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Newsbits: Super Time Force update, Sling TV and Ori meets Meat Boy

XBLA Fans Newsbits

Super Time Force received a free update this week. The new Ultra Update includes the Helladecks, made up of 50 new challenge levels that force players to use their time-rewinding skills in a different way, and a new Ultra Force mode which is unlocked after you complete the game and is said to be an alternate style of time-forcing with extra-powerful versions of the Time Force team. Achievement hunters will also be pleased to know that the update brings five new achievements worth a total of 375 Gamerscore.

Sling TV recently launched a new app exclusively for Xbox One. The new app, which allows viewers to watch live TV instantly without a cable company, offers the same great features gamers have come to expect, including the ability to Snap, Pin to Home and use voice or gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox One. Microsoft are also offering a limited time deal of three free months of Sling TV service with the purchase of an Xbox One console via the Microsoft Store (US only).

And finally, current Xbox One darling Ori and the Blind Forest secretly paid tribute to one of XBLA Fans all-time favourites Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy himself can be spotted behind a hidden wall in the Blind Forest, apparently fallen victim to a bed of spikes. Check out the video on how to spot this charming easter egg after the jump.

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Izle announced for Xbox One


Indie developers Area Effect, founded by Ubisoft veteran Alexis Bacot, have announced that they are bringing new action-adventure RPG Izle to Xbox One. The game invites players to build their own world by summoning the power of the gods and terraforming a variety of procedurally generated islands, each one unique and filled with secrets. Of course with great power comes great responsibility and players will also need to defend their islands from the forces of shadows.

Xbox One gamers shouldn’t get excited just yet however, as Izle is still a long way off with Area Effect hoping to bring the game to the console sometime in 2016. A Kickstarter campaign to support the development of Izle will launch this spring, but as the game enters the alpha stage those curious enough can register to become part of an upcoming, closed alpha test on the official Izle website. Check out the new alpha trailer after the jump.

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White Night descending on Xbox One March 6


Independent developer OSome Studio have announced that their eerie 1930s noir adventure, White Night is set to release on Xbox One on March 6 for $14.99. Set in a shadowy mansion after a near-fatal car crash, White Night makes players search for aid whilst unearthing the secrets of the manor’s past. The game is said to be a narrative-driven survival horror title blending third-person action with exploration and puzzle-solving.

White Night’s moody black and white art style may be what first catches the eye, but it's not just for show, playing a pivotal part in the game mechanics with light providing sanctuary and a resource to be managed. White Night was first spotted on last year’s famous E3 ID@Xbox montage video, but now has its very own launch trailer. Catch it after the jump.

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State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition hitting Xbox One April 28


Microsoft and Undead Labs are bringing the popular open-world zombie survival game State of Decay to Xbox One. The game will arrive in the form of the Year-One Survival Edition which includes the original base game and both add-ons, Breakdown and Lifeline. Players will also be able to play with some of the Lifeline characters within the Breakdown expansion sections. State of Decay was one of the fastest selling XBLA games on Xbox 360 and for its Xbox One upgrade the game will include new textures, improved lighting and increased draw distance. State of Decay will also now run at 1080p on Xbox One.

The new version will set you back $29.99 but for the loyal fans, Microsoft and Undead Labs have promised everyone who already owns the Xbox 360 version a 33% discount on the Year-One Survival Edition when it hits Xbox One this April 28. On top of that, returning players will also receive a new exclusive character, the sword-wielding Indian-American badass, Gurubani.

Source: Xbox Wire


Terraria for Xbox One launching November 14


Multi-million selling sandbox adventure game Terraria will be digging its way onto the Xbox One later this week. The game is set to bring over 1,300 crafting recipes, 150 enemies and 15 bosses to battle, providing players with endless hours of gameplay as they literally dig to the ends of the Earth.

Existing fans will be aware that it’s not the first time Terraria has graced the Xbox store; the game originally landed on XBLA back in March 2013. However, developer 505 games promises that the new version will deliver over 1000 new items to play with. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but Terraria should be available to download on Xbox One from November 14.


