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These Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing screens are dark and full of terrors

NeocoreGames has released the first in-game screenshots of their upcoming action-RPG, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Up until now we've just had a teaser trailer and some concept art to go on, but these screens finally give a glimpse of what the game will actually look like. Though the interface seen makes us think these may be from the PC version of the game, so that aspect could very well differ from the XBLA version. The game definitely looks like a fairly traditional isometric action-RPG, with a dark gothic styling.

The Incredible Adventures will follow the son of famed vampire hunter Van Helsing, who himself is also named Van Helsing, fancy that. It promises " a tale wrought with wry humor and snappy dialogue" and "a larger-than-life hero possessing a dark yet romantic charm". Of course that tells us nothing about the gameplay, luckily we checked it out at E3 and will be bringing you more details in our preview soon. Read the rest of this entry »


Fez update has entered certification (again)

Back in May we reported that Polytron had sent their first patch for mind-bending puzzle-platformer Fez to certification. The update was set to rectify many issues that had popped up after the games release, such as frame-rate dips and crashing. Unfortunately a couple of problems caused the update to fail cert and it was sent back to Polytron, who then ran into their own issues trying to reproduce the error. Thankfully those have finally been resolved the the update is now back in cert, meaning it should hopefully appear in a few weeks. You can find the full Facebook post about the issue below, if you'd like just a little more detail from the developer themselves.

If you haven't already checked out Fez then have a read of our review to find out why you should, and if you get stuck you can always use our handy guide.

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Signal Studios and Microsoft play nice together

Signal Studios (Toy Soldiers) enjoyed the special honor of having its next project, Ascend: New Gods, unveiled on gaming's biggest stage last week. The action title was debuted during Microsoft's pre-E3 press conference, live in front of millions of gamers watching around the globe. Speaking with Games Industry International, Signal Creative Director D.R. Albright III said that the opportunity came about as a result of the strong bonds the studio established with the publisher while working on Toy Soldiers. Although working with a gargantuan corporation like Microsoft has on occasion tried Albright's patience, he admitted that "certainly [Signal] wouldn't be as successful" without its support.

"Ultimately, we do get a shot at doing things a lot of developers don't get to do," Albright stated candidly. "For example, Ascend had the only working Smart Glass demo at E3, at least for games. On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal – or maybe we are the only suckers who said yes. Either way, that ends up getting Signal a mention in publications like US Today which is a big deal. We probably only have small developer/XBLA level privileged access. I might know more about what's happening than some guy commenting on a Neogaf forum, but I am pretty sure that the CoD and Assassin's Creed folks are privy to a lot more information than me. That's ok. It makes sense from a business standpoint that they would."

So if the bond between the XBLA developer and Microsoft is so strong, is there any real possibility of Signal one day being taken into the Microsoft fold proper? The creative director was non-committal on the issue, but asserted that the ball was in the console holder's court. However, he added that all of that funding and preferential treatment that flows from the software giant to its internal studios is certainly attractive, though working in a structured environment of such a massive size isn't the most exciting proposition in the world to Albright.

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New Babel Rising crossover track available for Trials Evolution

Babel Rising launched on XBLA yesterday and while we weren't too impressed, the game's publisher, Ubisoft, have teamed up with Redlynx to create a new Trials Evolution track based on the game. Babel Evolution or Rising Trials anyone? The new track is available to download via Track Central and certainly looks a lot more fun than the game that inspired it. Babel Rising is available to download now for 800 MSP and Trials Evolution will set you back 1200 MSP. You can check out our reviews for both games here and here.


Update: Big list of features and fixes coming to Minecraft Today!

Update: The patch will be downloadable Today, June 15th, 2012.

At 2 million units sold, Minecraft is a hit amongst gamers and it's still continuing to improve over time. With the promise of patches and updates, we've got first word of a list of fixes and features coming soon from Play XBLA. To name a few including autosaves, gamertag display in split-screen, and enabling/disabling settings with hints and tooltips. Read the jump to catch the rest of the list and we'll let you know when this will be available to you crafters alike.
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Spring update here for some, coming soon for others

Some of you may have signed on to Xbox Live recently and received a prompt for an update. This is a behind-the-scenes update, containing improvements on existing features and foundations for new ones, so there are no visible changes. Not everyone has received this yet; according to these tweets from Major Nelson, some will receive the update this week while everyone else will get it next week. Like all updates, it will occur as soon as you connect to Xbox Live and will require a few minutes to download. The update is mandatory to continue using Live, but you'll be back to playing your favorite XBLA games in no time anyway.


Penny Arcade pushed up to June 25

Penny ArcadeNormally, this comes by way of delays; games blowing their deadlines and being pushed back. For once, however, gamers can rejoice, as an anticipated title will hit sooner than anticipated.

Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Three now releases June 25 on XBLIG, PC and Mac, over two weeks earlier than its originally announced July 10 release date. As Penny Arcade's Tycho put it in a post today, "We’re committed to releasing it 'When It’s Done' as they say, and it is done, so waiting until July seems dumb."

The game will hit just under four years since Episode Two released in October 2008. The series was set to be released across four chapters by developer Hothead Games, until that developer announced it would instead focus its efforts on DeathSpank. All seemed lost for the series, until Zeboyd Games announced last year it would develop the third episode.


XBLA Wednesday: June 13

Do you feel like playing as a god to not let people build towers? We have that exact (and only) game for you on this week's XBLA Wednesday. Babel Rising lets you play as a god who must prevent the villagers from building a tower. You'll face up against some challenging enemies and you'll be able to throw some Kinect functionality in there too. The game will set you back 800 MSP. In case you love your god simulators, this XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.


Walter's debut trailer makes a gorgeous splash

Beyond a couple screenshots, we haven't seen much in motion for Blossom Mind's Walter but that all changes today. They released their first trailer which starts out with epic music and a bag with eyes moving around. Okay, so that's the live action part that's hilarious but the gameplay? Looks absolutely stunning.

The way Walter moves is fluid with each little water droplet follows behind as you move forward with motion. You'll also notice how Walter can change into different elements like a solid ice cube to a gas cloud and back to his liquid self. If you want to learn more about Walter, we did an interview with the team at Blossom Minds and you'll have to wait a bit for this game, the release date so far is 2013. That'll be a bit of a bummer but it'll be worth the wait for this promising new hero.


Might and Delight teams with D3P to publish Pid


Swedish developer Might and Delight announced this week it has paired with publisher D3Publisher (or D3P) to publish Might and Delight's platformer Pid on XBLA. The partnership comes at the tail end of the game's production, according to a news release, so "the vision has been entirely that of Might and Delight, while (D3P's) years of publishing expertise will solidify Pid as a stunning success."

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