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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 releasing July 9

The conclusion to the first stellar season of The Wolf Among Us will be releasing next Wednesday, July 9 for the usual cost of $4.99 or as a free download for those with the season pass. As the season has progressed we have only fallen further in love with the tale that The Wolf Among Us has spun, and we can’t wait to see how it finally concludes. Here’s hoping the season finale not only lives up to all of the fans’ great expectations but exceeds them.


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition screenshots


Have you ever arrived to a movie late and had to sit in the front of the theater where you could barely see a thing because you were too close? You sat there the whole movie wishing you could just move to the back where you could see everything. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is going to give you those back row seats.

This past week 4J Studios tweeted some of their recent artist creations that are taking full advantage of the increased view distance in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

These screenshots show a zoomed out reproduction of Andy Scott’s horse-head sculptures The Kelpies that are located in Falkirk, Scotland.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is expected to release this August. Check out more screenshots after the jump.

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Latest Fenix Rage trailer shows off ‘The Moorsky’

Costa Rican developer Green Lava Studios has released a new trailer for its upcoming 2D platformer, Fenix Rage. In the new vid, main character Fenix can be seeing whirring around the screen avoiding enemies and environmental hazards in his quest to get a cookie, which is the prize awaiting him at the end of each stage. The stages in the new trailer are set in the game’s third area, known as “The Moorsky.”

XBLA Fans was able to go hands-on with Fenix Rage at Pax East 2014 prior to it being announced as an ID@Xbox title. The game played not unlike a version of Super Meat Boy starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Green Lava is promising gamers a “frenetically paced 2D action platformer” that forces them to navigate their way through hundreds of levels featuring dangerous mazes.

Fenix Rage is slated to launch on Xbox One this fall.


Jimmy Lightning arrives in Peggle 2 DLC


Peggle 2 is getting a blast from the past in its newest DLC, as an original Peggle Master makes his debut in the sequel. Extreme gopher Jimmy Lightning has returned, bringing with him his improved Multiball Power. Hitting a green peg spawns a second ball, making it easier to clear the board with double the peg-popping potential. The pack also contains 10 new levels, 10 trials, 30 objectives, 3 costumes, and 3 achievements. Jimmy Lightning’s Master Pack is available now on Xbox One for $1.99. Check out some radical screenshots after the jump.

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1001 Spikes makes the jump to Xbox One June 10

8bits Fanatics’ deathtrap of a platformer, 1001 Spikes, will be releasing for Xbox One on June 10, publisher Nicalis has announced.

The intentionally brutally challenging sidescroller is named for the 1001 lives it allocates to players on their quest to survive the multitude of spikes, pits, enemies and other hazards. The game’s quest sends players after the lost treasures of Ukampa in South America and main character Aban Hawkins’ estranged father Jim Hawkins.

The game originally debuted as Aban Hawkins & the 100 Spikes on the Xbox Live Indie Games store in 2011. 1001 Spikes now features a complete campaign with a story, a world map, multiple playable characters — including some borrowed from other games like Bit.Trip Runner‘s Commander Video — and several multiplayer modes. As the launch trailer above shows, the game’s sights and sounds recall the glory days of 1980s platformers.

1001 Spikes released this past Tuesday for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Mac, PC, 3DS and Wii U.


The Walking Dead springs to life with new pinball table for Pinball FX2


Two of the most respected curators of others intellectual property, Zen Studios and Telltale, have come together to bring Telltales’ Game of the Year winning The Walking Dead experience to pinball. Based around the events of Telltales’ Walking Dead Season One, players will have a chance to relive the story of Lee and Clementine in various settings, such as, Clementine’s tree house and the streets of Savannah.  “Zen Studios is a huge admirer of Telltale Games, and we truly cherish the opportunity to work with such amazing visionaries,” said Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios. “Working with Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a hallmark moment as we continue our quest to create the most memorable and authentic pinball experiences.”

The new table tries to incorporate choices in a similar way to The Walking Dead with the goal of making a memorable experience for players. “Zen knocked it out of the park with their interpretation Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead as a pinball table,” said Steve Allison, SVP of Publishing at Telltale Games. “Players once again get to step into the shoes of Lee Everett and protect Clementine as all the major events of season one play a role in the first ever pinball game that features choice and consequence gameplay.”

The game will be playable at E3 and our own Kyle Aufderheide will be sure to give it a spin. The game should release later this summer. This will be the second major zombie franchise with which Zen has worked having previously released Plants vs Zombies Pinball.


State of Decay: Lifeline DLC gets release date, pricing and launch trailer

The Lifeline DLC pack for State of Decay will release for XBLA on Friday, May 30 for $6.99, Undead Labs announced in a Memorial Day blog post. The DLC is currently undergoing final Microsoft certification and will release alongside the free Title Update 5 “if all goes well.”

Undead Community Director Sanya Weathers believes that May 30 may mark the first time ever that a game released ahead of a publicly announced target date, noting that the developer worked overtime alongside Microsoft Studios staffers to accomplish the feat. While that claim might be slightly dubious, such an occurrence is certainly outside of the norm.

The above launch trailer promises a new mission with a new story that requires a new strategy. Lifeline abandons the more rural settings of the original game in favor of the city of Danforth. The DLC puts players in control of the leader of a military unit called Greyhound One. Stationed at the Black Friday Mall, players will be tasked with protecting civilians from zombie aggressors. Black Friday must be protected from zombie attacks while Greyhound does its best to save and evacuate as many survivors as possible.

Title Update 5, meanwhile, will bring with it a feature called “Rucks in Trucks” that Weathers says has been one of the most-requested additions from the game’s fanbase. Rucks in Trucks is an option that allows players to stow bags “full of stuff” into their vehicles before making their getaway.

Source: Undead Labs


Minecraft Halo Mash-Up Pack lands May 28

We’ve been on the surface of Mass Effect‘s Mars, we’ve fought the ender dragons of Skyrim, but Minecraft‘s next Mash-Up Pack will take us to its biggest franchise yet. Minecraft: Halo Edition transforms the game into the popular FPS series, complete with needlers and energy swords. The pre-built world includes re-creations of classic multiplayer maps including Sandtrap, Valhalla and Blood Gulch. The pack comes with 40 new skins, including Master Chief, Cortana, Guilty Spark and much more. A new texture pack and 31 songs from the franchise are also included to truly sell the Halo vibe. The Halo Mash-Up Pack comes out tomorrow for $3.99. Check out the screenshots after the jump to see everything the pack has to offer.

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Minecraft Xbox One Edition to have larger worlds


4J Studios is hard at work on the Xbox One edition of Minecraft, and it looks like their next-gen port is going to be a lot bigger. They’ve released screenshots on Twitter comparing the draw distances on the Xbox One (above) and the Xbox 360 (below). Being able to see farther into the horizon is nice, especially when you’ve got so much more of the world to see. 4J tweeted that it is currently trying out a world size that is 36 times bigger than that of its predecessor. Wow. With much larger worlds and the ability to transfer save filesMinecraft: Xbox One Edition is shaping up to be one huge upgrade.


Source: Twitter via Total Xbox


The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 coming this week

The Walking Dead fans rejoice, a new episode is right around the corner! Telltale has announced Episode 3: In Harm’s Way will shamble onto the marketplace this Wednesday, May 14. You can watch the intense new trailer above, showcasing the new characters and life-or-death situations poor Clementine will have to face in Carver’s camp. If the trailer wasn’t enough to satisfy your pre-episode curiosity, check out some screenshots here. As always the new episode will cost $4.99, or can be picked up as part of the season pass.

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