Ronimo Games is finalizing a number of changes for the next Awesomenauts patch aimed at leveling the playing field, says the Netherlands-based developer. In its latest address to the game’s community, Ronimo revealed that alterations will be made to Leon’s slow upgrades and tongue, Voltar’s drones and healing, Yuri’s timebubble and Froggy G’s whirlwind shield. Along with adjustments to the solar (in-game money) costs for certain upgrades and outright replacements of other character enhancements, the studio hopes the moves will make bring more balance to matches in the MOBA title that was released earlier this month.

A deployment date for the patch has not yet been established, as it is yet to even be sent off to Microsoft and Sony to be put through their respective XBLA and PSN certification processes. However, the studio says it is “hoping to have it in [the public’s] hands in a few short weeks.”

In other Awesomenauts news, the team is now giving away the extended theme song for the price of nothing. Those interested can get it here. Ronimo is also working with Sonic Picnic, who crafted the game’s OST, to get the entire thing up on Bandcamp. Its expected release on Bandcamp is this Friday, June 1.