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Happy Wars makes Xbox One debut on April 24; Xbox 360 version receives patch


After a false start, Toylogic Inc. has announced Happy Wars is making its way onto Xbox One this Friday, April 24.

Taking advantage of the increased power of the Xbox One are improved textures, lighting and special effects and split-screen play for up to four people on a single television. The current generation port will include all of the twenty-plus updates from the original. Toylogic Inc. is incorporating the sharing of item and rank progression between the Xbox One and 360 versions, however, cross-platform play will not be included.

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AirMech Arena Xbox One release listed as May 11

AirMech Arena release date?

The internet can be a strange place. Sometimes you end up finding things you weren't looking for, like the release date to the Xbox One version of AirMech Arena.

Thanks to the Uplay App on Xbox One, that date looks to be May 11, 2015. There has been no official announcement on the internet and there are equal possibilities that the day may change without notice. However, with a generic Spring 2015 release window for the title, AirMech Arena will be coming soon regardless of this date sticks.

For those that may not know, AirMech Arena is a free to play Real Time Strategy/MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)/twin stick shoot-em-up that pits a team of up to three players against up to three players or CPUS in fast paced action with a goal of taking down the other team's fortress. This game has seen success on the Xbox 360 and is looking to expand this success to the Xbox One.

Uplay has been kind enough to also upload the actions that can be done to earn Uplay points and the rewards that can be purchased with Uplay points. Take a look below to see what those are.

[Editors Note: In the past, listings on the website were often wrong and we have ignored them, however, since the Uplay is from Ubsioft and has previously been accurate, we have decided to post]

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Happy Wars (Xbox One) accidently released early; urgent notice by developers


Some players were lucky enough to get their happy on a little early yesterday. On Thursday, April 9 at 5:00 pm PST/8:00 pm EST, Happy Wars for Xbox One was accidentally released for the general public to download. As a title slated to launch in spring, the timing was typical of a new release, and it became available at the same moment Tower of Guns was put on the marketplace for sale. However, Happy Wars for Xbox One being available for download without advertisement or announcement felt too good to be true, and indeed it was.

After 4-5 hours of being available, the game was pulled from the marketplace for a very good reason.

ToyLogic has shared an important announcement via Facebook that playing Happy Wars on Xbox One will break save data on the Xbox 360 and will make that version unplayable. The studio plans on fixing that issue with the next title update for the Xbox 360 and advises in the meantime that gamers started the One version stay away from playing the 360 version.

XBLA Fans reviewed the Xbox 360 release here, and great things are expected from the Xbox One version. For now, fans will need to wait a little bit longer for a proper release.

Source: Happy Wars Facebook


Details about the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid mode

RE Rev 2 Raid Mode

At midnight PST today, Capcom has released its first details about Raid mode for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2. As a popular mode in the first Resident Evil Revelations, information about Raid mode has been kept quiet until now.

With a little less than a month until the game releases, here are the details released by Capcom.

* There will be 15 playable characters in Raid mode. As of now, the known characters available are Claire, Barry, Moira and a character named Gina that you'll meet in Episode 1. The characters Hunk and Wesker are also available depending on how the game is bought. Hunk and Wesker can also be purchased individually.

* Raid mode will be available only for local co-op on release. Online co-op will be added in after the final episode is released. Capcom states that the development team is currently focusing on making sure "online co-op will function as expected."

More information is available. Continue to find out.

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Rhythm Party disappears from the Xbox Live Marketplace on February 1


Konami Japan has announced that the Xbox Live Arcade title Rhythm Party will be taken off the marketplace on February 1, 2015, but the DLC music packs will continue to be sold for the known time. The removal arrives on the third year of its release on the marketplace.

Rhythm Party, also known as Boom Boom Dance in Japan, is a title that uses the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Speculation: The author of this article expects the title to be removed before February 1, most likely sometime mid-morning EST on January 31. Trends point to After Burner Climax which was pulled earlier than announced and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins which was removed a day early as the most recent examples of announced delistings. Don't take this as a definitive time but rather as a cue to buy the game sooner than the end date if the reader is interested.

