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Exclusive: Robomodo's Roberta shreds her way into Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

It’s no secret we’ve been big supporters of Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD. In fact, it hit our XBLA’s Most Wanted well before it was announced. We awarded Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD  in our Best of E3 highlighting the nostalgic feelings that made us wish we were back in school playing with a bunch of friends. But the game has more going for it than just fond memories, Robomodo has taken the pieces that fans loved from the original two games and rebuilt them from the ground up in a way that shreds even our most nostalgic expectations. The game looks and plays better than we remembered.

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The Walking Dead Episode 2 surprises us with fear on June 27

We knew it was gonna be the end of June for Episode 2 – Starving for Help of The Walking Dead but they sure were cutting it close when announcing its date. IGN reports that it'll be strolling through empty corridors on June 27 for 400 MSP, arriving on XBLA first. The reason for the late notice is they had to confirm with all their platform partners' schedules. Already a huge success with their first episode, Some of the XBLA Fans team saw the newest episode at E3 this year and walked away very impressed, so much to award it. Check out our review of the first episode while you wait until tomorrow for the release. No shambles required.

Source: IGN


Spelunky and Bellator: MMA Onslaught both hitting July 4 for 1200 MSP

We only reported on Spelunky's trip to certification last week but Major Nelson has updated the schedule with release dates and Spelunky is slated for next week on July 4. It won't be alone though as it'll be joined by the upcoming Bellator: MMA Onslaught which we were pretty positive about back at E3 2012. Both games will be priced at 1200 with people already saying it's too high for Spelunky but it'll be worth it, even at that many Microsoft Points. Look forward to both of these titles coming out next Wednesday.


Deal of the Week: Multiplayer Special

Better try and find some friends this week for Deal of the Week from June 26 to July 2 has a multiplayer theme and sees up to 75% off some great XBLA titles:

Plenty of multiplayer action to keep you entertained until Summer of Arcade then. If you're getting low on points you can always stock up at Amazon they've always got them for a great price. As always Deal of the Week is for those with a Gold Membership only.


From paper to pinball: Creating The Avengers Chronicles tables

Released on XBLA last week, Zen Studios' Marvel Pinball: The Avengers Chronicles DLC for Pinball FX2 offers up a quartet of new Marvel-themed tables for gamers to flip silver balls around for 800 MSP. According to the Penny Arcade Report, the foursome are the result of two years of collaborative work between Marvel and Zen. Each of the tables was in development for around eight months, with 75 percent of that time being spent on testing.

“The table I’ve been championing literally since we started this whole thing is The Infinity Gauntlet," Chris Baker, the interactive manager at Marvel Entertainment, told the Penny Arcade Report. "I think it might actually be what prompted the idea for event-based tables in the first place, just because the idea of Infinity Gems becoming their own balls is so conducive to great video pinball missions. I think more than any table Zen has made so far, this is definitely a videogame and definitely not something you could see actualized in a traditional pinball form. One look at the Reality Gem in action, where the table warps your reality by literally flipping it upside down, and I think you’ll know what I mean.”

After going hands-on with the table at E3 and with the review copy, XBLA Fans has seen firsthand the genius of its intricate design. Zen's blending of visually impressive comic book elements with satisfying silver ball play is the result of seasoned table designers, but the team behind Infinity Gauntlet wasn't always capable of such innovative works, admitted Zen Creative Director Neils Sorens. “We started out as game developers who happened to be pinball fans,” he said. “Our lack of pinball design experience showed in our early work, which was derivative and doesn’t stand up well to what we’re putting out these days.”

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Capy Games working on three games including Super T.I.M.E. Force

Toronto-based studio Capybara Games are not strangers to the XBLA platform or the digital market. They've released the wonderful Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and the iOS indie-darling Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, an idiosyncratic kaleidoscope of music by Jim Guthrie and great art by Superbrothers' Craig Adams.

We've only known about one title they're working on currently for XBLA with Super T.I.M.E. Force but in an interview promoting the Japanese release of Sworcery, they discussed they're working on three new titles across XBLA, PSN, and Steam. Since we currently know about one game exclusive to XBLA, what could the other two games possibly be and could they be coming to XBLA?

Capy Games are known for their unique design and thought-provoking gameplay, so anything coming from this studio won't be some tired old design you've seen before or a complete riff on an idea you'd think they were crazy to think of. Creative Director/Game Designer Kris Piotrowski talked about why their next titles would be coming to those platforms:
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Weekly Roundup: June 24

Weekly Roundup compiles all the biggest news stories, reviews, and releases from the week into one handy post on the weekends.

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Microsoft releases SmartGlass dev kit


Microsoft has released a software development kit (SDK) for SmartGlass just a few weeks after announcing it at E3. The system allows various portable electronics devices – like, say, tablet computers or smartphones – to synch-up with an Xbox to display information based on what's going on in-game: Showing a world map, for example, or allowing the player to create plays in Madden on your device for in-game use.

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Spelunky enters certification for a hopeful summer release

Never heard of Spelunky? It's a roguelike platformer where every level is randomized upon death with different item placements, pathways and such. It was released as a freeware game way back in 2008 after years of work and received a lot of love amongst the indie community. It got a word of mouth through developers like Super Meat Boy artist/designer Edmund McMillen (who drew inspiration from it for Binding of Isaac) and Braid creator Jonathan Blow, who even helped him out getting a meeting with Microsoft for the game. Now after years and an IGF award for Excellence in Design, the game is looking to come out soon as it's entered Microsoft for certification. This means a release date should be in the cards soon and en route towards a summer release. Whether or not it will be before or after Summer of Arcade remains to be seen but we'll keep you updated on its release shortly this year.

Source: Polygon


Fez update goes live, but avoid downloading for now (Update)

Update: According to Polytron, the update has been pulled by Microsoft.

The long awaited Fez update has finally surfaced but with a huge caveat that'll spur people away. While the update has a huge list of fixes, Polytron updated the post saying after installing the patch, the save file will be seen as corrupted. The only current workaround is deleting your system cache but other than that, there is no fix. While you may want to put the blame on Polytron, Microsoft did pass it and didn't find this bug while testing so it sucks for all the parties involved. We'll keep you updated on whether this patch will be rectified in the future.

Source: Polytron

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