Those of you who have been on Xbox since the 360 might remember the Xbox Live Arcade better know as XBLA, hence our name. That was a different time, back then people used to say “downloadable game” like it was a bad thing. It was a justification almost: “Yeah it was good, for a downloadable game,” Bastion was one of the first games (if not the first) to break this stereotype. Bastion was just good, it wouldn’t have mattered how you picked it up, this thing was better than most triple A titles on the 360, we gave it a “Buy It” in our review.

Today marks Bastion’s Xbox One release and those of you who owned it on the Xbox 360 can grab it right now for free. You better hurry, Bastion is only free for the first 20 days. You can’t beat free, especially for a game that won many “best of” awards that year, including a few from us. If you haven’t played it before, don’t worry, you can grab it here, for only $14.99.