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USAF officer in Afghanistan receives physical copy of Bastion

Reddit user “bolivar-shagnasty” is currently serving his country as an officer in the United States Air Force stationed in Afghanistan where the internet is “disgustingly slow and it costs so much that it seems like price gouging.” Undaunted, he attempted to download some indie games through both Steam and Direct2Drive. It was a no-go on both fronts. Yet the airmen wasn’t about to let a little thing like that prevent him enjoying Supergiant’s download-only Bastion.

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Konami announces XBLA-exclusive dance title

Perhaps capitalizing on the ongoing popularity of rhythm games like Just Dance and Dance Central, Konami has announced Rhythm Party, scheduled to release next month exclusively for the Xbox 360. Alongside the announcement, Konami also released a trailer for the game.

Releasing exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade, the Kinect-only title appears to be in the same vein as other popular dance games. Unlike those games, however, Konami says Rhythm Party doesn’t rely on “contrived choreography,” instead allowing players to “groove freely to their own performance” by following their onscreen silhouette, according to a news release:

…dances are rated as they coincide with performance‘ripples’ on screen, with points and bonuses awarded that bolster the player’s score. These moves then throw the player into a world of vivid color, wild backgrounds and graphical psychedelia as outlandish interactive backgrounds such as electric carnivals, wild discos and Spanish cafes complement the on-screen moves.

The trailer verifies the use of “vivid color” and “graphical psychedelia,” depicting the on-screen silhouette dancing as an astronaut, a robot made of boom boxes and next to a bear on a unicycle, among other situations. The news release also included a partial list of songs players can expect to boogie to once the game hits the marketplace , including Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” and “A Midnight Rendezvouz” by Shanice. Some of the tracks are “exclusive collaborations” made just for the game.

Fans of dancing, music games or dancing in space can nab Rhythm Party for 800 MSP when it drops Feb. 1.


Great deal on Xbox Live Membership

Looking to renew your Xbox Live Gold Membership? We’ve spotted an awesome deal on Amazon offering a 12 month card for just $35.99. That’s almost half the RRP of $59.99. The deal is for US customers only however gamers in other regions may still want to think about renewing before the month is out. If you sign up to Xbox Live Rewards and renew your Gold Membership in January, Microsoft will give you 400 MSP back as a thank you!

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Rising Star Games expands to U.S. to open unit focused on digital distribution

Rising Star Games, a British publisher that focuses on importing Japanese titles to Europe, has opened an office in the U.S. Rising Star’s portfolio includes popular games such as Harvest Moon and King of Fighters XIII. Their first release will be the shooter Akai Katana for the Xbox 360 and will be released sometime in the second quarter of 2012.

Additionally, Rising Star Games Digital has been established to handle downloadable releases which will include publishing titles for XBLA. COO, Martin Defries had this to say about the expansion:

“After eight years of fantastic success in bringing the best Eastern games to Europe, we’re ready to expand our business, engaging more consumers than ever before in more territories and on digital platforms.

Rising Star Games Digital has been something we’ve been working on for a while. We envisage a huge growth in downloadable product over the coming years, and intend to play a big part shaping the future development of our exciting industry.”

Source: MCVUK


Gotham City Impostors welcomes all vigilantes and thugs to the Open Beta

Tired of waiting for that possible February release for Gotham City Impostors? Well, if you want to strap on your tights or make-up (war-paint) a little early, you can go right now to the official website and sign up for the open beta. Once you sign up, they’ll send you a key to enable the beta on your Xbox. While you sign up and wait, catch the trailer above to see all the ruckus these teams make while Bats is on vacation.


Analyst firm reports 18% revenue growth for XBLA in 2011

Analyst firm Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE) has released a new report that shows XBLA revenue increased 18 percent last year to $144 million. From Dust, created by Eric Chahi (Another World) and developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, and The Behemoth’s popular game Castle Crashers earned the most money with $4.6 million each in revenue off 308,000 and 335,000 units sold respectively. Microsoft Games Studio’s Full House Poker moved the most units with 375,000 units sold but was fourth overall in revenue with $3.6 million.

From Dust was part of Microsoft’s “Summer of Arcade” promotion and joins Bastion, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, and  Fruit Ninja Kinect among the top grossing XBLA games of 2011. In total, the Summer of Arcade games listed in the top ten sold over 1.1 million units and grossed $15 million in revenue. Hit the jump for the full list issued by FADE (ordered by units sold):

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The Behemoth is changing things up in BattleBlock Theater

Back in 2006, The Behemoth’s wildly popular XBLA game Castle Crashers was neither celebrated nor an Xbox 360 game; it was the rough and bumpy shell of itself seen in the footage above. The guys behind what was then a GameCube game weren’t satisfied with it, and so they went “back to the drawing board.”

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Kim Swift narrates eight-minute Quantum Conundrum demo from CES

Kim Swift of Airtight Games sat down with GameTrailers during CES to show off an 8-minute demo of Quantum Conundrum and we’ve got the video to prove it. During the demo we get to see exactly how this new physics based puzzle game works, and inevitably compare and contrast the game with Kim’s previous creation, Portal. Take a peak at the 8-minutes of dimension switching gameplay for yourself by watching the clip above. Quantum Conundrum is scheduled to be published by Square Enix sometime in the first quarter of this year.

Source: GameTrailers


Visit Mars in this 45 minute look at Iron Brigade’s Rise of the Martian Bear DLC

The folks over at Giant Bomb were lucky enough to sit down with Brad Muir of Double Fine Productions and get their hands on the new Iron Brigade DLC, Rise of the Martian Bear. Lucky for us, they were kind enough to record their time with the game, and share it with the world. While there’s a plethora of sights to behold in the footage (which can be viewed above), expect to see Mars, several new enemy types, jaw dropping new weapons , new outfits (including Eddie Riggs of Brutal Legend fame) as well as dual-wielding salutes! Now you can annoy your friends on the deck of the U.S.S. McKinley with both hands!

While Double Fine and Microsoft officially remain mum on a release date and pricing for Rise of the Martian Bear, rumor has it that development on the DLC has been completed. We’re hoping that means it’s been submitted to Microsoft for certification and will be smashing its way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace very soon. On the subject of pricing however, Muir infers that Double Fine is aiming for a 400 Microsoft Point price tag which should definitely excite fans. Don your space suit and stay tuned for more coverage of Rise of the Martian Bear right here at XBLAFans.

Source: Giant Bomb


Seven minutes of stealth in new Warp video

IGN have published a new video showcasing the first of the House Party releases, Warp. In the 7 minute video, developers TrapDoor show off the puzzle-based stealth in action. We also find out that it’s not as cute as the previous screenshots would have us believe. Check out the gore as protagonist Zero explodes scientists from the inside out! Warp is due for release on XBLA as part of the House Party promotion on February 15 for 800 MSP.

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