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Dungeon Fighter LIVE out July 13

Obnoxiously titled hack-and-slash game Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre launches on Xbox Live Arcade July 13. We thought as much.

Dungeon Fighter LIVE (presumably you have to shout this part) boasts four-player online/offline co-op, dungeons aplenty, items to trade with your fellow adventurers and more monsters than you can swing a six-foot sword at. We reported that Dungeon Fighter LIVE would cost a modest 800MSP back at the start of the month, although this hasn't been confirmed alongside the announcement.

Here's a noisy trailer that debuted at E3:

Source: playXBLA


Pid does the opposition tango

The world of Pid is full of hostiles, yet the hero has no combat moves. As the trailer demonstrates through interpretive dance, it's up to the player to outsmart enemies using their platforming skills. Baddies can be moved or destroyed by your light elevators. The environment can also play a role in dispatching your foes, but some have to be kept intact for puzzles in order to progress. Check out our E3 preview to find out more about the adventures of a lost boy on a mysterious planet, and expect to dance the Opposition Tango sometime this August.


Spelunky release date trailer shows the wonders of random levels

As you may have already heard, the much-anticipated Spelunky will be released July 4 for 1200MSP. If that news was not enough, developer Mossmouth has released a new trailer announcing the official release date as well. Sure, it has a gameplay montage of both the single and multiplayer modes, but the real reason to watch is the tongue-in-cheek live action segment which brings the game's randomization feature to life. Thankfully the release date will not be randomized, so be sure to check out the Spelunky next Wednesday.


Second Deadlight developer diary talks the making of the story

Tequila Works wanted to create a realistic apocalypse story for their upcoming zombie puzzle-platformer Deadlight. In their second developer diary, the developers discuss how their story was created, from interpreting a concept to hiring a writer, and tell how they shaped the story for the game. They wanted a natural story of a man living in a zombie apocalypse who was not some sort of experienced hero. Protagonist Randall Wayne's story is that of internal and external exploration, with the narrative delivered through his diary entries. The story will be present throughout the game, but will be intertwined with the gameplay to prevent it from being a hindrance. The progression of the story is cool, but to find out about their creation of the setting watch their first developer diary. Deadlight will be available August 1 for 1200MSP as part of 2012's Summer of Arcade promotion.


Watch video from a cancelled XBLA game Heist from Trapdoor

Trapdoor Inc. has published and developed two games this year with the House Party title Warp and the immensely popular Fez. They haven't formally announced what they'll be doing next but they were working on a follow-up called Heist which you can see a proof of concept video above.

It looks like what Mark of the Ninja is doing with 2D stealth, but in the visual style of Warp with the goofiness of 'Splosion Man. It's a bummer that this eventually became cancelled but this looks like it could have been an amazing title for XBLA. But don't be too bummed, Trapdoor Inc. are currently working on a brand new unannounced title so let's hope some of these concepts see into their next game. Thanks to MRX93 for taking the time off the busy Facebook page to shoot us a cool link.


Sunday Night Streaming: Win Pinball FX2: The Avengers Chronicles


So our amazing friends at Zen Studios have given us permission to stream one of the new tables this Sunday night. We are incredibly excited to be able to show you the Infinity Gauntlet in action this Sunday at 10 PM EST on our Twitch.TV Channel. We will also be giving away two copies of the game during the stream, so you can get in on the action well before the Wednesday Launch.

The Avengers Chronicles contains four new Marvel tables for Pinball FX 2: The Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself and World War Hulk. Our review can’t go up till Tuesday, but we can give you a sneak peak at the Infinity Gauntlet, which features Thanos — the villain teased in the recent Marvel's The Avengers Movie –, the Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock as they battle over six gems of power. There are well over 139 lines of dialog contained within the table, and it’s one of the most unique tables Zen has ever made and will definitely be worth checking out tomorrow. We hope we can do it justice; if only I was a true pinball wizard!

The Avengers Chronicles will release on Wednesday, June 20th for 800 points.

When: Sunday June 17th from 10PM-10:30PM

Where: XBLA Fans on Twitch.TV

What: Streaming the Infinity Gauntlet and giving away two copies of the Avengers Chronicles 4 pack of tables.



New Babel Rising crossover track available for Trials Evolution

Babel Rising launched on XBLA yesterday and while we weren't too impressed, the game's publisher, Ubisoft, have teamed up with Redlynx to create a new Trials Evolution track based on the game. Babel Evolution or Rising Trials anyone? The new track is available to download via Track Central and certainly looks a lot more fun than the game that inspired it. Babel Rising is available to download now for 800 MSP and Trials Evolution will set you back 1200 MSP. You can check out our reviews for both games here and here.


E3 Hands-on: Storming the stylish battlefields of Happy Wars

There are a myriad of reasons — some massive, others minuscule — for wars throughout history. Wars ranging from the disagreement you had with your mother to World War II to the intergalactic alien space combat we're likely to experience in the near future. No wars have been particularly fun until video games came along, removing the consequences and the guilt of war. Yet still wars are brutal, sad, scary sort of affairs, no matter what your role is in them — and then there's Happy Wars.

Happy Wars' pseudo cell-shaded art style (mixed with a bit of watercolor, perhaps) hearkens back to the days of Cel Damage and Jet Set Radio. The zany visuals and overall lighthearted presentation prove war isn't always depressing and vile. White is pit against black in this 15 vs. 15 multiplayer action game in an effort to capture towers and destroy the enemy team's castle. Players can pick from a warrior, mage or cleric class and acquire new skills as they level up and attempt to out-maneuver the enemy team.

Our demo was cut into thirds, with a tutorial and gameplay rundown to start, an explanation of the deeper features of the game following that, and lastly a match played to completion on the game's desert themed level. Read the rest of this entry »


Walter's debut trailer makes a gorgeous splash

Beyond a couple screenshots, we haven't seen much in motion for Blossom Mind's Walter but that all changes today. They released their first trailer which starts out with epic music and a bag with eyes moving around. Okay, so that's the live action part that's hilarious but the gameplay? Looks absolutely stunning.

The way Walter moves is fluid with each little water droplet follows behind as you move forward with motion. You'll also notice how Walter can change into different elements like a solid ice cube to a gas cloud and back to his liquid self. If you want to learn more about Walter, we did an interview with the team at Blossom Minds and you'll have to wait a bit for this game, the release date so far is 2013. That'll be a bit of a bummer but it'll be worth the wait for this promising new hero.


Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles coming June 20

Zen Studios has announced that the Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles DLC for Pinball FX2 will released on June 20 on Xbox Live Arcade. As should be evident from the new trailer released alongside the announcement, Thanos and the Silver Surfer take center stage on the new table.

The developer is hoping to piggyback off of Thanos' tease appearance in The Avengers movie by featuring the villain and The Infinity Gauntlet prominently in the content, which will go for 800 MSP. Having played the DLC at E3, XBLA Fans can confirm that it's pretty much as awesome as it looks.

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