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Update: The Pinball Arcade launches Wednesday with 4 tables for 800 MS Points

Second Update: The game has been delayed by a week, so next Wednesday, April 4.

Update: The game will launch as a four table pack for 800 points.

The Pinball Arcade launches this Wednesday, Major Nelson has announced. It joins Wrecked Revenge Revisited, Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise and South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge in a bustling week for Xbox Live Arcade. FarSight’s take on digital pinball promises not just any old pinball, but pinball of a pedigree (“real pinball”, according to the dev) with tables modelled on those crafted by actual pinball-table-makers.


Alien Spidy spins up a new trailer

Publishers Kalypso Media have released a new video that proves that alien spiders are cuter than your average bathtub beastie. The latest trailer for upcoming physics based platformer Alien Spidy, shows off a visually stunning 2D/3D world for you to swing through. The story will focus on the adventures of Spidy, who has crashed his UFO on Earth whilst trying to rescue his friend Virgi who disappeared during an exploration mission.

The game promises to combine fast paced platforming with challenging puzzles, while you collect parts for your UFO and battle bosses over 3 unique environments and 70 diverse levels. It’s being developed by Madrid based developers Enigma Software and is scheduled to release sometime Summer 2012.


Fez finally passes certification

In what feels like an eternity, the long-awaited two-time IGF winner Fez has finally passed Microsoft certification. This bodes well with hopeful release sometime very shortly. While the rumored on the marketplace for a date of May 2, we still have no word on a release date but it should be anywhere between the next two to three months. Although Microsoft will be promoting Arcade Next in from April 18 to May 9, could it be after the fact? Phil Fish did state he doesn’t want a Summer of Arcade release so possibly within April, May or June. We’ll let you know as our anticipation cannot hold it much longer but knowing it’s passed certification, we can rest easy we’ll get a release very soon.

Source: Polytron


Lucien Fairfax dolls up for Fable Heroes

Fable Hero Dolls

Lionhead Studios have revealed the latest addition to the roster of playable characters for their upcoming hack-and-slash adventure spin-off, Fable Heroes. Lucien Fairfax, former mayor of Bowerstone and the big bad from Fable II, will be joining a line up which so far consists of fan favourites Hammer, Reaver, Garth, Scythe, Gabriel and Hero, with more still to be announced. Each character is represented in game as a cute hero doll and fans of the series will recognise these as the rare collectable items coveted in the retail games.

Fable Heroes was recently revealed to be included in Microsoft’s Arcade Next promotion alongside Trials Evolution, Minecraft and Bloodforge, and will be one of the first XBLA games to feature a 400 point gamerscore. The game will be released May 2 for a reasonable 800 MSP.


Sega Vintage Collections may be coming to XBLA

A compilation title called Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. made a brief appearance on the Xbox marketplace earlier today before vanishing into thin air. Thankfully, the crafty team over at Xbox 360 Achievements were able to spot the details before the delisting occurred. Said to be included in the collection are the titular Alex Kidd along with Super Hang-On and Revenge of Shinobi.

Not content to sit back and monitor how that particular collection performs, Sega is also reportedly already working on bringing a second collection out. Both releases would contain all of the usual re-release staples: leaderboards, achievements, recordable and “challenging” new trial modes. Additionally, Sega purportedly has some sort of recordable and downloadable game session feature in the works.

The first collection will also have a few bullet-point elements that were not mentioned in connection with the followup. All three games that come in the download are said to allow players to choose the original Japanese dialogue if they prefer. Super Hang-On would also supposedly come with a 3D mode and in-game juke boxes. No word was given as to possible pricing or release dates, nor was it mentioned whether or not Revenge of Shinobi will allow players to take revenge on evil 3D Japanese juke boxes.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements


Super T.I.M.E. Force screenshots look like pixelated space madness

Ever since the announcement that Capybara Games won the IGF XBLA prize for Super T.I.M.E. Force, we haven’t seen much beyond the trailer that debuted four months prior. But now we have three brand new screenshots and it still looks like insanity made with a great pixel style. The gameplay does look pretty insane and still begs questions, like are you controlling an army of characters and are able to pick one out of each? Is that all multiplayer going on? Capybara will be showing the game off at PAX East this year and XBLA Fans will have their hands all over it. Catch the other screenshots after the jump.
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Zynga shows interest in bringing games to Xbox

The social media gaming czars over at Zynga might be moving into the console space, specifically the Xbox 360, at some future point. Though no official development announcement has been made, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus told Giga Om that he envisions a future in which Xbox players can pick up where they left off in one of the publisher’s browser or social games right on their console.

Right now we are building back-end technology, so that your game state can be saved and served up in difference screens/devices. The interaction cues will take from the different devices. In other words, you can play a game on a computer and call it up on Xbox and you resume from the point you left off, except the game play will now be customized for the Xbox controller.

Titles from Zynga — such as FarmVille, CityVille and seemingly anything else that ends in “Ville” — tend to differ from most of XBLA’s success stories, but certainly there is a market for more casual fare. Diner Dash, for instance, was able to enjoy some success on the platform before being yanked off of it.

Source: Giga Om


Face the gingers in South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge on March 30 for 800 MSP

During the Spring Showcase, Microsoft showed off South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge and was looking to get a spring release but when? We now have a confirmed date of March 30 for 800 MSP which makes it another odd Friday release. The second occasion this year as well with The Simpsons Arcade being the most recent one last month. Fans will be able to play as Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman to do battle with Scott Tenorman as he exacts his revenge by releasing an army of ginger robots. Look out for some wacky platforming action that’ll make you say “Let’s Fighting Love” at the end of March.


Trials Evolution rides into Limbo

Those of you with a keen eye might have noticed a certain limbo-esque feel to one of the Trials Evolution levels briefly shown in the Arcade Next promotion trailer. We went straight to the source to chat about it. There is in fact a level in Trials Evolution devoted to Limbo. Redlynx was a fan of the game and loved the art style and felt it would show off completely different feel and what the track editor can do. We have to agree.

In the past, we have highlighted some of the best user made levels in our Trials Tuesday feature, which should proudly return again after the launch of Trails Evolution on April 18th. Hopefully some of you enterprising builders can bring together a few more of our favorite titles in an awesome XBLA mash-up. I’d love to see someone find a way to pull off a Bastion, Splosion Man or Minecraft track. We expect the track building community to flourish now that Redlynx has made track sharing much simpler by removing the requirement that you must be friends with the track’s creator to download his creation.

We had a chance to give the track a go at GDC and can honestly say it’s a total fan service to both Trials HD and Limbo. Not to ruin the fun, but Redlynx captured the mood from Playdead’s Limbo amazingly well and fans should see some familiar scenery. Playdead thought the level was awesome as well and gave their permission to include it in the game. If by some chance, you missed out of Trials HD, we highly suggest you pick the game up. There is a reason it is one of the top sellers on XBLA.

Are you planning on picking up Trials Evolution? What game would you like to see a track based upon. Let us know in the comments.


Take a look at the evolution of Pid’s gameplay

It’s a hard wait for Might & Delight’s upcoming Pid but we can’t wait to get our hands on the platforming action from space and neon backpacks. The developer recently put up a video showing off how the gameplay was planned out from start to finish. From paper cut-outs to basic alpha testing to what we hope to see in the final product. From three quarters of the team behind Bionic Commando: Rearmed, no doubt will the platforming be in top-shape. Still no release date beyond 2012 but hopefully we’ll get one shortly since the waiting is becoming harder.

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