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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus hits XBLA this summer

We haven’t heard much about Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus since its announcement in February. There’s now a release window for the game and it’s coming out this summer, alongside another fighting game with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Developed by Arc System Works, who’ve worked mainly on the Guilty Gear series, in addition to last year’s Hard Corps: Uprising. It’ll have ranked and player matches for online support and we have some new screenshots to show off much of the fighting action. Get ready to start a brawl this summer and check out the new screenshots after the jump.
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Fez claims weekly top spot in XBLA activity

Exalted puzzle/platformer Fez has hurtled into pole position in this week’s Live Activity leaderboards, warding off strong competition from Skullgirls which debuted at number 2. Comments from controversial helmsman Phil Fish have done little to prevent Polytron’s title from raking in top honors having been available on the marketplace for less than a week. Despite positive reviews, The Splatters only narrowly made it into the the top 20, inching in at number 20, while Capcom’s half-game, half-advertisement World Gone Sour managed 17th.

Ubisoft’s I Am Alive and Monolith’s Gotham City Impostors each enjoyed strong weeks with I Am Alive in third and Gotham City Impostors notching fifth place. Stalwarts Castle Crashers, Trials HD, Pinball FX2 and Fruit Ninja Kinect all earned top 10 spots while critically mauled robot-brawler REAL STEEL continues a streak in the top 20 that stretches back to October of last year.

Ranks are based on full versions purchased and no sales data has been made available. However, as a rough barometer there are currently 47,124 players populating the Fez leaderboards. Major Nelson has the full top 20.


Microsoft ‘to further monetize Xbox Live’ this holiday

A LinkedIn profile page for Praveen Rutnam, group product planner at Microsoft, has outed the publisher’s plan to roll out a new strategy for generating revenue through Xbox Live starting this a holiday season. The experience section of Rutnam’s profile explicitly states that he created a “strategy to further monetize [the] Xbox LIVE subscriber base.” It mentions this holiday season as the target date for the new monetization efforts to go into effect.

Although no specific details as to what the strategy will entail are laid out in the listing, Joystiq has gone ahead and done some speculating. One possibility is the implementation of an online pass of some sort, not unlike those utilized by publishers EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Sony and Warner. The publishing houses using them have seen a strong backlash from gamers over online passes, but the consumer resistance has done little to stop their growing ubiquity.

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Meet The Warrior in new Realms of Ancient War trailer

Focus Interactive, the publishers behind dungeon crawler Realms of Ancient War or just R.A.W. if you’re feeling particularly brutal, have released a new trailer showcasing the Warrior. The Warrior is the first of 3 playable characters in the game which also includes a Wizard and Rogue, and is described as:

Courageous, hot-headed and expert in close combat, the Warrior thrives at the very heart of the battle. Swinging his dual blades with power and speed, his powerful melee attacks are devastating, sometimes allowing him to strike down dozens of enemies at once! And when his health goes bad, bloody rage embraces him and make him even more powerful, more resilient, enabling him to cause even more damage…

Realms of Ancient War is being developed by Wizarbox and said to include drop in, drop out co-op. No details on pricing just yet but it’s expected to release on XBLA Q2 this year.


Deep Black: Episode 1 out this month

The first chunk of third person shooter Deep Black arrives on Xbox Live Arcade April 25. Scant details have emerged regarding the XBLA version, but the full PC game, which has been available since early March, saw players dabble in the art of underwater third-person combat. Biart made a bit of a splash with its underwater spearfishing game Depth Hunter earlier in the year but failed to win over pundits with Deep Black: Reloaded, which weathered a rasping volley of criticism when it launched on PC last month.

Episode 1 will cost 800 Microsoft Points when it launches on XBLA April 25.



Trials: Evolution tunes composed by God of War music man

Mike Reagan, composer of titles like God of War 3 and Darksiders, signed on as composer for the upcoming Trials: Evolution, Ubisoft announced today. Reagan has also worked on God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Transformers 3. The game is developed by RedLynx, an Ubisoft studio. RedLynx has been getting questions about the game’s composer since the first trailer hit, said creative director Anitti Ilvessuo, but the studio has kept that information close to the vest – until now. “It has been a secret for some time, but now the secret is out,” Ilvessuo said. “Mike’s driving beats and pounding rhythms are the perfect complement to Trials’ fast, frantic gameplay and ‘take no prisoners’ approach.”

Trials: Evolution revs onto XBLA Wednesday for 1200 Microsoft Points.


Polytron working on Fez issues

After five years in development, Fez released last Friday to much critical acclaim (almost all around here love it). In its first 24 hours on XBLA it was played by around 20,000 people. Unfortunately, not everyone played it without a problem. Developer Polytron is acknowledging the game-breaking issues players have been experiencing, such as problems running the game on older consoles or unstable save files.

If you’ve experienced a problem while playing Fez, contact and they’ll help you out. Polytron is working with Microsoft to fix the problems, but there is no ETA on a patch just yet. Don’t let this news scare you, just check out our review to find out how great Fez can be.


What it’s like working at XBLA Fans

So I might have totally downloaded Instagram just as an excuse to share this photo, but I promise to avoid all puns involving editing articles until they are purrfect. Ok, no more puns after that one. XBLA Fans has an incredible team behind it (including our deputy editor pictured above), but we are always interested in speaking with talented individuals about ways they can get involved with the website. If you have a talent, we want to see it. While we don’t have any vacant writing positions, we are always willing to look at creating new roles. If you have a passion for XBLA and a strong ability to communicate through any medium: web development, text, art, video, audio, etc. please reach out to us:

Also, our parent company is actively looking for help on our sister sites: and If you’re interested in gaining valuable writing experience and honing your craft, we highly suggest reaching out to them: and In the past we have successfully been able to work with universities to help students earn course credit for their work with us.

Please note that at this time all positions are on a volunteer basis. We have some amazing projects in the works that I can’t wait to tell you about. We are committed to the long haul and can’t wait to continue to cultivate the XBLA and greater gaming community.


ObsCure universe coming to XBLA

The folks at Hydravision hinted back in September that they were working on two new projects for XBLA, one of which was to be a spin off of one of their current IP’s. A few recent Tweets have clarified their previous announcement. They are planning a spin off of their ObsCure video game series. This survival horror series has been dormant for a while but will be coming back this summer in some new form on XBLA. Meanwhile there is no clarity on what the second project really is. We are holding out hope that Dungeon Twister finally gets made. Hopefully we will know soon.

Big thanks to @Lifelower for pointing this out.



Dragon’s Lair debut trailer

The classic arcade title Dragon’s Lair is finally coming to XBLA, and with full Kinect support. This title has been around for a long time and over the years people have both loved it and loved to hate it. Regardless, it will be a welcome addition to the XBLA family. Keep your eyes open for continuing coverage.

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