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The Walking Dead episode 1 story trailer

Telltale Game’s episodic series The Walking Dead, based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, will soon launch on XBLA. The newest trailer puts story at the forefront, showing players what to expect in the first episode, A New Day. Lee Everett has been convicted for murder, but is given a shot at freedom in a world of the undead. He will meet a cast of survivors, both familiar and new, while being faced with intense situations where the outcome will change the course of the story. There’s no release date yet, but expect to play The Walking Dead very soon for 400MSP per episode.


Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC launches tomorrow

Patiently we’ve awaited word of downloadable content for tower-defence hit Toy Soldiers: Cold War and, as the adage about the busses dictates, Signal have today announced not one but two expansion packs both primed to launch on XBLA tomorrow (Wednesday 25). Both the Evil Empire and Napalm packs boast 3-level mini-campaigns, a new survival level, versus level and minigame as well as a slew of achievements, decorations, bosses and new toys. About time.

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New video shows concept art for the upcoming Trine 2 DLC

Trine 2 is an action, adventure, puzzler, mixed up with breath taking backdrops and three well developed characters. Each of the puzzles you encounter are designed to be solved using the special abilities of every character. This is handled by allowing you to switch through all three characters at the press of a button in single player or play in co-op allowing each one to be controlled by another live person, which has it’s ups and downs as we said back in December. That has not stopped the game from creating an almost cult like fan base, and Frozenbyte Games has definitely taken notice to this.

Since February we have been teased with news of DLC coming our way this summer for Trine 2. Making sure to keep fans enthralled Frozenbyte Games, have made sure to slowly release information through interviews and video about the upcoming expansion. In this new making of video we get a glimpse at some of the concept art, from Juhani Jokinen, in several stages of development. We also get a brief description as to what role concept art plays and why it’s so important.


Inside Xbox gives us a look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The latest edition of Inside Xbox gives us a sneak peak at Valve’s addictive and uber-competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The video (which can be viewed above) shows off over three minutes of gameplay footage, while Valve’s very own Chet Faliszek talks about what’s new in Global Offensive and what makes it different from the rest of today’s shooter market. Among the topics discussed are the game’s new Demolition Mod, its skilled based matchmaking system which promises to open the game up to newcomers like never before.

The original version of Counter-Strike launched in the year 2000, instantly pulling in millions of players with its fast, frantic skill based gameplay and high levels of competition. The game has received continuous support from Valve since its launch with frequent updates still being released twelve years later. Global Offensive is the latest version of the game, and represents the first time that the Counter-Strike franchise has been brought to consoles since the takeoff of online gaming services like Xbox Live. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently slated to bring a new level of competitiveness to XBLA this summer.


Visit the dark side in new Bloodforge developer diary

Climax Studios have produced a developer diary video for their upcoming hack n slasher Bloodforge. The game is set to release next Wednesday and is the latest game in Microsoft’s Arcade Next promotion featuring the new 400 point gamerscore standard. In the video, the developers talk a bit about the design of main character Crom and how the eye-catching art style was influenced from graphic novels and movies such as 300. Bloodforge will set you back 1200 MSP when it releases April 25. Our News Editor Perry Jackson was lucky enough to get an early review copy so check back soon to see what he thought.


The Banner Saga hits Kickstarter target for XBLA port

The latest indie game to go down the Kickstarter route, The Banner Saga has now raised enough money to allow them to develop ports for XBLA and PSN. The game is described as a role playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings. The beautifully hand-drawn game is being developed by Austin based company Stoic which was founded by ex Bioware staff Alex Thomas, Arnie Jorgensen and John Watson. The team initially wanted $100,000 to get the game off the ground and complete a PC version but the project surpassed $700,000 allowing them to develop for other platforms and include multiplayer functionality. Of course they will still need to find a publisher to allow them to sell through Xbox Marketplace but The Banner Saga is certainly one to watch for.

Source: Kickstarter via Joystiq


Digital Reality shows us how to be a bang up racer

Bang Bang Racing is a tight-grouped racing game. You’ll need every edge to slip yourself out of the pack and into the lead. For just that reason Digital Reality has release another trailer giving players a handful of protips that’ll help them get into the winner’s circle.


Last-minute hype for Trials Evolution

As a salvo of flattering reviews surface across the web, Ubisoft has let loose one final trailer for the hotly-anticipated Trials Evolution (out tomorrow). At this stage pretty much everything that needs to be said about Evo has been said so we’ll let the trailer do all the last-minute talking. (Don’t be hoodwinked by the cruel “Download the game Now!” tag though, Evolution isn’t available until tomorrow.)



Meet The Warrior in new Realms of Ancient War trailer

Focus Interactive, the publishers behind dungeon crawler Realms of Ancient War or just R.A.W. if you’re feeling particularly brutal, have released a new trailer showcasing the Warrior. The Warrior is the first of 3 playable characters in the game which also includes a Wizard and Rogue, and is described as:

Courageous, hot-headed and expert in close combat, the Warrior thrives at the very heart of the battle. Swinging his dual blades with power and speed, his powerful melee attacks are devastating, sometimes allowing him to strike down dozens of enemies at once! And when his health goes bad, bloody rage embraces him and make him even more powerful, more resilient, enabling him to cause even more damage…

Realms of Ancient War is being developed by Wizarbox and said to include drop in, drop out co-op. No details on pricing just yet but it’s expected to release on XBLA Q2 this year.


Trials Evolution’s “homage to Limbo”

It’s but a day until Trials Evolution screams onto Xbox Live Arcade and amid ardent anticipation, Gamespot has snagged fresh footage of the Limbo-inspired track crafted in the game’s beefy track editor. Level designer Lee Rowland remarks on the track’s inception, how Playdead feel about it and the use of sound in his “homage to Limbo“. If nothing else, the two and a half minute clip demonstrates the raw capability of Evolution’s track editor as well as Rowland’s keen eye for the finer details; the spider cameo and falling of the ‘O’ in ‘HOTEL’ two particularly endearing sights.

Trials Evolution launches tomorrow (April 18) for 1200MSP.

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