Angry Birds HD to be published by Activision for consoles

A long time ago, in a news post far, far away, Rovio announced that Angry Birds would be heading to XBLA. We thought that was all forgotten about and moved on, however The Escapist Magazine spotted a clue at E3 suggesting that the game was still coming to consoles and being published by Activision:

"Somewhere between an ad for Call of Duty and some footage of The Amazing Spiderman we caught sight of an eerily familiar, tiny red bird soaring kamikaze-style into the Activision logo's giant A."

After corning an Activision spokesperson they received confirmation that the game is still in the works:

"We'll have some news for you in about two weeks," Activision said. "Wait until you see Angry Birds on consoles in HD."

The original hasĀ been downloaded over a billion times, though how many of those are still interested in a console version remains to be seen. There's a good chance the game will come with Kinect support when it does finally land on XBLA, perhaps offering players something a little different.

Source: The Escapist via Eurogamer

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