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Deal of the Week: Ubisoft publisher special

Deal of the Week for May 22 to May 28 sees 3 top XBLA games from publisher Ubisoft discounted. First up we have the stylish Outland going for 400 MSP, which is down from 800 MSP. Next we have Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, the colourful puzzle-RPG which is also down by 50% to 600 MSP. Finally the classic action adventure game Beyond Good & Evil is down to 400 MSP from 800 MSP. As always these offers are for those with a Gold membership only.


Babel Rising coming to XBLA in June *Update*

Update: Eurogamer updated with a more definitive date of June 13.

Ubisoft has announced that Babel Rising, the HD remake of the popular iOS and Droid game of the same name, will make its debut on XBLA and PSN at some point during June. A teaser trailer that popped up back in March positioned Babel as a spring release, which would mean it’s due to come out before summer kicks off on June 20, though no mention was made today as to whether or not developer Mondo Production has been able to stay on track for that time frame.

Ubi also released the launch trailer seen above alongside the date. The game’s upgraded visuals and Kinect-powered smiting of the puny Babylonians, whose arrogance has angered God (the player) in the game, are on full display in the vid.

Source: Ubisoft


Microsoft offering refunds to Minecraft buyers with SDTVs

Microsoft, in response to a deluge of complaints from SDTV owners unable to play splitscreen Minecraft, has revised the game’s overview on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, reports Kotaku. For those gamers who lack an HDTV and were unfortunate enough to have purchased the game with hopes of playing with up to three others in splitscreen, the publisher will also be doling out refunds for their 1600 MSP purchase. Previous reports had some gamers receiving full refunds, others being granted only partial reimbursements and others still being outright denied a repayment of any amount.

The ability to play the XBLA port of Mojang’s game via local co-op is a feature obviously not found in the original PC version. In a world where PC versions of multiplatform games routinely boast perks such as superior graphics, free post-release content and mods galore, couch co-op was an added bonus that many console gamers were looking forward to in Mojang and 4J Studios’ port. And while those Xbox gamers playing on HDTVs have indeed been able to enjoy the mode since Minecraft‘s May 9 release, those still relying on TVs only capable of outputting in standard definition have been unpleasantly surprised by the game’s inability to split the screen on their sets. An in-game prompt informs the latter set of players of the requirement, but it has done them little good considering they had to first purchase the game in order to read it.

“We updated our pre-sale notification to inform customers that an HD screen is required for the split-screen multiplayer feature on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition,” a Microsoft representative told Kotaku about its handling of the matter. “If a player does not have an HD screen and purchased this game prior to the notification update, they are eligible for a full refund through customer support.”

Minecraft‘s official Marketplace listing has indeed been updated to properly reflect the need for a high-def television in order splitscreen co-op to be taken advantage of. The following clarification now appears on the listing: “To experience split-screen functionality a high-definition television is required.”

Source: Kotaku


Dungeon Defenders DLC hits XBLA

The third part of Dungeon DefendersThe Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards was last week released on XBLA. Part III: Aquanos, is set in the submerged ruins of Aquanos, a fallen metropolis deep underwater. For 320 MSP, as well as the new campaign, players gain the “Riddle of the Deep” Challenge Mission, “Shipwreck Graveyard” PvP Battle ground, and 10 new water themed weapons. Defenders will also face new enemies the Sharken, Fish Wyvern and the Kraken. Complete the DLC to find the yellow shard and get one step closer to rescuing your parents!

A new pet Seahorse is also included in the DLC, however XBLA gamers will not get to play fetch with their new friend just yet, but he is promised to arrive with the next console patch. If you’ve not yet tried Dungeon Defenders then check out our review, and if you have? Well best head straight to the guide.


Sega Vintage Collections priced and dated

Classic Sega Genesis games are about to get re-released in a series of 3-pack bundles entitled Sega Vintage Collections,  and Sega Japan has announced the release dates for the first four bundles. The first two packs, the Sega Classic Collection and the Monster World Collection will release May 23, 2012. More information on the these packs can be found here. Two more packs will drop the following week, May 30. The Golden Axe Collection and Bare Knuckle Collection will be collections of the Golden Axes and Streets of Rage games, respectively. Each collection will cost 800MSP, so get ready to stock up on nostalgia. Thanks to @lifelower for the tip.


FarSight Studios to leverage the power of Kickstarter

We reported a few weeks ago that FarSight Studios was considering a Kickstarter campaign to finance the licensing fees for the Twilight Zone pinball table. We now have confirmation of this plan as well as a few interesting details. It apparently costs $55,000 to license the table and that is exactly what they are asking for. As of this writing they have already raised over $22,000 so things look hopeful. Anyone interested can check out all the details here. Even those not interested in donating should check it out because there is an excellent video that explains the process of going from physical table to digital table. We at XBLAFans have mixed feelings about Kickstarter projects with regards to videogames. What do you think?

Source: Facebook – The Pinball Arcade


The Walking Dead shambles its way to a million copies sold

The Walking Dead

The first episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has officially sold a million copies in its first few weeks on the market, reports Joystiq. The figure takes into account both buyers who downloaded the first episode individually and those who bought a “Season Pass” for all five episodes, the report says.

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South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge to receive hefty software update

South Park fans will be please to hear that the disappointing South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge is set to receive a title update. The 4 player platformer was heavily criticised for it’s sluggish controls, poor level design and insane difficulty level. In fact our Community Manager, Andrew Crews, reviewed the game for XBLA Fans and found it difficult to say anything nice at all. However it looks like developers, Other Ocean Interactive, have taken note and made more than a few changes in the right direction. One of the biggest changes will be the addition of a new Character Swap ability. Players can now change characters at any time, meaning you don’t need to keep replaying the same level with different characters in order to get all the collectables required to move on.

It’s always nice to see a developer continuing to support a game post release, but is all forgiven? Let us know what you think the comments section. For the full patch details, click over the page.

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Mad Riders speeding onto XBLA May 30

Techland’s off-road arcade racer Mad Riders got an official release date and a brand new trailer today. The game which is being published by Ubisoft is now set to release May 30 on XBLA. The date is not a huge surprise to us, as we had already spotted a marketplace listing with this date but these don’t always ring true. The game will come with 45 tracks, 3 multiplayer modes for up to 12 players and a large selection of customizable ATVs, Buggies and character styles. No word on pricing just yet other than that it will be the same price as a pizza…we’re not sure if that’s standard or stuffed crust though?

*Update* According to Eurogamer Mad Riders will be priced at 800 MSP on release.


Fez title update sent for certification

Developer Polytron has handed the first patch of platformer Fez off to Microsoft for certification. The studio promised that the update will mean “crash fixes, recovered save files and a generally smoother Fez experience before the end of the month.” Specific details aren’t available at this time, but Poly says it’ll unveil the exact release date and full list of included changes “soon.”

After many, many years in development, Fez released to heavy fanfare and a strong critical reception back on April 13. It even snagged the top spot in XBLA activity for its first week on the market. Unfortunately, there were a number of reports of corrupted save files, games that crashed for a number of reasons and even incompatibility with certain older Xbox 360s.

Source: Polytron

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