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Goat Simulator out tomorrow on Xbox


Tomorrow, April 17, Goat Simulator will launch via the ID@Xbox program on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the price of $9.99. The game has been updated from the original that released last year on PC. The game now allows for local co-op, two players on Xbox 360 and four players on Xbox One. According to the developers, Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven, the frequent crashes that PC players experienced have been remedied for the Xbox editions.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Goat Simulator is an open-world game where the main goal is create mayhem and have fun albeit while playing as a goat. The game is meant to have glitches and bugs galore so don't be surprised to encounter plenty since they only add to the hilarity. We will have a review of Goat Simulator up on the site in the coming week for those looking for a more through look.



Xbox 360 getting 2 TB external HDD support

Xbox 360 Arcade Console

The next month of the Xbox 360 preview program will be adding support for external hard drives, up to two TB in size. This feature was actually implemented due to it being one of the top voted requests on the Xbox Feedback website. Storage space is also receiving a different upgrade via the removal of an old process, reserved hard drive space. Now, the Xbox 360 will only use what space is necessary and the rest is free for any other usage. The update will be coming to non-preview members at some point later this year, but no exact date was given.

Source: Major Nelson


Kalimba getting DLC and free content


Kalimba, the fun yet potentially brain-injuring puzzle platformer from Press Play, will be receiving both free and paid content next week. A free update will add two brand new multiplayer modes. Llama mode is a competitive speed run mode where up to six players take turns trying to get the fastest time. Puma mode lets players compete asynchronously as you race against ghosts of friends and AI to compete for leaderboard dominance across 30 specially designed levels. The update will be available April 22.

The new update will be accompanied by two new DLC packs. The Dark Void pack will feature 10 new levels and a brand new game mechanic, while the Co-Optimistic pack will include 10 cooperative levels. The content will be available for free to anyone who owns the game until May 6. Afterwards, the packs can be bought separately for $3.99, or together for $5.99.

Kalimba and its new content will also be making its way to PC very soon. It will be available through Steam for $9.99, and the DLC will follow the same pricing model as its console counterpart. The PC version will launch April 22, the same day the new content launches on Xbox One.


Microsoft considered giving the original Xbox away for free

The Original Xbox

The original Xbox cost $299.99 when it went on sale in the United States in 2001. However, reports that if some at Microsoft had had their way, the console would have been significantly cheaper — as in $299.99 cheaper.

Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning recently told that during the early days of the Xbox's development, some Microsoft employees suggested that the company give its inaugural games console away for free. "At the time, [Microsoft] thought that the core market was going to be casual," he said. "They were going to be the casual gamers' machine. Now, that's why they approached us because they said, 'We think you've got something that competes in that Mario space, and we think Mario's the thing to kill… We see that space. We want that audience. We love Oddworld, so why don't you get on this bandwagon? And we might give the box away.'"

His story was corroborated by Seamus Blackley, the console's co-creator. "In the early days of Xbox, especially before we had figured out how to get greenlit for the project as a pure game console, everybody and their brother who saw the new project starting tried to come in and say it should be free, say it should be forced to run Windows after some period of time," said Blackley.

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The UK receives a Xbox One price cut

Xbox One
The Xbox One now costs £299.99 in the UK and it seems that this price cut is here to stay. Last September when the console had a price drop it called the price change a "retailer promotion", which is it what this deal is also being called, and that change had stuck around. This price cut is currently only limited to the UK and there is no word on it spreading elsewhere in the world. This is now the Xbox One's fourth price cut since the console released in November of 2013.

Source: Eurogamer


Ori and the Blind Forest profitable in a week


Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler took to NeoGaf this week to talk about the current state of Ori and the Blind Forest. He revealed that the critical darling has also become a commercial success, becoming profitable within its first week. All the extra money will be going to the studio to fund future projects, so the best way to support the studio would be to buy the game and recommend it to friends. For now the studio is working on a patch for the game, as well as hiring new talent and prototyping new projects.

In another post Mahler goes on to discuss the possible future for Ori and his desire to continue working on the IP with Microsoft. He said that he has an idea where the story could go, stating that "there was actually quite a lot of lore we created that didn't really make it into Blind Forest". It's entirely possible the next entry in the series won't even be a game, as he thinks the story would translate well into a movie.

Source: NeoGaf via


XBLA Fans' 12-hour hunt for achievements stream this Saturday


We posted about this briefly in our Twitch schedule; however, I wanted to update everyone on tomorrow’s stream. We will be hunting down as many Achievements as possible from likely near a dozen different games. Nothing is pre-prepared, so we aren't going for any kind of world record here. It should be a fun stream highlighting a lot of awesome titles, many of which have very easy Gamerscore.

We also had a bunch of awesome developers send us a ton of giveaway codes for the stream, which we will be giving away throughout the full 12-hour marathon. Just to highlight some of those games which you will for sure see during the stream as well as in giveaways: Roundabout, LA Cops, The Escapists, Dive Kick, and Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers. We also have another half a dozen games we will be running through.

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Happy Wars (Xbox One) accidently released early; urgent notice by developers


Some players were lucky enough to get their happy on a little early yesterday. On Thursday, April 9 at 5:00 pm PST/8:00 pm EST, Happy Wars for Xbox One was accidentally released for the general public to download. As a title slated to launch in spring, the timing was typical of a new release, and it became available at the same moment Tower of Guns was put on the marketplace for sale. However, Happy Wars for Xbox One being available for download without advertisement or announcement felt too good to be true, and indeed it was.

After 4-5 hours of being available, the game was pulled from the marketplace for a very good reason.

ToyLogic has shared an important announcement via Facebook that playing Happy Wars on Xbox One will break save data on the Xbox 360 and will make that version unplayable. The studio plans on fixing that issue with the next title update for the Xbox 360 and advises in the meantime that gamers started the One version stay away from playing the 360 version.

XBLA Fans reviewed the Xbox 360 release here, and great things are expected from the Xbox One version. For now, fans will need to wait a little bit longer for a proper release.

Source: Happy Wars Facebook


Assassin's Creed Chronicles to spawn multiple games

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, the 2.5D action game coming out later this month, will not be the only entry in the Chronicles series. Ubisoft recently announced two future titles that will take place in India and Russia; these games will feature new protagonists and distinctive settings. Stylistically, the games will stand on their own. The setting in China, for example, is heavily influenced by 16th century China melded with a more modern ink aesthetic, creating what Art Director Glenn Brace calls a "romantic, impressionist vibe." He goes on to discuss the importance of rich, bright colors in India and how Russia, which takes place in the 20th century, makes use of the advent of "photography, graphics, poster art, [and] constructivism."

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Xbox One April update out now

xbox one controller

The April system update rolled earlier this week, adding even more features to the Xbox One. Party chat has been improved to make resolving common problems easier. The new troubleshooting guidance will tell users if their privacy settings or network issues are blocking communication.

Game hubs are also receiving some more attention. Hubs will be more visible in the activity feed, showing up whenever a friend follows a new game. Links to a hub can now be reached from the game's achievement page. Speaking of achievements, achievement descriptions will now be a part of the unlock notification. If you still feel the need to open the app, performance updates have allowed it to load faster from notification.

Finally, What's On is now available in the US, UK and Canada. If your Xbox One has been configured for OneGuide, the What's On area will provide links to popular and trending games, movies, TV shows, and game broadcasts. A couple changes from the preview program, voice messaging and dedicated party chat servers, will remain in preview until they have been fine-tuned.

Source: Xbox Wire

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