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Xbox 360 was U.S.’s top-selling console in January

The Xbox 360 outsold the competition in the U.S. last month and held down its position as the most popular console, reports Microsoft on its official blog. More than 270,000 units were sold in January, making the 360 the best-selling console 13 months running. Over on the software front, a handful of titles on the console made the top ten list: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, NBA 2K12 and Just Dance 3.

In monetary terms, the software giant hauled in $301 million between hardware, software and accessory revenues. Microsoft also took the opportunity to again remind everyone that its platform was number one in 2011 — a fact that should be obvious given that it has now outsold the PS3 and Wii for a year and one month.

Source: Official Microsoft Blog


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II details and screenshots leak from the Marketplace

Some new details emerge about Sega’s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II on the Xbox Marketplace although they weren’t supposed to. The box-art was uploaded with new details such as online and offline co-op which is looking to bring back the classic Sonic & Tails 2-player action from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There was also some screenshots that leaked but were quickly taken down. Fortunately, someone on NeoGAF copied the screenshots and you can find them and the box-art after the break. Here’s the plot description from the Marketplace:

The Sonic 4 Saga continues as Sonic reunites with Tails for all new collaborative play! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new threat, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Joined by Tails, utilise ingenious combination moves and race across four brand new Zones, in order to put an end to their evil plans! Play alone, or with a friend locally (and online), in an evolution of Sonic 2’s collaborative gameplay! Unleash Sonic and Tails’ devastating joint attacks and combination moves to fight the united force of Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Episode II features an all new game engine, bringing you updated physics and an original graphical style as you race through four unique Zones and a new Special Stage.

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Techland’s Project Haste becomes Mad Riders

Techland have been quiet on whatever Project Haste‘s release is but we knew for certain that wouldn’t be the real title. After the rating board listed Techland developing a title called Mad Riders, another listing has shown up on Ubisoft’s UK site confirming the title and developer.

There’s also details on the game with 45 tracks all over the world and three multiplayer modes for up to 12 players online. Boosting is a way to rin races and the only way you’ll gain it is through stunts and soaring through rings. Not to mention loads of customizable ATVs and Buggies to find the perfect vehicle for you. No release info beyond Spring 2012 or price as of yet but we’ll let you know just how mad these Mad Riders are future updates.


Have a murderous Valentine’s Day with Ska Studios

It’s Valentine’s Day today and if you’re running a bit late and find the shops are all out of roses then why not say “I Love You” the XBLA way. The nice folk over at Ska-Studios, the developers behind the awesome Dishwasher series and upcoming brawler Charlie Murder, have designed these great Valentine cards especially for you and your honey. While you’re at it, you should also check out our top five romances on XBLA here to ensure the perfect night in.

See the full selection of cards after the jump and have Happy Valentine’s Day from XBLA Fans!

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Girl Fight set to sleaze up XBLA

Veteran producer Microprose and developers Kung Fu Factory have announced that new fighting game Girl Fight is heading for XBLA. The “plot” revolves around a shady organisation called THE FOUNDATION (all capitals) which is in the business of abducting gorgeous women from all around the world, to plug into their virtual construct known as The Mainframe. To make it back to reality, the women must utilize their fighting and psionic abilities in an all-out battle for survival. That’s right, human trafficking just got sexy! According to the press release:

“With hair flying, long legs kicking and the ear-piercing shrill of deadly vixens, Girl Fight is a unique all-female, fast-paced spin on arcade-style fighting games”

Interestingly developers Kung Fu Factory recently teamed up with Coalition Fight Music to support Man Up, a global campaign to stop violence against women. Presumably it’s ok if they are fighting each other then? Girl Fight is expected to hit XBLA this spring. Ironically, the game was rated by the ESRB as M for “Mature”.


Wrecked: Revenge Revisited priced, kind of dated

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited

Supersonic Software’s Wrecked: Revenge Revisited will hit the Xbox Live Arcade in the next few weeks, if recent postings on the game’s Facebook page are to be believed.

