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BBC iPlayer launches on Xbox Live today

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iplayer xbox

The BBC iPlayer app launches on Xbox today in the UK, allowing gamers access to catch-up on popular T.V. shows such as Top Gear and Doctor Who through their Xbox. The application is expected to roll out throughout the course of the day and because the BBC is “free” for all television license holders, it will be available for all UK users not just those with a Gold membership. Microsoft demonstrated the new app to press at a media briefing in London yesterday, showing how the standard iPlayer interface has been built with Microsoft’s Metro user interface design and will utilise Kinect’s voice and gesture controls.

Source: Eurogamer


Telltale’s The Walking Dead trailer is finally here

The long awaited debut trailer for Telltale Games’ upcoming videogame adaption of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is finally here and ready for your viewing pleasure. The trailer, which premiered on Up at Noon gives us an in depth look at the game’s stylized visuals, as well as the horror and violence of the world that we will step into as players. After the trailer, the show’s host chats with Gary Whitta, one of the writers working on the game who reveals that the title will be released in five episodic portions. While we knew that the game was to be episodic, this is the first confirmation we have of the game releasing as five gore filled chapters. Start saving supplies, ammo and Microsoft Points! The first episode will hit Xbox Live Arcade in April, with the other four to follow on a “regular” basis.

Source: Up at Noon


Halfbrick Studios acquires Onan Games

Australian developer Halfbrick Studios (Fruit Ninja) has gobbled up Spanish middleware developer Onan games, Halfbrick has revealed. Onan is responsible for crafting Mandreel, a tech that permits iOS, Android, Flash and HTML5 from a sole C++ code base. Its Mandreel tech has been previously integrated into a number of mobile games as well as Electronic Arts’ XBLA/PSN title The Fancy Pants Adventures.

Halfbrick is planning to take advantage of Onan’s tech by incorporating it into its own wares, as well as by licensing it out to third parties in order to fund internally created games. The developer is also likely to take advantage of Onan’s PSN/XBLA wrapper, its online multiplayer support technology and its virtualization tool, which allows games developed for old platforms to be ported over to modern ones.

Additionally, Onan is doing work on something being currently referred to as Unannounced Project 2, which is expect to release next summer on XBLA and PSN. The only details that Onan has released in regards to the project is that it is “a conversion of a third party game.”


Gaijin Games’ Runner2 delayed until November

Just last week, Gaijin Games recently put up some pre-alpha footage of their upcoming platformer Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, with some new details but don’t expect it soon. Eurogamer reports that it’ll be pushed back to November, possibly to coincide with the Wii U launch since the original Bit.Trip series began there. Gaijin Games’ artist Mike Roush said this about the development:

“The original Bit.Trip series developed a game every three months, We really want to make Runner 2 the product it has to be. So we’re going to be spending time playtesting it, making it just right.”

Expect to slide kick into this one come November.

Source: Eurogamer


Download Bastion’s soundtrack sheet music for free and ringtones for $0.99

Supergiant Games has yet again wowed us with their awesomeness by handing out freebies for their award winning game Bastion that they could easily sell for a pretty penny. First it was free DLC and now it’s free sheet music for their award winning soundtrack. Four songs, “Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)”, “Mother, I’m Here (Zulf’s Theme)”, “Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)”, and “The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You)” are all available as PDF downloads and feature sheet music for both guitar and piano with lyrics and vocal arraignments as well. The team at Supergiant has placed a free price on the music “as a way of saying thank-you for the overwhelming support we’ve received for the game’s musical score.”

Additionally, a collection of Bastion themed ringtones are available for $0.99 as digital downloads for iOS, Android, and .MP3 compatible devices. This collection features “more than 30 different audio clips including never-before-heard bits of narration plus memorable music clips and sound effects from the game.”

Source: Supergiant Games official site


Obsidian XBLA game now on hold

Last year Obsidian Entertainment, developers behind the sequels for several major IPs including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, and Fallout, announced they were working on an original Xbox Live Arcade game. Aiming for a Q1 release this year the game was hoped to be an action RPG focused on fun. This week Joystiq spoke with CEO Feargus Urquhart looking for some updates and were told:

“That project is currently on hold; we are looking at where we might want to take it.”