The Behemoth’s Game 4 is a turned-based strategy adventure


XBLA veterans The Behemoth teased their fourth game last week, aptly dubbed Game 4 for now, which takes place during the apparent aftermath of a bear hitting a planet. A new playable demo at PAX Prime and the below gameplay trailer, has now revealed the game to be a turn-based co-op adventure featuring a faceless narrator similar to the one featured in last year’s hit Battleblock Theater. Players will find themselves exploring and looting with three unique customizable heroes through a world littered in bear blood and hex grids. Along with a single player campaign, the game will feature two player co-op and an up to four player 2 v 2 mode. Game 4 has no set release date as yet but will be arriving on both Xbox One and Steam.



The Walking Dead Season 2: Amid the Ruins set to release July 23

The wait is almost over as Telltale Games are set to release the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two next week. Episode 4 named Amid the Ruins will be available to download on XBLA on July 23. Fans of the series will be keen to catch up with Clementine and her companions and face the next batch of tough decisions. The episode will set you back $4.99 USD or 'free' if you've already purchased the season pass. Check out the newly released trailer for a sneak peak at things to come. Be warned however video also contains some spoilers for the previous episodes.


Newsbits: Trial Trials and Gamerscore boosted


  • Looks like trials are making a comeback on Xbox One. RedLynx’s Trials Fusion now has a “try it out” option listed on the Xbox One game store. XBLA fans will remember the glory days of mandatory trials for every XBLA game. On Xbox One however this has been left down to each developer leaving the Xbox One demo selection pretty sparse. Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come.
  • Xbox One owners may have noticed that their profile page on Xbox.com now reflects their Xbox One experience. Along with their hi-def Xbox One profile picture, the page now displays game DVR clips, Achievement progress and followers.
  • And finally, PlayXBLA have revealed that Crimson Dragon recently added 6 new achievements. Xbox One fans looking to boost their Gamerscore can earn a further 350 GS by unlocking the following:
    • Seeker Legend: Achieve player level 50
    • Breaking the Bank: Collect over 2,000,000 in credits in your account
    • Crimsonscale Erradicator: Kill 10000 enemy creatures
    • Open Season: Defeat bosses 10 times with an “S” rank.
    • The Finer Things: Loot 50 rare Items
    • Enhanced Abilities: Use 100 ampoules

Charlie Murder title update now live

Charlie Murder

Ska Studio’s excellent RPG brawler Charlie Murder recently received a title update. The patch notes for the 400 KB download were posted on the game studios’ blog:

  • I’m Thorough Achievement – collect all the relics ~ The Jeweled Cross has been removed and the player requires the 54 unique relics to complete this achievement.
  • Private Matches can no longer be joined by public players.
  • Players no longer have to fight Circe and Tepes again once they have already been defeated.
  • Remote players can no longer pause everyone’s game – Just the host.
  • Rex heals more viable, Charlie heals no longer as overpowered.
  • Possibly more things James forgot he tweaked and didn’t write down. Will update this list as he remembers. x_X

This is also a good time to remind Gold Subscribers that there are only a few days left to download Charlie Murder for free. The game was part of June’s Games with Gold programme on Xbox 360 along with Dark Souls and bonus game Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Source: Ska Studios


Xbox Entertainment Studios announce new sci-fi drama Humans


Xbox Entertainment Studios have announced that they are teaming up with UK broadcaster Channel 4 in a co-production deal for a new drama series Humans. The show is being produced by Kudos and is set to share a premiere broadcast window on both the Xbox platform in North America and Channel 4 in the UK as an hour-long, eight-episode series. The series is based on the Swedish sci-fi series Real Humans (pictured) and is being written by Brits Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, the writing team behind popular spy drama Spooks.

Head of Drama for Channel 4, Pier Wenger, said of the show, "In Humans, Sam and Jon have not only crafted an ingenious and imaginative thriller, they’re also asking big, thought-provoking questions about how we live".

Humans will join a number of new original productions for Xbox including a new football reality show Every Street United, a sketch comedy series from Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera, and a stop-motion animated show from Seth Green and the team responsible for Robot Chicken. Casting for Humans will begin in May 2014 and production will commence later this summer. Humans is expected to hit screens in 2015.

Source: Xbox Wire and Games Industry International

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