Battleblock Theater shuffles its blocks

Just in time for the holidays, The Behemoth releases another prisoner video for Battleblock Theater. The shuffle block was one of the first blocks ever made for the game, and the first one that moved. This block doesn't just move, but moves randomly. A level with shuffle blocks will never be the same, and you have to be cautious because you'll never know when or where they'll move. These blocks are neither hazard nor helpful, but their own special entity. Obey the video and have a happy holiday, but remember to check back for more Battleblock Theater updates in 2012.


About Nathan Bowring

I'm a college student always looking for a fun game to play between classes. I've been playing XBLA games for some time now, and I'm a huge fan of the price and creativity of these games. Writing about them is almost as fun as playing them. Almost.