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SOMA Review: Deep Impact

By  •  February 7, 2018

Anyone who is familiar with Frictional Games knows what to expect when it comes to their games. From Penumbra to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, these titles have stuck to the …
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Friday new releases: December 1, 2017

By  •  December 1, 2017

Back to the regular release schedule this Friday, with four new games to pick from. First up we have Sky Force Reloaded, a classic arcade shoot ‘em up with modern …
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Friday new releases: September 23, 2016

By  •  September 23, 2016

Two new Friday releases, plus a sneaky Thursday launch, round up this week on Xbox One. First-person thriller Virginia released on Thursday for $9.99. Experience a missing person investigation through …
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G Prime Into The Rain review: Get pulled in

By  •  January 14, 2016

Nearly eight years after the release of their award-winning iOS app, G:Into the Rain, Soma Games has given the game a 3D overhaul and brought it to your Xbox One. With …
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Tetris Ultimate review (Xbox One)

By  •  December 31, 2014

Tetris Ultimate was developed by SoMA Play Inc. and published by Ubisoft on Xbox One. It was released on December 17, 2014 for $9.99. A copy was provided by Ubisoft for review purposes.


I’m a huge Tetris fan. Ever since summer camp and the original Game Boy version (1989), I’ve probably played 20 or more different renditions of the classic puzzler across every system I’ve ever owned. So when the opportunity came to try out a brand new version, Tetris Ultimate, for the new next-generation Xbox One, of course I jumped at it.

You probably already know the basics, but just in case you didn’t, Tetris has you dropping different-shaped blocks into a playing field in attempts to create and clear lines of blocks. It’s simple, fun and addictive. So how does Tetris Ultimate add to the formula?

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Risk and Tetris Ultimate available now

By  •  December 17, 2014


As first posted by Major Nelson both Risk, develop by ZOE Mode, and Tetris Ultimate, develop by SoMa Play Inc, are available now on the Xbox One. With both being published by Ubisoft this could account for the change in release dates as both of these titles previously had others; Risk’s being December 23, 2014 and Tetris Ultimate’s being December 17, 2014. Continue on for launch trailers for both titles.

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Update: Huge Awesomenauts vinyl record giveaway!

By  •  May 10, 2012

Update: Congrats toHeadcrabs, Tyler H, Chuck_Bosworth, and Hitman Bravo.

If there is one thing that Awesomenauts has reminded us of it’s the fact that the ‘80s were awesome. In …
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XBLA Wednesday: May 2

By  •  May 2, 2012

Do you want to be whisked back into the world of Albion or would you want to be in the year 3587 as a jive-talking toad or a cowboy? …
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Awesomenauts Release Trailer drops with an extra guitar riff

By  •  May 1, 2012

Just a few days ago we were all sent spiraling away from our computer screens, cringing at the news of DTP’s insolvency announcement. Luckily, one way or another, Awesomenauts has pulled …
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Update: Awesomenauts to release as planned; publisher files for insolvency

By  •  April 30, 2012

Update: According to Jasper Koning of Ronimo Games, Awesomenauts will be releasing as planned. Expect our guide and review to be up in the following week.

We hate being …
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