A Virus Named Tom set to infect IGN Indie Open House

Indie game studio Misfits Attic have a lot to celebrate right now. They've just been accepted into IGN's Indie Open House a residency program that provides free office space and support from the IGN family to help indie developers through the game development process. Founder Tim Keenan tweeted the news:

We've been accepted into IGN's Indie Open House (round 2)! Free office space = WIN :) More formal IGN-ish… http://fb.me/CwHEQABX

Not only that but they're well on the way to Beta for upcoming XBLA game A Virus Named Tom. According to the latest blog post the team say that minus networking and a bunch of polish this time next month they should be there. Head over to the site and see some of the latest dev videos. Also we recently got a chance to chat with Tim ourselves so you might want check out our podcast for a more detailed look at the game.

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