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Slender: The Arrival releasing on Xbox One in March


Blue Isle Studios has announced that their first game, Slender: The Arrival, will be releasing on Xbox One on March 25 via the ID@Xbox program. The game will be coming to Xbox One with brand new story elements implemented, as well as extended levels throughout the entire game. Our review of the original game can be read here and while our final score wasn’t overwhelmingly positive it is still nice to see that the game is making the transition to the next generation of consoles with some added features for players.

A new trailer has been released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game and it can be seen below the break.

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Take a look at a behind the scenes video of Shiftlings

shiftlings screenshot

Greetings earthlings.

In continuation of XBLA Fans’ previous story here, Sierra has released a video featuring behind the scenes footage detailing the creation process of Shiftlings.

So how will the lovable wacky alien janitors’ survive this adventure? The world will find out on March 4. The game is available to preorder here for $14.99.

The behind the scenes video will be available below the jump.

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Neverwinter coming to Xbox One next month


It has been revealed that the Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter will be making its Xbox One debut on March 31. At launch the game will include all base content, all current playable classes and the Tyranny of Dragons expansion. It will also have new features just for the console, including friends list integration and optimized controls. Neverwinter will be free-to-play, so it will be available to all Xbox Live Gold members upon release.

Source: Arc Games


Upload Studio updated for Xbox One

Xbox Upload Halo

Microsoft has released a significant update to the Upload Studio for Xbox One. Users now have more control and flexibility with editing their video files. Game videos can now be a maximum of 30 minutes, composed of fifteen separate components. Also new to this update are several cosmetic enhancements: “new transitions, splash screens, templates, intros, double-box and green screen effects,” according to the video guide released by Major Nelson

These interface and graphical augmentations provide increased dexterity for video creation. Clips can easily be placed in any order, moved and deleted, with transitions and other effects just as seamlessly applied. In the video released to highlight this update, Major Nelson shows off the new features and how these improvements will make Upload Studio better for all users. Take a look after the jump.

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Xbox One March system update preview


The details for the March Xbox One system update were recently released and should add some interesting functionality to the console. The video below details everything in the update. The key points are the addition of screenshots, an update to the Upload app to handle the new content, suggested friends, tile transparency and the ability to report spam. It’s worth noting that Xbox Dashboard preview members are able to use these functions as of now. We look forward to seeing your screenshots!

Source: Major Nelson


Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack available now for Minecraft

Star Wars Rebels - Minecraft

Take your world of Minecraft to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Rebel Skin Pack available now for both Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

Packed full of 23 new character skins including, Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and Chopper, this skin pack can be yours for $2.99.

Star Wars Rebels is an animated television series that airs on Disney XD. The show is set five years before Star Wars Episode IV, and it follows the story of the Rebellion’s beginnings as well as tells some of the origin stories of the groups that will later form the Rebel Alliance.

Click below for the full list of characters.

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Sources: retail Xbox Ones will gain ability to become dev kits this year

Retail Xbox Ones to Become Dev Kits

One of Microsoft’s earliest-announced Xbox One features might finally be added to the console later this year. Citing nebulous “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans,” The Verge reports that Microsoft will reveal at its April Build developer conference details about its plan to allow developers to turn retail Xbox Ones into studio developer kits (SDKs).

In another developer-friendly (and customer-friendly) move, Microsoft will allow developers to bring cross-platform applications to the Xbox One beginning this summer, the sources claim. Currently restricted to a small group of developers, Xbox app creation would be open to everyone at that time. App developers would also gain the ability to run beta tests before launching.

Existing apps would reportedly continue to run until November, but Microsoft would then begin requiring all apps to be built using the new app SDK. The report also states that Windows 10 will support these apps and bring their approval and store policies more in line with those of the current Windows Store.

If the report is to be believed, then Microsoft will make an SDK preview program and the retail-to-dev-kit switch available in May. The latter is an Xbox One feature that Microsoft first promised all the way back in July of 2013. Last September, however, the console holder said it was reneging on that promise, but it then issued a correction stating that talk of the retail SDK plan’s demise was untrue.

Source: The Verge

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Pinball FX2 new tables coming and Xbox 360 update available now


Coming to Pinball FX2 on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One next week is the Iron & Steel Pack. This pack will include two new tables: CastleStorm, based on another popular Zen Studios game, and Wild West Rampage, a completely original table with a (obviously) western theme. Also, in preparation for the release on Xbox 360, Zen Studios has released a massive title update that just might convince current Xbox One players to dust off their 360s for a revisit to a classic game.

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World of Tanks rolling onto Xbox One


World of Tanks has been waging war on Xbox 360 for about a year now, and the war will only grow bigger as the battle moves to Xbox One. Wargaming announced that their free-to-play MMO will be making the generational leap sometime this year. The battle server will be shared between both the 360 and the One, allowing for cross-platform play. Xbox 360 players who move to the Xbox One will be able to carry over all of their accounts and progress. If you want to see what World of Tanks looks like with some current-gen polish, check out the announcement trailer after the jump.

Source: IGN

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Terraria: Otherworld announced

Terraria Other World Logo Small

Developer Re-Logic is teaming up with Engine Software to build an all-new Terraria game. While not the long-awaited Terraria 2Terraria: Otherworld is promising to bring a fresh take on the popular sandbox game. It will take the series in a new direction, introducing a new world and new gameplay elements.

Otherworld takes place in an alternate dimension, where a once-pristine world has been taken over by an unseen evil force who corrupted nature itself. You play as a member of a band of survivors fighting to restore the world to its former glory. Throughout the struggle you’ll harness the powers of weapons, magic, defenses and the environment itself. The game will play differently from the original Terraria, combining the open sandbox with role-playing and strategy elements. A short teaser of pre-alpha gameplay has been released, which you can check out after the jump.

As of now, the game is only in development for PC and Mac. An Xbox One version is being considered, but no final decision has been made. The original Terraria released on Xbox 360 in 2013, becoming one of the more popular games on XBLA. The game was brought to Xbox One last November.

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