It’s been a bad week for Obsidian Entertainment who reportedly experienced a round of lay-offs and missed a bonus based on Fallout: New Vegas‘ metacritic score by one point.

Source: Joystiq


Trine 2 expansion teased in new environment trailer

It was revealed last month that physics based, puzzle-platformer, Trine 2 would receive a large DLC expansion later this year. More details surfaced when Frozenbyte Marketing Director Mikael Haveri met with our own John Laster at the Game Developers Conference, and now a brand new teaser trailer has been produced by developers Frozenbyte.

The expansion, which is due out this summer, is set to include a six level campaign with new enemies and skills. These skills will also be playable with the original Trine 2 campaign, giving it a renewed playability. It’s also said to include some small updates to the main campaign and adds a new difficulty level. Frozenbyte are keen to call the add-on an “expansion” and not a basic DLC pack, insisting it will deliver a “AAAA experience” to fans of Trine 2.


Happy Wars is the pizza to Call of Duty’s steak

Toylogic CEO Yoichi Take told Dengeki in an interview today that his studio’s upcoming 15-on-15 hack ‘n slash XBLA exclusive Happy Wars “feels like pizza or potato chips,” as compared to the “steak” feeling of Call of Duty’s multiplayer. It’s become commonplace for designer, journalist and gamer alike to use CoD as a measuring stick for something — even when that something appears wildly different from Activision’s FPS behemoth. With the 2012 release flying mostly under the radar in the English-speaking world, though, Take isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary to call attention to it.

In that vein, the studio boss promises that his team is working hard to create more English language content on social networks and the game’s website to convey to the West just what Happy Wars is all about. Gamers won’t have to wait around for that to happen, however; Take shared a number of details about what he sees as a party/action title. While it’s his studio’s first Xbox 360 title, Take himself has previous experience with the platform in the form of 2007’s Bullet Witch. While he once viewed Microsoft’s console as being strictly for extreme core gamers,” Take was eventually introduced to Castle Crashers — a game that makes for a far more apt comparison than any Call of Duty title — and realized the platform had a much wider audience.

Take said that The Behemoth’s colorful sidescroller “changed [his] mind” about what type of content is appropriate for the Xbox. Specifically, he cited the fact that the game was commercially viable, to say the least, even though it has a “comical” style that he previously felt wouldn’t have jived well with 360 owners.

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Shoot Many Robots developer working on a new project

Demiurge Studios just wrapped up their first downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots and we really loved it. But what’s next for this developer? Our old friend @lifelower found a rating for a new project entitled Postcard with Microsoft listed as the publisher. Word is unsure whether or not this will be a retail game or an XBLA title but they’ve done console to PC ports in the past, and with this being their first-downloadable title, it might come to XBLA. It also says “user-generated content” which is another interested tidbit into whatever Demiurge is up to next. If you want to check out their current game, Shoot Many Robots, it’s available now for 800 MSP.


Marvel Pinball: The Avenger Chronicles First Trailer

Last week, Zen Studios filled Game Informer in on the details to the newest Marvel Pinball tables for Pinball FX2; however we finally have a look at gameplay footage from each table. The newest four pack is comprised of The Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself and World War Hulk. In our Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue review, we praised the production values but did question if the team had stopped taking risks. After Zen Studio’s most recent table, Epic Quest, which seamlessly integrated RPG mechanics into the pinball experience that fear has mostly been relieved.

We had the opportunity to speak briefly with Zen Studio’s VP of Marketing, Mel Kirk at GDC. He mentioned that the team was constantly working on ways to improve and mentioned players should be inline for more of a cinematic experience with these tables than past ones. Mel mentioned that Moon Knight was the first time they had brought this cinematic experience to Marvel Pinball and that it was something they truly felt worked well within the game.  We’re looking forward to getting more details on the tables, like an official date. Given the tie-in, it seems likely that it is planned to coincide or lead into the upcoming Avengers film. For now these screenshots will have to tide us over. One can’t help but notice the Avengers table is conspicuously missing…

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