Rumor: Fez set to release in May *Update*

Update: Polytron's Phil Fish has informed Joystiq that Fez won't be coming out May 2 after all. In reality, the game has only just entered certification, and a proper release date won't be surfacing until after the process is completed.

Fez, the cheery-looking platformer from Polytron, may be making its way onto XBLA May 2, a marketplace listing suggests. The news comes hot on the heels of the revelation that Polytron's title had entered into the Microsoft certification process earlier today.

Players will navigate the fez-wearing Gomez through a series of towering environments that appear two-dimensional in nature. In reality, the world has depth and can be spun to reveal a new perspective, not unlike in the Paper Mario series. Polytron promises plenty of puzzles, hidden goodies and a journey that will take Gomez to "the very end of time and space."

Source: Microsoft

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