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Jet Set Radio’s tag-heavy new trailer

After the recent announcement of Jet Set Radio finally coming to XBLA, we’re given our very first gameplay trailer. It might look familiar to some of you Dreamcast lovers out there but to refresh you or any new fan’s memory, the game is all about living in Tokyo-to as a rollerblade gang member of the GG. Tagging and creating art through spray painting while making your mark in the city. But a police force is out to stop any gang-related tagging and vandalism so best to avoid or inflict danger. You’ll notice in the trailer, the cleaned-up visuals look smoother and there’ll be up to 18 new tags submitted by fans from an upcoming contest. Be sure to strap your skates on this summer.

Source: Games Radar


Witness a cooperative assault in new split-screen Awesomenauts trailer

Ronimo Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming MOBA title Awesomenauts, which showcases the game’s split-screen cooperative mode. In Awesomenauts, you’ll be able to team up with two friends to take the fight to opposing forces both online over Xbox Live, and offline via local split-screen. This particular trailer shows off the characters Clunk, Froggy G, Leon and Lonestar combining their might. To be taken to each individual character’s spotlight trailer, simply click their name above.

For those unfamiliar, Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that will mark one of the first entries by the genre into the console scene. Made popular by games such as DOTA and League of Legends, MOBA games allow you to select a character with which you’ll fight alongside teammates and NPC allies to make your way into enemy territory and capture objectives. Along the way you’ll level up and gain new abilities by defeating enemies, with each round you play representing a completely new and unpredictable set of of challenges that require you to be able to think, act, and strategize on the fly. Awesomenauts is currently without a release date, but the game is due to release this year.


This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive montage is all about guns

IGN has put together a montage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay footage taken from the on-going beta on PC. The clip focuses on the wide array of weapons in the game, which fans know play an integral role in creating the Counter-Strike experience. The recoil on the AK-47 has to be just right. The deep thud of the Desert Eagle being fired has to make you to “feel” the .50 caliber’s power. Regardless of your history with the franchise, fans and gun nuts alike should get plenty of enjoyment from the video which shows just how satisfying it will be to pull the trigger on Global Offensive‘s weapons. While we must remind you that the footage is taken from the PC version of the game and plenty of development time remains, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently scheduled to make its explosive debut on Xbox Live Arcade this spring.


Dungeon Defenders DLC details emerge from their magic lamp

The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 2 DLC and latest title update for Dungeon Defenders is inching closer to a console release. Although Microsoft has yet to put their stamp on the update and DLC, Sony has given the PSN version the green light. Developer Trendy Entertainment previously submitted the content to MS and Sony for their approval in late February.

Players will be spending time in the desert town of Moraggo whenever the content does end up going live on XBLA. There they will encounter the Djinn, who have the ability to buff other enemies and muster their own fire, lightning and poison attacks. Djinn will fight alongside players for a limited time once they are bested during the new challenge mission.

Source: Trendy Entertainment


Former Lionhead devs set up Another Place Productions

Dene and Simon Carter, who previously worked under the Lionhead Studios banner, have formed a new studio known as Another Place Productions. The duo parted ways with Lionhead last year after having created the Fable franchise while working at the satellite studio they co-founded and eventually sold to Lionhead, Big Blue Box. Joining the two in their new venture is former Fable Art Director John McCormack, as well as Lionhead Technical Director Guillaume Portes and Executive Producer Jeremie Texier.

An Another Place representative stated that the developer plans to “create high-quality, meaningful experiences that will inspire audiences worldwide.” Those experiences will be available on downloadable platforms such as XBLA, PSN, Steam and mobile.

Source: Games Industry Biz


Take a peek at the Hulk table in Pinball FX 2

What was once to be rumored but now looks all but confirmed that we’ll be getting green and incredible soon. During Game Informer‘s April cover reveal, we were treated to a brand new shot from the upcoming Hulk table in Pinball FX 2. It’s got a lot, perhaps a bit weird, green hue to everything mixing with the yellow. No release date confirmed or if it’ll come in a set or on its own, but we’ll keep the ball rolling on any more news as it develops. Shout out to @KnoxSe7eN for the tip!


The Splatters arriving April 11

A new marketplace listing gives The Splatters a release date of April 11, 2012. Unlike other recent listings, it has been confirmed by Niv Fisher of developer SpikySnail that this date is correct. Yay!

The Splatters follows a group of acrobatics whose goal is to kill themselves in the most spectacular way possible. Players will earn points by flinging their blobs off ramps, pulling off spectacular stunts, and ultimately smashing them into obstacles. The great physics engine makes the gameplay fluid and the splatters very messy. Getting a high score may be hard, but the hardest part will be waiting until April 11 to play this awesome game.


Avatar Awards: Week of 2/26

The Splatters and Sonic 4 Episode 2 will be the next games to feature avatar awards. To see more XBLA-based Avatar awards, check out this link. If you want the latest Avatar Award related news as it hits the scene, be sure to follow @AvatarAwards360 on Twitter.

Upcoming games: **Awards are the same for male and female unless specified

The Splatters - The Splatters T-Shirt, Die With Style T-Shirt, Splatter-Head

Sonic 4 Episode 2 - Doctor Eggman Modern Costume Body, Doctor Eggman Modern Costume Legs


Rayman 3 HD shows off its powers

Your favourite limbless hero is coming back on XBLA after his retail stop in Rayman Origins in a brand new HD remake of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. In this new trailer, we’re shown the multitude of powers Rayman will embody throughout the journey. He’ll need it to take on the Hoodlum soldiers with guns out to get him. Some of the powers include throwing mini-tornados, grappling hook hands, and just good old-fashioned missiles. Catch the game on March 21 for 800 MSP.


5th Cell’s Hybrid has an upcoming beta

It seems that more online focused games on XBLA like Gotham City Impostors are getting beta tests in order to test servers, game mechanics and work out bugs. Add another high-profile title to the beta club with 5th Cell’s online shooter Hybrid. You’ll be able to experience the unique controls of this upcoming game with sign-ups for the beta happening sometime after GDC with more details upcoming. Sounds like a public beta which has everyone on staff here excited to play it. If you want to learn more about Hybrid, we have a great interview with CEO Jeremiah Slaczka and if you fall in love with the beta, expect the full release sometime in the summer.

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