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Trials Evolution avatar items available in marketplace

A new collection of avatar items for Trials Evolution can now be found in the marketplace. Dress like the ultimate Trials player with hoodies, suits, bike helmets, and squirrel t-shirts. The coolest item is the Skiing Set prop; if you don't know what skis are doing in a motorbike game, check out the skill games in the newest trailer here. You can pick up the virtual threads here so you're avatar will be good and ready when Trials Evolution releases April 18, kicking off the Arcade Next promotion.


Anomaly Warzone Earth striking April 6 for 800 MSP

Continuing with the new tradition this year of Friday releases after South Park: Tenorman's Revenge but before Fez, Microsoft is publishing 11 bit Studios' upcoming Anomaly Warzone Earth. It'll be released on April 6 for 800 MSP in case you want to get in on all the reverse-tower defense action. 11 bit also provided us with a inside-look at the process of finding the right controller for game. You'll see hilarious attempts at the control until finally getting it perfect with the Xbox 360 controller. If you want to find out more about the game, we'll have an interview going up just before the release and also a podcast interview with the developer. Be sure to check this one out next Friday.


Awesomenauts awesomely arriving on May 2

Update: Joystiq updated their post to unveil an awesome price of $10 which translates to 800 MSP. No more awesome jokes after this one, promise.

If there's one game a lot of the staff are excited for here at XBLA Fans, it's Ronimo's Awesomenauts. The upcoming MOBA game in 2D with amazing 80's style presentation finally has a release date of May 2. Even while the Arcade Next promotion continues with Fable Heroes on the same day. You'll just have two multiplayer games to play on the same day! Don't forget to meet the Awesomenauts above in a trailer. No price was announced for the game but we'll let you know if it's awesomely priced or not (we'll stop with the "awesome" jokes).

Source: Joystiq


Beat Lionhead's score in Fable Heroes at PAX East and win swag!

PAX East is shaping up to be on great event starting next Friday, April 6 to April 8 and Lionhead is bringing Fable Heroes in style. At their booth from 1 pm to 2 pm, if you beat the developer at their own game, you can win a free t-shirt but the fun doesn't stop there. The person with the highest score by the end of the weekend will will a special Fable Heroes Xbox 360 that looks super adorable. Who knows, maybe on our site we'll have some Fable Heroes shirts to giveaway. Only way to find out is to keep reading and stay tuned for our PAX East coverage.

Source: Lionhead's Twitter


Team 17 announce Worms Revolution

Team 17's mystery announcement has finally been revealed as a…Worms game! But this one is brand new and developed from the ground up with a new engine. The game will have new features plus some of your returning favorite weapons such as Super Sheep and The Holy Hand Grenade. The game is scheduled to hit XBLA sometime in Q3 2012 which'll be between April and June with no price announced currently. Check out the short trailer above and stay tuned for more news on this upcoming new addition to the Worms franchise.


Reverb publishing Majestic-12 on XBLA

Exis Interactive has entered into a publishing deal with Reverb to bring its side-scrolling action title, Majestic-12, to "digital platforms" on Xbox 360 and PC. The co-op shooter will be on display throughout PAX East in Boston from April 6—8. Ted Lange, executive producer of Reverb Publishing, described Majestic-12 as a retro game "in the vein of old-school shooters like Contra." Exis previously did some work on F.E.A.R. 3 and XCOM.

The game is a classic story of a friendship gone awry: man and alien were once the best of buds, but no longer. Mankind, being the slimy backstabbing race it is, decided they'd had enough of that whole buddy-buddy routine and cooked up some diabolical plot or another to cross the aliens. Trouble is, the aliens found out; and they're not exactly taking it in stride. Players will be thrown into bullet hell scenarios that Reverb seems to be attempting to coin a new term to describe — "core-casual." It essentially breaks down to the old easy to learn, hard to master approach to gameplay.

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Joy Ride Arcade could be coming to XBLA

An Australian Classification Board listing has betrayed the existence of Joy Ride Arcade, which is presumably an Xbox Live Arcade version of developer Big Park Studios' Kinect Joy Ride. Microsoft Studios is the publisher behind the project and currently the only company officially attached to it.

That being said, Big Park lists a "top secret" game on their website as being in development. After releasing Kinect Joy Ride back in 2010 Big Park then delivered Kinect Sports: Season Two last year, which they recently announced basketball DLC for.

(Thanks, @lifelower)

Source: Australian Classification Board


Splatters set to make a mess on April 11

Developer SpikySnail Games celebrated its game The Splatters passing Microsoft certification by releasing a launch trailer (which can be viewed above). Also announced is the game's release date, April 11. Pricing is still unannounced.

Billed as "an original physics puzzler," The Splatters features a group of gooey creatures called…well, splatters, who have one purpose in life: To blow themselves up solving your puzzles. The official Xbox page for the game encourages players to "Slam them against walls, crash them into spikes, ride the slides, and chain spectacular stunt-combos to rack up massive scores." The game touts 15 different talents for the splatters and 60 puzzles, as well as competitive multiplayer.



The Pinball Arcade coming April 4 for 800 MSP

We had been expecting The Pinball Arcade to release this past Wednesday but after a last minute delay it's now set to release next week, April 4 for 800 MSP.

To celebrate the launch date, Farsight Studios have released a trailer showing the four tables that will be part of the game at launch. Above you'll see some gameplay from the Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, Black Hole and Theatre of Magic tables.


Trials Evolution shifts into gear with another trailer

Hot on the trail blazed by the massive Arcade Next promotion announcement, Trials Evolution has another exhilarating trailer showing off the new wild skill trials. The name is quite telling, as in the video you see a rider in a UFO, trying to fly with skiis, and even a dude with some sort of strange ball-carrying apparatus attached to the bike. At this point, Trials Evolution may as well just be pandora's box on a bike, and we're just fine with that. We've talked about the awesome Limbo-themed level, but we're excited to see what else players will make in homage to other XBLA games.

Trials Evolution will be launching April 18 to kick off the Arcade Next promotion with a 1200 MSP price point and includes 60 solo missions, 10 wild skill challenges, full online and offline multiplayer and an amazing track editor.

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