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Xbox One Goat Simulator Achievement Guide Speed Run

Last week we challenged Memories of Final to complete Goat Simulator as fast as possible while making a guide to help new players unlock all the achievements. The result is an hour and thirty-four minutes of hilarity, mostly stemming from his hatred of Flappy Goat. Follow us on Twitch to know when we go live and feel free to subscribe to support the content we are creating. We love that Twitch allows us to interact real time with our fans and provide unique types of content tailor-made for that service. Feel free to let us know if there are videos or streams you would like to see.


Xbox One Smite Arena Mode Overview and Tips

SMITE for Xbox One
for Xbox One may still be in Alpha; however, we wanted to help new players out with easing the learning curve a bit. Arena mode is one of the simplest modes for new players to the MOBA genre [If you aren't familiar with MOBAs at all click here]. Players fight five on five inside a circular arena. Each team has minion lines and a portal. Teams start with 500 points and lose points each time one of their minions is last hit, a player is killed by the other team, or an enemy minion (or siege minion) walks into their portal.

Arena mode have a more simplistic and accelerated pace from the traditional three lane mode (conquest). Players start at level three and will generate more gold passively. It's typically a bit quicker and chaotic as teamfights break out constantly. We've made a video to help new players learn the ropes. Also join us this Tuesday Night at 10PM EST -2AM EST for some Smite on Twitch. We will be happy to answer any questions, and we will have Alpha codes to give out on stream.


We Are Doomed survival tips and tricks guide

We Are Doomed Review for Xbox One

Yesterday we streamed We Are Doomed on Twitch. MemoriesOfFinal went over each level in We Are Doomed as well as tips and tricks to help players survive versus each enemy type.  Up your game and set new high scores with this guide. Make sure to follow us on twitch to know when we go live.  Our streaming schedule goes up on the Twitch Channel and XBLAFans every Monday. If you would like to see more content like this or have ideas for something else you would like to see us stream, please leave a comment.

We Are Doomed is available on the Xbox Store for $9.99.  Our review wasn't very favorable, but I personally have been enjoying the game. The art style and music are really captivating and the game gives a unique spin on established mechanics for the twin-stick shooter genre.


Quick tip: how to force outs in RBI Baseball 15

RBIBaseball15_Screenshots_Gameplay 1 (1)

One of our Subscribers over on, SirBradenWalker, sent this tip in to us. It's a really cheap, albeit effective way to force bad baserunning decisions by the CPU in RBI Baseball 15. If you ever get in a jam, you can use it to clear the basepaths.


Smite Xbox One Ares Arena build guide and tips


We take a look at Ares' abilities and a successful build to use in arena mode. Check out gameplay showing how to play him and vs him in this mirror match up. He can be incredibly powerful and fun to play in arena, offering a lot of damage from a tanky-CC guardian that has offensive incentives to buy aura items for his team. Smite is currently in alpha on Xbox One and should move into beta in May.

If you play Smite on PC or Xbox One we would love to know some of your favorite Gods and builds for them in the comments.

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Hidden skin bundle sales in Smite alpha

SMITE for Xbox One

If you've been playing the Smite alpha on the weekends you have likely earned a solid amount of gems. For those unaware, Hi-Rez has unlocked all gods and allowed players to earn gems for their win of the day bonuses on the weekends during the alpha. There are three skin bundle sales on the Xbox One. You can find them by clicking on any of the skins listed below. It's a great way to spend those gems and get a high bang for your buck.

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Ascend: Hand of Kul – XBLAFans' Complete Guide

Ascend: Hand of Kul was developed by Signal Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released into public beta on September 25, 2013, free of charge. XBLAFans awarded the game a deserved Buy It! rating in our review.


Welcome to our Ascend: Hand of Kul guide! This guide aims to provide information on the many unique features in Ascend. In addition to the core mechanics, you'll find tips on making use of Ascend's varied equipment, items and spells. You'll find comprehensive lists of each area in the larger world, the many dungeons that populate it, the achievements you'll earn for progressing through it and the game's "collectibles" in the form Lore Stones hidden throughout it.

As Ascend: Hand of Kul is ongoing and new content is being planned and added, we can't guarantee our guide will cover all aspects of the title in the future. But for those looking to get a foothold in the game and learn how to make the most of their time spent hacking, slashing, looting and learning, you've come to the right place. If you've yet to check out Ascend: Hand of Kul, you can find our impressions in the official review.

Many sections of this guide contain information that pertains to Ascend's story progression. Consider this a general blanket warning – this is spoiler country! Click on each image to visit that section of the guide.

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Ascend: Hand of Kul – Lore Stones Guide

Lore Stone Header

Ascend: Hand of Kul houses Lore Stones scattered throughout the many areas of its much larger world. Each tablet contains short, lore-based writings regarding some of Ascend's key figures, the history of its world or the game's varied features. There are a total of 48 stones to find, ranging from the very first area to the very last. Below you'll find a list of all current Lore Stones, including: the location of each stone, its name, order in which you'll encounter it, where to find it on the map, brief written directions and its associated lore text.

You're required to discover all 48 Lore Stones to unlock an achievement. Visit the Achievements section of this guide for more information on achievements.

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Ascend: Hand of Kul – Equipment Guide


One of the many draws found within Ascend: Hand of Kul is the perpetual hunt for its arsenal of equipment. Each piece is stylish and dramatic, ranging from infernally horned helmets to suits of full plate, crackling with divine energy. That urge to find the perfect weapon or piece of armor to compliment your champion's look might be half the fun, but it's important that your gear serve a purpose. There's no point in being the best looking Caos if you're dressed for failure – substance over style is the name of the game. With that in mind, there are two major points to consider when choosing how to outfit your would-be champion.

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Ascend: Hand of Kul – Dungeons Guide

DUngeon Heading Header

Ascend: Hand of Kul is littered with dungeons comprised of multiple floors, increasingly difficult enemies and loot-filled chests. Some dungeons are required to complete in order to progress through Ascend's story, while others are completely optional and only serve as a means to earn experience, items and equipment.

Ascend's dungeons are randomly generated, meaning the layout and content changes and refreshes. This refresh period currently takes place at 11PM Pacific Standard Time, allowing you to gather each dungeon's contents once per day. Below we've documented every dungeon currently available in Ascend: Hand of Kul, broken into non-alignment and alignment-specific categories, along with the number of floors and a loose approximation of loot contained therein. For more information on the best dungeons to farm for equipment, visit the Farming section of this guide.

[Editor's Note: The number and quality of chests for each dungeon listed below are represented as we encountered them and should only be used as a ballpark estimation of what to expect during your experience.]

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