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Deadlight trailer shows us gameplay to save ourselves

Deadlight‘s gameplay is a combination of 2D platforming with some action elements and survival horror elements. But in this new trailer, we see all the environments a post-apocalyptic 1986 Vancouver has to offer and how much of it is in decaying ruins with zombified creatures. It’s less about taking zombies head-on but evading and setting traps when necessary, where guns act more like tools rather than weapons. Tequila Works will be showing the game off at PAX East this weekend and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


Rock Band Blitz won’t play disc-based Rock Band 3 tracks

Rock Band Blitz

Fans hoping to import disc-based tracks from Rock Band 3 to the newly-announced XBLA title Rock Band Blitz are out of luck. According to a Joystiq report, Harmonix confirms it won’t be possible since they aren’t stored on the hard drive. Tracks able to be stored to the hard drive, however, will be compatible with the game.

The game, announced Tuesday, will hit the Marketplace this summer and serves as a bit of a resurgence of the once-ubiquitous music franchise (previously an annual release, the last entry came out in 2010). The game will feature 25 tracks, including Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” and “Always” by Blink-182. Gameplay will be similar to Rock Band Unplugged or Amplitude; the player uses a controller to rock out, as opposed to plastic instruments. They’ll also control the entire band at once, switching between instruments as the song progresses. Rock Band Blitz is developed by Harmonix and releases this summer.


See the new Hulk table for Pinball FX 2 in action

If you’re a fan of comic books or pinball, then you probably already know about the huge success that Zen Studios and Marvel have had together. In their upcoming DLC table pack, Avengers Chronicles, we finally get a table dedicated to the Jade Giant himself, Hulk. Although this isn’t just any iteration of Hulk, this is World War Hulk. In this story line Hulk has just gotten back to earth from an involuntary trip to space and he is mad and out for revenge. Stopping at nothing, Hulk took on heroes and villains alike to achieve the justice he felt was owed. In this new trailer we get a chance to see that Zen Studios will be holding nothing back, as they deliver this hectic adventure as only their digital pinball table can. And just in case that wasn’t enough, you can always take a closer look at the new World War Hulk table via screenshots we have just after the break.

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XBLA version of Minecraft to receive DLC

The XBLA port of Minecraft will be getting DLC and updates post-release, says Roger Carpenter, lead Xbox Live Arcade producer at Microsoft Studios Europe. Responding to an XBLA Fans question over Twitter, Carpenter confirmed that there are plans to make additional content available Minecraft after the game’s May 9 release.

“Minecraft XBLA will be getting updates,” Rogers tweeted. “We have DLC plans too but one thing at a time eh.” The message from Rogers is inline with what he himself revealed last month in an interview about future patches that are already being planned in order to bring the console version more in line with the PC original. His tweet, however, contains the first confirmation that actual DLC, not just updates, will be released for the world-building game.

Source: @PopsRamjet


A visual look at the new Tony Hawk upgrade

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater took the gaming community by surprise when it launched over a decade ago. Offering simple controls that anyone could pick up and play, yet were still deep enough to take hours of dedication to master. Robomodo has given Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater a full HD overhaul, not just the simple face lift most games receive. Rebuilding the game from the ground up, Robomodo is attempting to deliver the experience that technology hindered so many years ago and thanks to Actinidia Pictures, we finally get a glimpse of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD in action. In this new video we get side by side comparison of THPS2 and THPSHD, giving old fans and new fans alike a chance to see exactly how it has changed.


Toy Soldiers: Cold War Evil Empire DLC trailer makes you the enemy

It was delayed some odd while back but we finally have a new trailer for the upcoming Evil Empire DLC for Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The trailer details that you’ll be on the side of the Soviets taking down Americans and adding in new unit types and weapons. The price back then was announced at 240 MSP and quite possibly could be shown at PAX East alongside their new unannounced title. Still no release date as of yet but stay tuned to learn more about Signal Studios’ plan of attack.

By the way, if you’ve never played any of the original Toy Soldiers games, the original one is currently 800 MSP from its 1200 price point. We recommend you check it out and if you love it, the sequel is better than ever.


Double Dragon: Neon hitting XBLA this July

Everybody loves Double Dragon, brothers Billy (sometimes even Bimmy) & Jimmy Lee are coming back to XBLA in a neon-infused edition. Entitled Double Dragon: Neon and developed by WayForward who are no strangers to 2D-style games from last year’s Bloodrayne: Betrayal and Aliens: Infestation on the Nintendo DS. The 80s motif is heavy in the game from the lifebars to the high fives. The plot of the game involves Marian being kidnapped by an enemy called Skullmageddon which is pretty amazing. In with the 80s presentation is the music is filled with synth and guitar solos and you’ll be able to unlock more songs to beat up people in. Check out some screenshots and concept art after the jump and blast your Poison album as you wait for this to come out in July.
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Bloodforge trailer recounts bloody times

Bloodforge is due out in three weeks and we got a new trailer to hopefully tide you over until your own bloody massacre. The trailer involves Crom after a battle, talking about how it was no big deal to this woman. After some conversation and flashbacks of a gruesome battle, it’s taken outside where the real action is. Crom dons a hammer to make sure he can bludgeon the lot of them. Make sure to check this game out on April 25 for 1200 MSP and it will be playable at PAX East this year and XBLA Fans will be screaming bloody murder when they see it.


RedLynx walks us through Dark City Run in Trials Evolution

The anticipation for Trials Evolution is insane but it’s only two more weeks until you get your hands on it. Leading up to the weeks, RedLynx has been kind enough to send a video our way of one of the Extreme levels, Dark City Run. The level designer on Dark City Run walks us through the level and what kind of changes have been put in place since Trials HD. The dark, gritty style is said to resemble Sin City with shades of red around a black and white landscape. The level itself looks even trickier, with appropriate loops to be made and moving cars on the street. Don’t forget about the power lines being down. One other cool tidbit is RedLynx will be posting Editor Tutorial Videos today, with up to 30 planned videos. We’ll be posting them as well up until launch so be sure to mark April 18 off your calendar, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


11 bit Studios shows us the XBLA-exclusive levels in Anomaly Warzone Earth

If you didn’t catch our interview, you’ll know that 11 bit Studios is promising exclusive XBLA content coming from Anomaly Warzone Earth. There’ll be six Tactical Trials that take place in a virtual reality, sort of similar to VR missions in Metal Gear Solid. But they all deal with the tower offense gameplay and you’ll have to utilize it in order to complete the unique mission involved in all six. Be sure to check this game out when it comes out this Friday, April 6 for 800 MSP.

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