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PSA: Thunder Wolves, Storm, Fireburst out now; Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara tomorrow

dnd Mystara

It’s been a busy week, what with E3 and several of the staff attending. As such, let’s play catch up on a few releases. Thunder Wolves, an action-arcadey chopper game in the vein of the classic Strike games released on June 8 for 800 MSP. The gameplay is quite decent, but while it tries to pull off a Blood Dragon style spoof of 80′s action it falls a little short. If you’re looking for a fun, arcade action game definitely check out the trial.

Fireburst and Storm both released last Wednesday for 800 MSP each. Fireburst is your typical offroad racer with an interesting boost gameplay mechanic. Fans of the FlatOut games should definitely take a look. Storm is a really slick puzzle game that puts players in control of the elements. It’s really difficult to describe, but if that sounds interesting you can view a gameplay trailer after the jump.

Classic DnD gamers will have something to cheer for tomorrow when Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara hits virtual shelves at 1200 MSP. It includes two classic Dungeons and Dragons games: Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. Both are beat em’ ups with elements of role playing. For the uninitiated, think Streets of Rage with some Castle Crashers.

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First screens of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us


Telltale Games is no stranger to making games based on comic book properties, whose successes include their Sam & Max series to last year’s hit The Walking Dead. This summer they will release their take on Bill Willingham’s Fables universe in The Wolf Among Us. The first screenshots of the game have been released, staying true source material with cell-shaded graphics that give a strong comic vibe.

The Wolf Among Us will take place before the events of the Fables series. Players will control Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City that is home to exiled fairy tale characters. He’s trying to leave behind his past as the Big Bad Wolf, tasked to protect his fellow mythical creatures and keep them a secret to the outside world. He’ll interact with many characters from the comics, including Snow White and a chain-smoking member of the Three Little Pigs. The Wolf Among Us is coming to XBLA this summer.

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XBLA finally gets a hunting game on May 17

Grab your tree stand and your camoflage vest, cuz’ we’re goin’ hunting. That’s right gang, with the first XBLA hunting game our favorite downloadable platform has now covered nearly every genre out there. Developed by Klytonn Entertainment and published by Big Ben Interactive, Hunter’s Trophy 2: America drops players into the wild, with just their rifle and hunting dog to take down their prey. Several areas serve up different hunting game, with locations ranging from Alaska to Kentucky. The game features tree stand hunting, general hunting for game, a shooting range and the ability to hunt with your good ole’ hound dog at your side. You can hunt ducks, but there’s no word yet on whether the dog can come along, nor whether he’ll laugh at you should you miss your prey.

The game releases May 17 for 800 MSP, which is a little over half of the PC release price of USD $18.99. Whether it’s worth a purchase remains to be seen, but at least we’ll have something other than other people to shoot at. In the meantime you can hit up the game’s official website for additional info, and hit the jump for more screenshots.

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Castle of Illusion receives new screenshots and trailer


Sega of America has released new screenshots and an extended version of a trailer teased earlier this month for Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.  The game, described as a “complete re-imagining” of the original released in 1990 on the Sega Genesis, will join the already announced Ducktales Remastered for a summer 2013 launch on digital platforms, including XBLA.  With any luck, this trend of Sega and Disney teaming up will continue and bring even more classics out of the vault.


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Castle of Illusion box art, teaser trailer out in the wild

Castle of Illusion

New assets have surfaced that all but confirm the upcoming XBLA release of classic platformer Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. As unearthed by tipster @lifelower, Sega of America has posted a teaser trailer to its official YouTube channel, and what appears to be the game’s box art has today been hastily removed from

An XBLA release of the Castle of Illusion, which first appeared on Sega Genesis and the Sega Master System in 1990, has been rumored since March, when the title received ratings from Australian and Brazilian classification authorities. Today’s teaser trailer suggests that Castle of Illusion is likely to release this US summer, although Sega is yet to make an official announcement.

Source: Lifelower


Far Cry: Blood Dragon coming May 1


More details on the illusive Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have been revealed. The release date of May 1 was originally outed by an listing, since removed. Several media outlets have since confirmed this date. IGN also posted the first 15 minutes of the game via their website. Not wanting to poach a great video, you can view it in its entirety at IGN.

The game itself is an homage to every cheesy 80′s action film and video game. Cutscenes are two dimensional and hand-drawn, the cyborg protagonist, Sargent Rex “Power” Colt, is the embodiment of all the bad video game box art from the decade, and there are more monotone robotic voices than you can count. No price has been confirmed, but we’re guessing this will be in the 1200 MSP range, and we can confirm that it does not require the retail version of Far Cry 3 to play. This is totally stand-alone, totally XBLA, and totally awesome. Hit the jump for additional screenshots.

