimension X. Swift also had this to say about the game’s narrative and gameplay:

“I like having a narrative there; it helps to drive players through, it gives them a purpose, a reason to keep going. That feeling of wanting to know what happens next. Do I get to find my uncle? Do I figure out what happened to him? Am I able to figure out how to get out of this place? I find that giving players a story motivation helps them keep going and feel engaged.”

Quantum Conundrum is scheduled for a summer release and Swift “wouldn’t be surprised” if DLC was coming to the game.

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