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Dragon’s Lair Kinects with XBLA May 18

Dragon's Lair XBLA

It was announced a month ago that Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair would be heading to XBLA, but the game now has an official release date of May 18. The arcade classic has been around since 1983 and has already appeared on over 60 other platforms, however publisher Microsoft Studios may be hoping that the new Kinect controls that are included for the XBLA version, will give the game a fresh new slant. If you think that sounds too energetic, then rest assured gamers can still play the game from the safety of their couch using the regular Xbox 360 controller. Check out the game’s debut trailer here.

Source: PlayXBLA


Trials Evolution receives server-side fix for Track Central

When browsing the Highest Rated categories in Trials Evolution‘s Track Central users would often find sub-par tracks amidst truly great ones, often with great tracks getting bumped from the top of the list. That all changed this morning when RedLynx and Microsoft implemented a server-side update to patch things up.

Previously players could have their track rated five stars, but only with one rating, which we would assume is the creator’s friend or another LIVE account on the same machine. It got rated once (and only once) five stars, and often other users couldn’t even finish the track to downvote it. This morning’s update now sorts highest rated tracks by two criteria: the number of stars it’s received and the number of votes. This means that a single-vote five star track will never again steal the spot of a 1,000 vote five star track.

Source: RedLynx


Learn how to play Awesomenauts with this new trailer

Awesomenauts comes out next week on May 2 and we here at XBLA Fans couldn’t be more stoked. Ronimo Games has posted a new trailer for the game that details what exactly you’ll be doing. Sheriff Lonestar gets the skinny on who to destroy as part of the red team, he must take out the blue turrets from the blue team. But he must also avoid other mercenaries and bots that will come after turrets from the red team. This game is shaping up to be a great 2D MOBA-fest and if you’re wondering what all that hullaballoo with the word MOBA is, we’ve got a great XBLA Primer on the subject and don’t forget to look back at our PAX East preview. Awesomenauts will be out Wednesday, May 2 for 800 MSP.


The Walking Dead won’t rise in Australia/New Zealand

Australian fans of The Walking Dead are in for a bit of a disappointment today. The game based on the series of graphic novels will not be releasing in either Australia or New Zealand. It is unclear if the OFLC rejected the game or if developer Telltale Games saw the writing on the wall and didn’t attempt to release it in that territory at all. The Walking Dead received a Mature rating in America so there is no doubt that it contains some intense zombie related scenarios. There is a long history of Australia refusing to release games featuring “mature content”. XBLA has run afoul of this before with Wolfenstein 3D and others. Ultimately this is a shame for both gamers and the developers of what is looking to be a solid game. Stay tuned for our review very soon.

Source: Ausgamers


Skullgirls hits 50K in sales, update coming

Fighting game darling Skullgirls hit a major sales milestone in only 10 days on the market. Across all platforms the game has sold over 50,000 copies. That is great news because it has given Reverge Labs both the incentive and the resources to update an already stellar package. First on the list is likely adding a much requested in game move list. After that no one knows but character balancing would seem a likely next step. Regardless, we at XBLAFans are pleased to see such a deserving game find success.

Source: Joystiq


Update: Details about the Upcoming Hybrid Beta

[UPDATE]: Beta is now live for download, however, the servers will not go up until 2 PM EST (11 AM PST).


With the much-anticipated Hybrid beta finally on its way, we’ve been searching for some additional info on the beta itself. After following up with 5th Cell, they’ve kindly informed us on what’ll be in the beta. Here’s the breakdown:

  • There will be 3 maps and 3 modes in the beta. In the finished version there are 10 maps and 7 modes.
  • The level cap is 50, but surpassing level 25 is “highly unlikely” within the beta.
  • There are a lot of weapons to unlock, but it’s possible to see them all if you play enough.
  • The territory metagame pitting Paladin versus Variant will be live in the game. Players will be forced to pick a faction and will not be able to change in beta. Players of opposite factions cannot be played with on the same team, even if they’re on your friends list. In the full version there are ways to change your faction, so we’re told.
  • Nothing will be added to the beta after it goes live. It will be two and a half weeks long.
  • Players are heavily encouraged to report bugs and impressions to the Hybrid forums.
  • Also, the beta is US only unfortunately. By changing your account’s region to USA you should be able to circumvent this, however.

