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Super Meat Boy hits the meaty million sales mark

It has been over a year since Super Meat Boy made our fingers swell from difficult platforming but we pressed on and it went down as one of the best XBLA games out there. The best part about this is a million people weren’t wrong either when a tweet by Team Meat announced the game had broken the million sales mark. This is a great achievement for Team Meat who’ve had great success after Super Meat Boy. Who knows what’s on the horizon for the developer, but we’ll be keeping our meaty hands on the keyboard for any more news as it develops.


First substantial Runner 2 screenshot hits the web

Gaijin Games has released the first legitimate screenshot of their upcoming rhythm based platformer Runner 2, showcasing the game’s new art style. While the screen is from an early version of the game with certain objects still lacking textures, you can see the game’s transition from 2D to 3D with your very own eyes for the first time. Be sure to take note of the protagonist and fan favorite, CommanderVideo. Gaijin Games states that they spent months nailing down his new design. Be sure to stay tuned to XBLAFans for future updates on Runner 2 as we expect the game to release later this year.


Magic: The Gathering and Apples to Apples get DLC

Today was a quiet day on the XBLA marketplace. A release of NFL Blitz was the only full release and it’s only available in U.S. territories. But hidden in the game add-ons section are four new DLC additions to the XBLA library. First off is the “A Bushel of Fun” add-on for Apples to Apples. It adds new deck skins, cards and avatars to the popular party game. All other add-ons released today were for Magic: The Gathering. Depending on which add-on you pick up, you might see new personas, menu backgrounds or playfields allowing you to further customize your Magic experience. Prices are listed below and follow the link to add any of the add-ons to your download queue.

Apples to Apples “A Bushel of Fun”240MSP

Magic: The Gathering “Playfields”160MSP

Magic: The Gathering “Player Personas”160MSP

Magic: The Gathering “Backgrounds”160MSP


Casual Brothers set to bring Orc Attack to XBLA later this year

Casual Brothers Games has announced that their upcoming beat em’ up Orc Attack will be making its way onto Xbox Live Arcade sometime during the fourth quarter of this year. Bearing absolutely no relation to Orcs Must Die!, Orc Attack turns the tables a bit putting the player in control of orcs with the task of slaying, terrorizing and pillaging humans. It’s also worth noting that the game is taking “potty humor” to a whole new level by literally building it into the combat system. Take a look at the nine minutes of gameplay footage above and you’ll see what we mean.


XBLA Wednesday: January 4

The first XBLA Wednesday of the new year doesn’t have a lot of new releases but there’s at least one for you linebackers wanting to get your football on. NFL Blitz comes out today with all the classic arcade-football action with new online multiplayer modes. All the teams of the NFL are represented on the digital platform and the game will set you back 1200 MSP in US territories. We hope your Wednesday is filled with touchdowns and big hits on the XBLA field.


Bastion sales surpass the half million mark while Supergiant talks next project and potential sequel

Supergiant Games is starting off their new year in style, announcing that their breakout hit Bastion has surpassed 500,000 “digital copies” sold. The game won two categories in our Game of the Year Awards, and was runner up in three others so naturally we’re glad to see the game continue to succeed. Additionally, Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games opened up to Eurogamer about a potential sequel to Bastion as well as Supergiant’s next project. While Supergiant has repeatedly stated that they feel Bastion is a complete experience, they aren’t ruling out a return to the universe. Kasavin states that the world is deep enough to support other stories, but they will only unfold if Supergiant feels the creative desire to explore them.

Kasavin went on to discuss Supergiant’s next title which at this point in time remains shrouded in mystery. What was revealed however is that thanks to the success of Bastion, Supergiant will be able to fund the game’s development themselves. No big nasty corporate overlords overseeing development and taking control of this one! Kasavin once again reiterated that it will be quite some time before we actually see what the folks at Supergiant are working on next. Place your bets folks, it looks like we’re going to be waiting out this one for a while. In the mean time, check out Bastion and keep your fingers crossed that one day, we do see a sequel to one of the games that made our 2011 rock.

Source: Eurogamer


Exclusive: Zen Studios has big plans for 2012

Earlier today, we received an email from none other than Mel Kirk, VP of Marketing and Public Relations over at Zen Studios. Thanks to Mel, we have learned a lot about Zen’s plans for the upcoming year – and there are a truckload of them. First off, Mel has confirmed what we guessed at in our reveal of the Hulk pinball table – a new Marvel 4-pack. He also promises some additional individual DLC tables for Pinball FX 2 and “something BIG, HUGE, AMAZING for Fall 2012″, though no word on what that could be yet. We’re going to put in an early guess and say that they’re working on technology to magically transform your Xbox into a for-real pinball table, but that’s just us.

While pinball is probably what most folks associate with Zen Studios, this year they’re going to branch out a bit. We’ve already heard news about the upcoming “experimental rhythm game featuring fully 3D characters and combat, aggressive music and an East Asian theme”, including the fact that it’s up to the fans to provide a name. What we hadn’t heard before is that Zen has something else up their sleeves. They’re not ready to talk about it yet, but they did let us know that they’re hard at work on a second non-pinball game with more information coming in early 2012.

Whether or not you like pinball, Zen Studios is definitely going to be a studio to watch this year. What else should you be looking forward to? Check back on Friday for a full list of the games that are going to grace your 360 in 2012.


“Hand painted” Dust: An Elysian Tail media emerges

New Dust: An Elysian Tail media has emerged to kick off the new year, spinning heads and tickling artistic senses on its way. Serving as a tie-in with an animated movie that goes by the name Elysian Tail, Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beautifully crafted 2D Action-RPG that aims to bend the visual line between animation and videogames. Just take a look at the trailer above and you’ll get the drift. The game promises to harken back to old school action games, that reward mastery of the combat system and exploration. The developers also intend for children to be able to enjoy the game as they will be drawn in by the subject matter. Winner of Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play contest in 2009, Dust: An Elysian Tail (an XBLA exclusive) will finally launch in 2012. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more coverage of this beauty as it’s release draws closer.


XBLA games down 50% in EA publisher sale

Wondering how to spend those Microsoft Points you received this holiday season? Well look no further, for an EA publisher sale has started today and sees 50% off some great XBLA games:

Deathspank – 600 MSP (1200)
Gatling Gears – 400 MSP (800)
Burnout Crash – 400 MSP (800)
Heavy Weapon – 400 MSP (800)
Risk: Factions – 400 MSP (800)
Shank – 600 MSP (1200)
Zuma – 200 MSP (400)

The sale, which also includes DLC for retail games and games on demand, is expected to last until January 9. Check out the marketplace in your area for the full list.


Celebrate NFL Blitz’s pending release with a look at the game’s over the top tackles and animations

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has unveiled that Electronic Arts’ new NFL Blitz for XBLA will be launching on January 4th, just in time to coincide with the NFL playoffs. With the game’s release just days away, Operation Sports has obtained a series of videos from the game portraying Blitz’ unique animations and arcade flavor. You can check out the first video in the series above, and then head be sure to over to Operation Sports for the rest. Get ready to make some outrageous tackles football fans, NFL Blitz will be selling for 1200 MSP when it makes its debut on XBLA this Wednesday.

Source: Operation Sports and Major Nelson

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