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Deal of the Week: Speed Edition

This week’s Deal of the Week is aimed at those petrol-heads amongst us. As well as some offers for Forza fans, 3 XBLA games will get a 50% discount this week:

If you decide to pick up Joe Danger, which you should, then remember to check out our awesome “Guide to Danger“for tips and tricks. These offers run March 27 to April 2. As always Deal of the Week is for those with a Gold Membership only.

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Charlie Murder gets new logo

Charlie Murder logo

As part of a push for an enhanced presence at the upcoming PAX East, Ska Studios has unleashed upon the world the first official logo for its upcoming side-scrolling beat-em-up, Charlie Murder. The game, according to Ska’s website, focuses on punk-rocker Charlie Murder and his attempt to save his girlfriend, Skelekitten, from the clutches of his nefarious metal rivals with the help of his band.

Ska had this to say in a blog post that accompanied the logo’s unveiling:

In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Murder began life as a very,very rough looking XBLIG game, so between the day Vampire Smile passed cert and today, Charlie Murder’s been subjected to new gameplay systems, art overhauls, gameplay system overhauls, spiders, tweaks, and rainbows, but what we haven’t quite done was to take all that revamped, overhauled, actually-good-looking stuff and put it into a nice little package, henceforth to be referred to asmediastuffthings.  With all of the spiders and rainbows tweaked (yes, this is my career), we’re getting our media act together to face the impending reality that is PAX Boston East 2012 in Boston (at least I think that’s what it’s called).

Charlie Murder began life as an Xbox Live Indie Game before being picked up by Microsoft to possibly be published as a full-fledged Xbox Live Arcade title although no confirmation for XBLA has been seen. The beat-em-up is scheduled for release sometime this year, though no solid date or pricing has yet been announced. The developer is perhaps best known for its previous beat-em-ups The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and its sequel The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, which released in 2009 and 2010, respectively.


Xbox Xfinity streaming won’t count towards Comcast data cap

Xbox owners who choose to stream Comcast Xfinity On Demand to their consoles once the service launches won’t have to worry about the data adding up towards their 250-gigabyte bandwidth caps, according to a Comcast FAQ. The reasoning is that “since the content is being delivered over our private IP network and not the public Internet, it does not count against a customer’s bandwidth cap,” reads the FAQ.

Users will thus be able to stream all the on-demand national broadcasts, premium channel programming and free videos they please once the Xfinity service makes its way to Microsoft’s console. They will not, however, gain the ability to watch live TV on their 360s. Furthermore, Comcast currently has no plans “at this time” to offer live TV streaming at any future date. What Xbox 360 owners will be able to do is take advantage of Kinect and the dashboard’s search function when they’re looking to enjoy a little HBO Go or other compatible programming.

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Should many robots be shot with one or two sticks?

Two is always better than one — except, of course, when it’s not. Whether it actually is or not in developer Demiurge’s Shoot Many Robots is a topic that is open to no small amount of debate. In fact, there is so much disagreement as to whether the game’s current single-stick controls or a more modernized dual analog scheme — which is not currently an option available to players — is best, that the Boston-based studio has decided to host what it’s dubbing the “Control Scheme Throwdown” at PAX East in April.

A special build of the XBLA title will be playable at the dev’s booth during the show (April 6—8) that is going to enable play with the power of not just one but two analog sticks. Attendees who wish to participate will be pitted against players using a single stick in a competition to help Demiurge decide whether or not to patch in support for the additional stick. Should the team reach the decision to do so , the control style employed by the PAX competition’s winner will become the standard once the option is added. The gauntlet — it has been thrown down.

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Update: The Pinball Arcade launches Wednesday with 4 tables for 800 MS Points

Second Update: The game has been delayed by a week, so next Wednesday, April 4.

Update: The game will launch as a four table pack for 800 points.