Source: IGN

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Doritos Crash Course 2 coming soon to XBLA


After quietly appearing in February on a Xbox Marketplace listing, Microsoft has officially announced Doritos Crash Course 2 from Behaviour Interactive, the follow up to 2010′s popular advergame by the same name. In the sequel,  “run, jump, slide and wall jump your Avatar through four new worlds of irreverent obstacles, traps and pitfalls.” As players make their way through the course, they will compete for the best completion times and collect stars to unlock further progress. While no online multiplayer is mentioned, a player can “compare your best time against up to three asynchronous games clips of your friends.”

Like the first game, Crash Course 2 will be free to play, but this time around gamers will have the option to buy coins, giving them the ability to “unlock new courses, power-ups and vanity items.” While no exact release date has been announced, the game will hit virtual shelves this year. In the mean time, hit the jump to make your way through this obstacle course of screenshots.

Source: PlayXBLA


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New Mars: War Logs screens


Mars: War Logs is quickly shaping up to be one of the most visually impressive Xbox LIVE Arcade games to date. It’s an interesting mix of action and RPG. Think of it as one part Red Faction, one part Batman: Arkham series, and one part Mass Effect series.

Players control Roy Temperance, your typical ‘I-have-a-murky-past’ character. War is being waged over Mars’ most precious resource, water, and Roy is stuck right in the middle of it. The setting feels very much like the Mars-in-fiction we’ve come to know over the years, and closely resembles Marauder territory in the Red Faction: Origins film released in 2011.

Combat is handled much like today’s “crowd fight” titles. As with the Batman: Arkham and Assassin’s Creed games, Roy will be equipped to handle multiple foes at once. Three available combat skill trees will help players specialize their character as a melee, ranged or “technomancer” combatant. Players can evade enemy attacks by rolling, and combine melee and ranged attack for maximum efficiency.

Much like the Mass Effect games, Roy will have traveling companions. They will assist him in combat and on his missions, which will be doled out by various NPCs found throughout the game. Roy can use his charm (or intimidation factor) to influence conversations with characters. The game also has a crafting system, powered by items found on corpses or looted from the gameplay world. These can be used to create or upgrade weapons and armor, the latter of which will also change Roy’s appearance. All of these experiences lead to XP that will level up Roy and, presumably, his companions.

Mars: War Logs is being developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. It’s currently set for a Spring 2013 release, but no hard date or price point has been set. Given what we’ve seen so far we’re pretty confident this will fall into the 1200 MSP or above price range. It seems to be quite an in-depth title, and we’re looking forward to another visit to the Red Planet. Hit the jump for additional screenshots.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood announced

Do you have an annoying younger brother who you just wish would go away sometimes? Max sure knows the feeling, and one day he decided to do something about it. After finding a curse online to make his little brother Felix disappear he gets more than he bargained for when his brother is kidnapped by evil forces. Armed only with a magic marker, Max goes on a perilous journey to undo his actions and save his brother.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an upcoming side-scrolling platformer developed by Press Play. Players will control Max as he treks through dangerous locals including deserts, jungles, bogs and ancient temples. As he progresses on his adventure, Max’s magic marker will gain amazing powers. Players will draw platforms, vines, water and more with the marker to help Max solve environmental puzzles. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be available this spring for 1200 MSP. XBLAFans will have a hands-on preview with the game during PAX East, so be sure to check back here after the show to find out more.

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Saruman weaves his way into Guardians of Middle-earth


Guardians of Middle-earth continues to bolster its roster of playable heroes in rapid-fire succession, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions announce Saruman the White. As Chief of the Wizards, Saruman holds dominion over the rest of the order, including Gandalf the Grey and Radagast the Brown, both of whom have already joined the struggle for the lanes of Middle-earth.

Saruman brings powerful enchanting abilities to the battlefield with a bevy of skills designed to hinder opponents and lay down significant damage in a wide area. Using his Spies of Saruman ability, the White Wizard slows his opponent, dealing damage over time and revealing hidden enemies. For more straightforward encounters, Saruman can focus his magic for area-of-effect ability damage and a useful stun and transition from the defensive to aggressive with his bursting shield, which silences the enemy upon detonation.

Saruman marks the first downloadable character revealed since the conclusion of the Season Pass. As such, he is not accessible by those who’ve already purchased a pass and must be unlocked separately for 160 MSP. To check out Saruman laying waste across the lanes of Middle-earth, check out his official character trailer after the jump.

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