According to a February 3 post, the game should hit the Marketplace within “the next two months.”  “Really interesting to hear the genuine regret from the developers about the delays,” the post says. “Getting a niche game like this to market and hoping to crossover to some kind of mainstream success must be daunting enough with being kept waiting for you a release window by MS and Sony.” In the ensuing comments, the game’s price is confirmed at 1200 MSP.

Wrecked, previously known as Gas: Fuel for Fun, is a racing battle title by Supersonic, who previously developed Mashed, Circuit Breakers and the Micro Machines series. Up to four players can go head-to-head through online or split-screen play. Supersonic’s website touts customizable cars as well as downloadable tracks, weapons and vehicles. The game is being published by 505 Games.


Twisted Pixel challenges players to ‘Shoot the Glass’ in Ms. ‘Splosion Man

Twisted Pixel is rolling out the third entry in its series of thematic challenges for Ms. ‘Splosion Man starting on Valentine’s Day, which, for any forgetful male readers out there, is tomorrow. The contest, named “Shoot the Glass,” will run until February 27 and challenges players to obey a directive from Hans Gruber’s by blowing away 33 panes of glass in Nakatomi Tower the game as quickly as they can. Ten seconds will be added to players’ finish time for each one of the clever little devils that “taunt you with their fiendish transparentness” that are missed.

The five U.S. gamers who are able to break the translucent targets quicker than anyone else will be rewarded with a prize package from Omaha Steaks — which should set them up nicely for another upcoming holiday that shan’t be mentioned by name here on this upstanding outlet. In any case, international gamers are welcome to join in on the competition but won’t be eligible to win prizes.


Schafer on XBLA: “It could have been our own little Sundance Film festival”

Double Fine has made a name for itself on Xbox Live Arcade through popular titles Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade and, most recently, Happy Action Theater, but in the midst of crowd-sourcing nearly $2 million dollars, Double Fine man Tim Schafer has opined over Microsoft’s burgeoning (or is it?) digital platform.

“Ever since I played Geometry Wars I thought, what a great new portal,” the developer said in an interview with Hookshot Inc., “But it seems that this year, the idea didn’t explode like it should have. Back when Castle Crashers came out, it seemed it was going to grow and grow. I just wish there was more support, more marketing, more placement on the dashboard. It could have been our own little Sundance Film festival, a great sandbox for indie development.”

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Tequila Works sheds new info on Deadlight

Ever since the reveal of Deadlight, Tequila Works has been quiet on the details but a new interview with 576 KByte Online had some new details to share. The influence for the game came from post-apocalyptic stories like 1984 and authors like Robert Kirkland.

“The 80s have a unique visual appeal, and also marks the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Paranoia and fear defined most of the 80s; add chaos to remove civilization and you will get a world based in distrust and individual survival.”

Our hero, Randall Wayne is a loner who lives in Hope, BC. He hates cities and prefers the isolation of the woods. The hero is very grounded in reality which makes it very relatable. The game is billed as a puzzle platformer similar to Prince of Persia and Another World.

“There’s no inventory or “find the red key” puzzles in Deadlight. Combat is always an option, albeit a poor one. There are more enemies than bullets, and noise is a key mechanic in Deadlight. Randall finds tools and small firearms during the game, but these are more useful as ways of unblocking paths than killing. Don’t expect rocket launchers!”

Deadlight is shaping up to be an interesting title. Look for it this Summer.


Rumor: Shoot Many Robots coming March 14

The release date for Shoot Many Robots still remains a mystery but @lifelower revealed some new tidbits on a community site and a removed marketplace listing. March 14 seems to be the date but it’s been removed from the marketplace. However, it is still currently listed on a Ubisoft@UCI community page. They wrote a post saying “Let’s kill some robots March 14!” so there’s a couple clues to a release date. Is it possible will be shooting a lot of robots the week after I Am Alive? We’ll keep you up to date on anything as it develops.

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