The Pinball Arcade launches this Wednesday, Major Nelson has announced. It joins Wrecked Revenge Revisited, Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise and South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge in a bustling week for Xbox Live Arcade. FarSight’s take on digital pinball promises not just any old pinball, but pinball of a pedigree (“real pinball”, according to the dev) with tables modelled on those crafted by actual pinball-table-makers.


Alien Spidy spins up a new trailer

Publishers Kalypso Media have released a new video that proves that alien spiders are cuter than your average bathtub beastie. The latest trailer for upcoming physics based platformer Alien Spidy, shows off a visually stunning 2D/3D world for you to swing through. The story will focus on the adventures of Spidy, who has crashed his UFO on Earth whilst trying to rescue his friend Virgi who disappeared during an exploration mission.

The game promises to combine fast paced platforming with challenging puzzles, while you collect parts for your UFO and battle bosses over 3 unique environments and 70 diverse levels. It’s being developed by Madrid based developers Enigma Software and is scheduled to release sometime Summer 2012.


Fez finally passes certification

In what feels like an eternity, the long-awaited two-time IGF winner Fez has finally passed Microsoft certification. This bodes well with hopeful release sometime very shortly. While the rumored on the marketplace for a date of May 2, we still have no word on a release date but it should be anywhere between the next two to three months. Although Microsoft will be promoting Arcade Next in from April 18 to May 9, could it be after the fact? Phil Fish did state he doesn’t want a Summer of Arcade release so possibly within April, May or June. We’ll let you know as our anticipation cannot hold it much longer but knowing it’s passed certification, we can rest easy we’ll get a release very soon.

Source: Polytron


Lucien Fairfax dolls up for Fable Heroes

Fable Hero Dolls

Lionhead Studios have revealed the latest addition to the roster of playable characters for their upcoming hack-and-slash adventure spin-off, Fable Heroes. Lucien Fairfax, former mayor of Bowerstone and the big bad from Fable II, will be joining a line up which so far consists of fan favourites Hammer, Reaver, Garth, Scythe, Gabriel and Hero, with more still to be announced. Each character is represented in game as a cute hero doll and fans of the series will recognise these as the rare collectable items coveted in the retail games.

Fable Heroes was recently revealed to be included in Microsoft’s Arcade Next promotion alongside Trials Evolution, Minecraft and Bloodforge, and will be one of the first XBLA games to feature a 400 point gamerscore. The game will be released May 2 for a reasonable 800 MSP.


Sega Vintage Collections may be coming to XBLA

A compilation title called Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. made a brief appearance on the Xbox marketplace earlier today before vanishing into thin air. Thankfully, the crafty team over at Xbox 360 Achievements were able to spot the details before the delisting occurred. Said to be included in the collection are the titular Alex Kidd along with Super Hang-On and Revenge of Shinobi.

Not content to sit back and monitor how that particular collection performs, Sega is also reportedly already working on bringing a second collection out. Both releases would contain all of the usual re-release staples: leaderboards, achievements, recordable and “challenging” new trial modes. Additionally, Sega purportedly has some sort of recordable and downloadable game session feature in the works.

The first collection will also have a few bullet-point elements that were not mentioned in connection with the followup. All three games that come in the download are said to allow players to choose the original Japanese dialogue if they prefer. Super Hang-On would also supposedly come with a 3D mode and in-game juke boxes. No word was given as to possible pricing or release dates, nor was it mentioned whether or not Revenge of Shinobi will allow players to take revenge on evil 3D Japanese juke boxes.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements


Super T.I.M.E. Force screenshots look like pixelated space madness

Ever since the announcement that Capybara Games won the IGF XBLA prize for Super T.I.M.E. Force, we haven’t seen much beyond the trailer that debuted four months prior. But now we have three brand new screenshots and it still looks like insanity made with a great pixel style. The gameplay does look pretty insane and still begs questions, like are you controlling an army of characters and are able to pick one out of each? Is that all multiplayer going on? Capybara will be showing the game off at PAX East this year and XBLA Fans will have their hands all over it. Catch the other screenshots after the jump.
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