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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD E3 gameplay

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD has recently been announced to be one of this year’s Summer of Arcade games, and is currently playable on the E3 showfloor. Footage has emerged of the show’s demo, and even though it’s a cam we can see how true the game sticks to its gameplay roots. These short videos show some neat tricks, long grinds, big air, and a poor player who messes up simple jumps and balancing acts. Look forward to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD when it releases this summer, possibly July 11.

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Avatar Motocross Madness gameplay shows big air and tricks galore

Avatar Motocross Madness might have only been announced a couple days ago but we’ve only seen some screenshots. Now, courtesy of IGN, we have some of the very first playable footage of the game in action. If you’ve ever played any of the original Motocross Madness, the game is a standard Motocross game but with more of an emphasis on realism and wrecks. Obviously, using your Avatar isn’t the most realistic thing but it’s definitely more fun which seems to be the aim for this version. It’s showing right now at the Microsoft booth at E3 this year and you better believe XBLA Fans is there checking out all the action.


Happy Wars displays cuteness with gameplay and customization

Happy Wars, the upcoming 15-vs-15 hack-n-slash from Japanese developer Toylogic, is showing just how fun war can be in these two new trailers. The above trailer gives the run-down of a typical online match. All 30 players begin the match by spawning in their team’s castle, and once the war begins you have to advance the enemy line by building towers. Towers act as a spawn point once built, but can be destroyed by the opposing team. Dying means having to select one of the three classes and choosing from the avialable spawn points. Battle the other team but be on the look-out for deadly gimmicks, some of which are player-controlled. Once your team reaches the enemy castle, fight your way inside and destroy the big tower in the center. At this point, your team wins! If you’re looking for something more team oriented, there is also a co-op mode where your team defends a castle from swarms of AI. Each map will feature themed swarms, from zombies to sentient tomatoes.

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The Summer of Arcade is in this guy’s briefcase…for some reason

Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade lineup was revealed earlier today as part of the console holder’s many Electronic Entertainment Expo announcements. Apparently just announcing the games wasn’t enough to get the point across, though, so now Microsoft has thrown together clips of all five SoA releases interspersed with footage of a dude with a briefcase running from dudes with guns.

The video does contain an actual tidbit of news that XBLA gamers will surely appreciate: anyone who purchases at least three of the five SoA games will be reimbursed 400 Microsoft Points. Many briefcase-carrying dudes died to bring you this deal.


Microsoft announces Xbox Music at E3 media breifing

Microsoft, as part of its pre-E3 2012 media briefing, today announced Xbox Music, Zune’s replacement. More than 30 million songs are promised to be included with the service that will work across Xbox 360, Windows Phone and all Windows 8-enabled hardware.

Originally rumored in February and then again in early May, the supposedly Spotify-like Xbox Music was previously said to be codenamed Woodstock. Prior to its official unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo today, the service was said to come packed with Facebook integration and a “scan and match” feature that would permit Xbox Music users to tap into their preexisting music library. It was also said that current Zune subscribers would be allowed to maintain their subscription model, if they desire to do so, when the service goes live.

Supposed insider sources originally pointed to a holiday 2012 launch, but Microsoft avoided delving into date talk during its press conference this morning.


E3: Signal Studios announces Ascend: New Gods

Ascend: New Gods, Signal Studios’ (Toy Soldiers) latest game, was revealed today with the above trailer that aired during Microsoft’s pre-E3 2012 media briefing. The cinematic trailer is full of blood and gore — the main character does a lot of stabbing and then flies through the air towards a Titan in a scene that channels God of War 3. Speaking of the main character, he is a member of Caos, “a gigantic race of mighty warriors.” The player-character’s appearance, weapons and armor will all be upgradeable.

Signal says that an ancient prophecy has predicted that the Titans’ reign will come to an end and whichever of the Three Gods is triumphant over them shall rule over mortals in their place. The player must choose one of the (the chaotic goddess of darkness, the zealous god of light or the manipulative lord of the void) to serve as a champion for in this war being waged to bring about the end of the Titans’ rule.

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Twisted Pixel announces Lococycle for 2013

Update: More details came from a press release shortly after the press conference. It’s attached after the jump

Announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Twisted Pixel have a new game up their sleeves. It’s an XBLA game entitled Lococycle and that’s all we really know beyond that and a 2013 release. Looks to us like it’s a racing game with crazy cycles of sorts. Whatever it is, Twisted Pixel knows how to make games, so this will be something to look forward to in the next year. Catch the teaser after the break and look out for more XBLA info at E3 from XBLA Fans as we cover one of the biggest events in gaming.
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New Hybrid gameplay trailer

The beta for 5th Cell’s cover-based multiplayer shooter Hybrid has come and gone, which can only mean the game is that much closer to a full release. To find out everything that can be expected in the game, look no farther than the newest trailer. Between burst of exhilarating gameplay we’re told there will be ten maps, six game modes, gameplay presented running at 60 FPS, and some fancy armor customizations. The beta left good impressions on our staff, so Hybrid‘s full release should be something to look forward to this summer.


Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds media teases 2013 release

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, the XBLA 2D side-scroller outed the other day by Famitsu, will release exclusively on XBLA in 2013, the above debut trailer reveals. This first trailer is obviously meant for Japan, with an HD version said to be coming at some point during E3 next week. It’s unknown whether or not the high-def cut will be redone for the English-speaking world or not.

Either way, eager gamers can peruse the gallery down below there full of in-game screens and character art emphasizing the new 8-bit-inspired art style. The visuals are a stark departure from the original title’s looks. Conversely, the game’s controls are said to be almost an exact match of those found in the fighting game that preceded it, allowing vets to easily jump right into the fray. Speaking of jumping in, the only characters playable from the start of the adventure will be Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki and Yuzuha. The remainder of the cast will presumably be unlocked as players progress through levels.

Pricing has not yet been decided upon for the spin-off of the 2009 fighting game known simply as Phantom Breaker. A few solid gameplay details have now shaken lose thanks to Famitsu, though. In addition the main game featuring 4-player co-op, there will also be a “Battle Royale” mode that pits players against each other in different scenarios, such as one player taking on three others by his lonesome.

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Retro City Rampage will include Virtual Meat Boy mini-game

We’ve known there were going to be some special XBLA character cameos in the upcoming 8-bit 80’s homage Retro City Rampage, and we couldn’t wait to see our favorite characters in lower resolutions. One such cameo will be platforming legend Super Meat Boy, but he’s ditching his roots to parody classic racing games. The Virtual Meat Boy game has Meat Boy retaining all of his agility, but put to use in a 3D world full of spikes and bandages. Viewing options will add another dimension to the gameplay, allowing the game to be played in either 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Beat the mini-game, and you can play as Meat Boy in free-roam. It will be completely worth it; he can out-run a cop car with the power of grease.

Meat Boy won’t be the only cameo; Splosion Man and Commander Video are also in the line-up, each with their own unique mini-game. More information on Commander Video will be released soon, but attendees of E3 2012 can play all of the mini-games at the  Xbox booth, #501, in the South Hall. Retro City Rampage will release this summer.

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