So there you have it guys, everything you need to know about the Hybrid beta. Looks like there’s a good portion of the game being shown off here with plenty of time to dive into it. Two and a half weeks puts the end of it squarely in the middle of May, around the 16th. Check out the beta trailer if you’re not sure if you’re interested or know what it is, but suffice to say it’s no typical third person shooter. Last but not least, we have 30 codes to give away tomorrow! We’ll let you know how  when the time comes.

For those of you who want to play with or against us here at XBLA Fans, we’ll be a part of the Variant faction.

As a reminder, we want to reiterate that you CANNOT CHANGE YOUR FACTION once you pick one in the beta. You also CANNOT ALLY WITH FRIENDS/MEMBERS OF THE OTHER FACTION, so if you want to play with your friends make sure they’re the same faction as you. There are unfortunately no private matches in the beta, so take heed of this now.


Choice matters in The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

It’s the zombie apocalypse. Your small band of survivors is under siege and two of your compatriots are in immediate danger. You only have time to save one. Who do you choose? This is the thrust of the new “Choices Matter” trailer for Telltale Games‘ The Walking Dead game, which hits XBLA Friday. The video’s game footage is intercut with commentary by  episode three designer Harrison Pink, who explains some of the role player choice will have in the first episode – and the entire “season” of games – when it releases.

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Dungeon Defenders gets patch, DLC on XBLA

Developer Trendy Entertainment today released the first console patch for Dungeon Defenders alongside the DLC pack Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part II: Moraggo Desert Town on XBLA. The downloadable content comes with three new missions, a boss named “Genie King” and a number of smaller elements. Moraggo Desert Town was originally scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade on April 11 before slipping to today. The PC version became available back in March, with the PSN edition following suit on April 10.

While there are plans to eventually make all four volumes of the Eternia Shards DLC available to console gamers, Trendy is keeping quiet about the details for the time being. That being said, it sounds like gamers won’t have to wait much longer for news on the matter. “No word at the moment about the third Shards DLC for 360,” Trendy tweeted this morning. “We’ll have more details soon.”

The patch has one XBLA-exclusive feature: it fixes the “tavern unlock glitch.” An exhaustive list of everything the console patch does and does not address can be found on Trendy’s forums. As is the norm for patches, a multitude of balancing fixes have been released as part of the download. The hero, mana and level caps are also all raised. Other updates include bandwidth, DLC, scaling and bug fixes.

Sources: Trendy Entertainment 1 and Trendy Entertainment 2


Real Steel update brings new parts, moves to robo-brawler

Real Steel

Released near the end of last year, Yuke’s Real Steel – based on the movie of the same name – offered a chance to practice the sweet science Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots style (read our review if you haven’t already). Among the games features was the ability to customize your own robots with new parts and pieces. Now, an update released April 18 offers new parts with which to assemble robots, as well as new moves, according to a press release from Yule. The update is free. If you’ve yet to play the game, Real Steel is available now on XBLA for 800 MSP.


Hybrid beta starts Friday April 27

Update: According to a post from a dev on the 5th Cell Hybrid forums, the beta will be lasting about two and a half weeks. That means mid-way through May.

As if this Friday wasn’t enough with The Walking Dead coming out, we got a beta also on its way for 5th Cell’s Hybrid. If you signed up on their website for the beta, you should be getting a code in your email. It will go live on Friday at 11 AM PDT and you must have an Xbox Live Gold account to access it with your console’s region set to North America. No details on when it’ll end have been stated but if you got a code, prepare for some aerial combat with its unique control scheme. It’s looking to release this summer for 1200 MSP.

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