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Arcade Next promotion brings Spring Showcase games and 400 GS each

Just as the House Party has wrapped up, Microsoft is planning a whole new promotion with Arcade Next and it's bringing a slew of anticipated titles home to our dear XBLA. Starting April 18, every week you'll be getting an anticipated title from the recent Spring Showcase event and what better way to begin the promotion with our dear friend, Trials Evolution. One of the community's most anticipated titles will be hitting digital shelves for 1200 MSP and will be the first of the four Arcade Next titles to bring in the newly adopted 400 Gamerscore and up to 30 achievements.

Following up on April 25 is Bloodforge from Climax Studios for 1200 MSP. As Crom, you'll hack and slash your way through countless enemies, taking revenge for the gods who killed your wife. Our only 800 MSP title is Fable Heroes on May 2 which combines what we love about the Fable universe with cute, cuddly and colorful graphics plus four-player co-op.

But the biggest news from this trailer and one that Play XBLA has been hinting at all this week with its countdown is the hotly-anticipated Minecraft. It'll release on May 9 for a whopping 1600 MSP, a price which hasn't been seen in a while. It might be worth shelling out the points for four-player split-screen and online play combined for crazy crafting. If you're looking for more achievements to grab and more games to play, the Arcade Next promotion is looking mighty fine.

Source: Major Nelson


Customization Pack worming its way onto XBLA March 28

The Worms Ultimate Mayhem Customization Pack will be releasing one week from today on March 28, developer Team17 has announced. Customization DLC is nothing without crazy hats, and that's exactly what players will get with the download. Of course, that's not all they'll receive for their 400 MSP: gloves, speech-banks, gravestones, new payloads for the Weapons Factory and a trio of XBL achievements will also be part of the deal.

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Ubisoft wanted to Shoot Many F'n Robots

Demiurge Studios knew Shoot Many Robots would be M-Rated, as CEO Albert reed states (speaking with Vox Games), the game uses "beer for energy, there's some blood and there are some swears in the game". Not to mention the inclusion of a certain character who likes to get frisky with fruit. It still came as a surprise however when they received a phone call from Ubisoft, who published the game, asking to up the swear-count.

"The phone call with Ubisoft was ‘So, we're going to get an M-rating, could you put some more swears in the game, please? We don't want to be on the border with the ESRB, we want to be clear. So please, more swears.' It was the weirdest phone call in the world."

It's certainly an unusual request, these stories are usually about the opposite request, with many games needing to be censored in order to fit within a rating mandate. Even Shoot Many Robots suffered from this to a certain extent, with the PSN version ditching beer for energy and replacing it with the less suggestive "juice".

Source: Vox Games/The Verge


Toy Soldiers developer Signal Studios teases new game at PAX East

Whatever could this image imply? Signal Studios who has developed two games in their Toy Soldiers series is hinting at something with this above image courtesy of our good friends at Play XBLA. It looks certainly demonic from the "Dark God" inscription on the image. If you need to take a good look at whatever Signal Studios has up their sleeves, it's getting a big announcement at PAX East this year and XBLA Fans will be there to let you know what demonic powers the developer possesses.

Source: Play XBLA


World Gone Sour coming April 11

Capcom published title World Gone Sour will launch on XBLA April 11 for 400 Microsoft Points. World Gone Sour (part game, part marketing-tool) is based on the candy brand Sour Patch. It charts the journey of a lost Sour Patch Kid on his pilgrimage into the dank, stinking recesses of the human stomach. Presumably being churned through an acidic cavern and slowly digested isn't quite as bad as it sounds written down.

You'll guide the Sour Patch chap through locations like 'movie theatre with sticky floors' and 'spooky shack', putting to use jumps, twists and puzzle-solving to overcome all the perils en route to the human stomach. Capcom promises the game will feature two-player local co-op play, leaderboard support and, of course, achievements. Method Man's track World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids) will feature while Creed Bratton of The Office fame provides wisecracks on the side.


February XBLA sales figures

Gamasutra has published sales data for the month of February – a bumper period for Xbox Live Arcade that saw the release of heavy-hitters like Gotham City Impostors and The Simpsons Arcade alongside Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Warp, the latter two as part of Microsoft's annual House Party event.

February kicked off with the launch of The Simpsons Arcade. The classic port accumulated a healthy 35,868 players throughout the month while also fending off other newcomers Happy Action Theater and Rhythm Party to become the best-selling title for its opening week.

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XBLA Wednesday: March 21

Do you feel like shooting some robots in a plane or do you feel like platforming with no limbs? This XBLA Wednesday has something to appease both those appetites. First up, we got Sine Mora, the shoot 'em up from Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. It combines fast action with classic 2D shooting action with plenty of modes and a truly dystopian plot, it'll set you back 1200 MSP. Lastly, we have Rayman 3 HD, the remake of the classic platformer Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc with all new modes, mini-games and will only set you back 800 MSP. Whether it's shooting things in the air or jumping with helicopter hair to come down, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.


Return of the king: How the Tony Hawk remake came to be

Recreating a classic game is never an easy feat. No matter what approach the developer takes, there always seems to be some group of detractors complaining either that not enough or too much was changed. That means that — despite the abundance of remakes that are green lit each year — recreating something that was once popular is hardly a surefire path to sales success, so it's not surprising that Robomodo hit some pushback from Activision when they first discussed the idea of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.

"To be honest, Josh (Tsui, president of Robomodo) and I pushed Activision to do it repeatedly until we laid it out that this can happen, in this timeframe, for this cost. It was a long battle," Tony Hawk explained to GamesIndustry International in a recent interview.

The major concern that the world's biggest third party publisher had was that the development costs for such an undertaking would be higher than what could be recuperated through sales. Hawk understood Activision's trepidation, but neither he nor the team at Robomodo were about to let that stop them. "We knew that once people saw it in this light it would get the attention it needed," Hawk said.

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The Walking Dead episodes priced at 400 MSP

Hot on the heels of the debut trailer, above, Telltale Games has announced the pricing for their upcoming adventure game series The Walking Dead. Each monthly episode will be 400 MSP, with the first being released sometime in late April. Presumably meaning those picking up all five episodes will end up spending 2000 MSP in total.

The Walking Dead is based on Robert Kirkman's long running comic series of the same name, in the game you'll play as Lee Everette, a convicted criminal. While the game won't follow the exploits of Rick Grimes and his misfit group of survivors, there will be some crossover in terms of locations and characters. You can hear more by watching story consultant and writer Gary Whitta discuss the game on IGN's Up At Noon.


Stacking, Costume Quest and others have prices slashed

Five Xbox Live Arcade titles, including two from Double Fine, have had their prices temporarily cut. Costume Quest, Stacking, Voltron, Warhammer 40K: Kill Team and Apples to Apples have all seen price reductions of 50% as part of the THQ Publisher Sale. The deal applies to both Gold and Silver account members. In addition, all downloadable content for Stacking, Costume Quest and Apples to Apples has been reduced to half price. But are the games any good?

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