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The Behemoth’s Game 4 is a turned-based strategy adventure


XBLA veterans The Behemoth teased their fourth game last week, aptly dubbed Game 4 for now, which takes place during the apparent aftermath of a bear hitting a planet. A new playable demo at PAX Prime and the below gameplay trailer, has now revealed the game to be a turn-based co-op adventure featuring a faceless narrator similar to the one featured in last year’s hit Battleblock Theater. Players will find themselves exploring and looting with three unique customizable heroes through a world littered in bear blood and hex grids. Along with a single player campaign, the game will feature two player co-op and an up to four player 2 v 2 mode. Game 4 has no set release date as yet but will be arriving on both Xbox One and Steam.



NeocoreGames bringing tower defense to Xbox One with Deathtrap

Deathtrap for Xbox One

The next project from NeocoreGames, the studio responsible for The Amazing Adventures of Van Helsing, is a tower-defense game called Deathtrap. The developer announced that Deathtrap will offer gamers a mix of action-RPGs and tower-defense game elements when it releases this fall for Xbox One for $19.99.

A trailer released alongside the announcement showcases what Neocore has described as a hodgepodge of blood, guts and cuteness. Deathtrap is set in a chain of islands filled with strongholds that were constructed to protect members of the “everyday world” from the otherworldly beasts of “the void.” Players must take control of a hero of their choosing and have him defend the forts from the encroaching monsters by rebuilding and upgrading archaic, deteriorating traps and machines like those seen in the video above.


New ID@Xbox games unveiled at Gamescom

Microsoft held their Gamescom press conference this morning, and among the announcements was a new ID@Xbox trailer that was jam-packed with games. Microsoft had a similar trailer back at E3 this year, but this updated version has plenty of new blood. A wide variety of titles were revealed, including third-person MOBA Smite and spaceship builder Space Engineers. There’s also The Escapist, a prison break game from Worms developer Team 17, SuperHot, a time-bending FPS, and Ghost of a Tale, where you explore dungeons as an adorable mouse. Craziest of all is the reveal that Xbox One will soon be getting Goat Simulator, the most accurate farm animal simulator game ever made. Some of the new announcements have trailers of their own, which you can check out after the jump. Previously announced but still unreleased titles like Inside, Cuphead, and Gunscape are also featured in the montage, showcasing the large library of games coming soon to Xbox One. If you want to discover more about games coming to ID@Xbox, check out our profiles on games shown at E3 2014.

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Mighty No. 9 new footage and crowdfunding campaign

Any fan of Mega Man has been keeping a close eye on Comcept’s “re-invention” of the Mega Man franchise, Mighty No. 9, with series creator Keiji Inafune behind the wheel. We’ve received some new gameplay footage, which shows off a few of the transformations and bosses we’ll encounter in the game. After a highly successful Kickstarter, Comcept is going back to crowdfunding to hopefully score some English and Japanese voice acting for the title. You can contribute here if you’d like.


The Walking Dead Season 2: Amid the Ruins set to release July 23

The wait is almost over as Telltale Games are set to release the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two next week. Episode 4 named Amid the Ruins will be available to download on XBLA on July 23. Fans of the series will be keen to catch up with Clementine and her companions and face the next batch of tough decisions. The episode will set you back $4.99 USD or ‘free’ if you’ve already purchased the season pass. Check out the newly released trailer for a sneak peak at things to come. Be warned however video also contains some spoilers for the previous episodes.


Watch our Guacamelee STCE Twitch stream again

If you missed our livestream of Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, we took the liberty of recording it for you to watch whenever you can! We jumped right into the action about 10 minutes past the intro and wrestled our way through the first two levels. We also did our best to answer your questions throughout the livestream. Sorry for any mispronounced usernames.

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A friendly reminder for you that Guacamelee: STCE is free right now on Xbox One for Gold subscribers. We will also have a full review for you shortly if the livestream still has you on the fence, or if you’re considering the game for full price on Xbox 360.


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 releasing July 9

The conclusion to the first stellar season of The Wolf Among Us will be releasing next Wednesday, July 9 for the usual cost of $4.99 or as a free download for those with the season pass. As the season has progressed we have only fallen further in love with the tale that The Wolf Among Us has spun, and we can’t wait to see how it finally concludes. Here’s hoping the season finale not only lives up to all of the fans’ great expectations but exceeds them.


Latest Fenix Rage trailer shows off ‘The Moorsky’

Costa Rican developer Green Lava Studios has released a new trailer for its upcoming 2D platformer, Fenix Rage. In the new vid, main character Fenix can be seeing whirring around the screen avoiding enemies and environmental hazards in his quest to get a cookie, which is the prize awaiting him at the end of each stage. The stages in the new trailer are set in the game’s third area, known as “The Moorsky.”

XBLA Fans was able to go hands-on with Fenix Rage at Pax East 2014 prior to it being announced as an ID@Xbox title. The game played not unlike a version of Super Meat Boy starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Green Lava is promising gamers a “frenetically paced 2D action platformer” that forces them to navigate their way through hundreds of levels featuring dangerous mazes.

Fenix Rage is slated to launch on Xbox One this fall.


1001 Spikes makes the jump to Xbox One June 10

8bits Fanatics’ deathtrap of a platformer, 1001 Spikes, will be releasing for Xbox One on June 10, publisher Nicalis has announced.

The intentionally brutally challenging sidescroller is named for the 1001 lives it allocates to players on their quest to survive the multitude of spikes, pits, enemies and other hazards. The game’s quest sends players after the lost treasures of Ukampa in South America and main character Aban Hawkins’ estranged father Jim Hawkins.

The game originally debuted as Aban Hawkins & the 100 Spikes on the Xbox Live Indie Games store in 2011. 1001 Spikes now features a complete campaign with a story, a world map, multiple playable characters — including some borrowed from other games like Bit.Trip Runner‘s Commander Video — and several multiplayer modes. As the launch trailer above shows, the game’s sights and sounds recall the glory days of 1980s platformers.

1001 Spikes released this past Tuesday for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Mac, PC, 3DS and Wii U.


The Walking Dead springs to life with new pinball table for Pinball FX2


Two of the most respected curators of others intellectual property, Zen Studios and Telltale, have come together to bring Telltales’ Game of the Year winning The Walking Dead experience to pinball. Based around the events of Telltales’ Walking Dead Season One, players will have a chance to relive the story of Lee and Clementine in various settings, such as, Clementine’s tree house and the streets of Savannah.  “Zen Studios is a huge admirer of Telltale Games, and we truly cherish the opportunity to work with such amazing visionaries,” said Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios. “Working with Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a hallmark moment as we continue our quest to create the most memorable and authentic pinball experiences.”

The new table tries to incorporate choices in a similar way to The Walking Dead with the goal of making a memorable experience for players. “Zen knocked it out of the park with their interpretation Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead as a pinball table,” said Steve Allison, SVP of Publishing at Telltale Games. “Players once again get to step into the shoes of Lee Everett and protect Clementine as all the major events of season one play a role in the first ever pinball game that features choice and consequence gameplay.”

The game will be playable at E3 and our own Kyle Aufderheide will be sure to give it a spin. The game should release later this summer. This will be the second major zombie franchise with which Zen has worked having previously released Plants vs Zombies Pinball.

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