Source: Konami JP

(Thanks, @lifelower)


#IDARB coming to Games with Gold on Xbox One in February


#IDARB? It Draws a Red Box. ^

What once was a red box on Twitter has now become a platforming, jump-all-over-the-place, arena-ball esport that'll make the crowds go wild. Crowds? Yes. For the first time, people can actively participate or interfere with games in progress by Twitch or Twitter. By using different hashtags, different effects may occur to really liven the game up: reversed controls, water floods, fireworks and even an internet meme that will never give up. Games played live may never be the same.

The best part? #IDARB is participating in Microsoft's Games with Gold program in February, developer Other Ocean Interactive announced today. Microsoft members with an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to attain #IDARB for free when downloaded while the game is in the program.

Can't wait until February? Well, you're in luck.

Other Ocean has started giving out full game codes two months early to some of its most vocal fans. If you want your chance to play the game early, visit Other Ocean's Twitter page here, Twitch page here and website here to declare your desire to play the game.

Mike Mika, Head of Development for Other Ocean Interactive had this to say about giving away the game early: “It might sound kind of strange to give the game away for free two months before it officially comes out, but that’s in line with how #IDARB was built from day one.”

What is this game, and how does it play? Check out the trailers inside to see festivities in action.

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ID@Xbox Games Announced at GDC

GDC 2014

Today at GDC 2014, Microsoft announced 25 games to be released as part of the ID@Xbox program. Major Nelson provides some further details in a blog post.

Xbox Wire released a brief rundown of the games that has been re-posted below:

  • “1001 Spikes” by Nicalis – This hardcore side-scroller features precise controls and a degree of difficulty that means starting with 1001 lives is not at all a guarantee you can make it through the game! Every level is custom designed to be beaten… barely. The game also includes co-op and cutthroat multiplayer modes.
  • “Calibre 10 Racing Series” by Bongfish GmbH – “Calibre 10 Racing Series” is a spiritual successor to “Harms Way.” The game is entirely multiplayer in a new experience that combines action-packed racing with fast-paced first person shooting.
  • “CastleStorm” by Zen Studios – It’s Knights vs. Vikings in “CastleStorm,” a super genre mash-up of 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler! “CastleStorm” features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, online multiplayer, co-op modes, and more.
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Chief Product Officer of Xbox Marc Whitten leaves Microsoft

Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live, speaks about the technology behind Microsoft's Xbox One during a press event in Redmond

Microsoft announced today the impending departure of Chief Product Officer and Corporate Vice President of Xbox Marc Whitten. Marc has been with Microsoft since 2000, and has been on the team through all three Xbox console generations. You may know him from his appearances on the stage at E3, the frequent newsbits he dropped, or more recently from his Xbox Wire post about the most recent system update, which introduced a slew of new social features to the Xbox One. Marc will be moving on to become the Chief Product Office at Sonos, a company best known for its wireless audio tech.

But hey, it's not all sad news. According to the release, "You can continue to play with Marc on Xbox Live under the gamertag notwen."

Congrats, Marc, and good luck.


Xbox Live player first to hit 1 million Gamerscore

Achievement Unlocked

Well, it finally happened: someone has broken the 1,000,000 Gamerscore mark. Major Nelson offered warm congratulations to the dedicated gamer, Stallion83, through a tweet. Breaking 1 million is an impressive achievement (no pun intended) to be sure, but not wholly unexpected; with approximately 48 million Xbox Live accounts and a service running for almost 12 years, someone was bound to cross the 1 million Gamerscore threshold. Seems fitting, though, that it would happen in Titanfall.

Source: Major Nelson's Twitter


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate leaps from handheld to XBLA in April


Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate, the handheld companion game to Batman: Arkham Origins will soon make the jump to the Xbox 360. Subtitled Deluxe Edition, the new Metroid-esque, 2.5D brawler will retain the gameplay of it's less deluxe parent, but will improve on visuals and adds Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Console players can also unlock a Zero Year Batman suit by signing into (or registering for) their Warner Bros ID account. The Armature studio title feature motion comic-styled cutscenes and a fully voiced narrative. The game arrives April 1, 2014 and will retail for USD 19.99. No word yet on whether any cross-unlocks will occur between the original Origins and Blackgate. Hit the jump for a trailer, additional screenshots, and the press release.

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