Get a sneak peek at The Behemoth’s Game 4 next week

The Behemoth Game 4 stream for Extra Life

The Behemoth has been careful to only reveal information about its next game at a slow trickle. The developer elected not to show or tell the press or public anything relating to Game 4 when it was first announced earlier this year at PAX East. Later, an initial teaser asked gamers if they could deduce what type of game it was rather than telling them.

Unless you had the chance to attend PAX Prime and play the game for yourself, you’re probably still not terribly familiar with how Game 4 plays. Next week, though, The Behemoth will give everyone a chance to see its latest in action when it streams the game as part of the Extra Life Charity event. The studio will be streaming the game on Raptr’s Twitch channel from 3:00 – 4:00 pm PST on October 24. The Behemoth has confirmed that aside from introductions and some info about the charity, the entire hour will be dedicated to the streaming of Game 4.

The Behemoth is hoping to raise at least $1,000 to donate towards Rady Children’s Hospital in the developer’s hometown of San Diego. Players who donate at least $10 will be entered into a raffle to win a mystery plushy. Those wishing to donate can do so here.

Extra Life is a charity 24-hour gaming event founded in 2008 in honor of Victoria Enmon, who lost her life to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This year, for the first time, the charity will support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of each streamer’s choice.


Xbox One October update is live

Xbox One

Microsoft’s October update for the Xbox One is now available for download. This update focused on optimizing the system for those who bought the Kinect-free version, but it comes with plenty of other fixes and functions.

Snapping apps is a lot easier now. Just double-tap the Xbox button and a small menu pops up. You can pick an app to snap, change focus between the game and the snapped app, or unsnap it. You can also “press X to record that.” To take advantage of the easier snapping, Friends and Messages are snap-able (snappable?) so you don’t have to leave your game while assembling your party.

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XBLAFans Twitch Schedule: Week of 10-13

twitch stream_xbla_fans

This week’s schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, October 14th @ 8:00 pm (CST) – Recurring Tuesday Stream with Marshall.
This week: Minecraft: Xbox One edition – Join me again!

Wednesday, October 15th @ 8:30 pm (CST) – Killer Instinct with Jeff.

Thursday October 9th @ 9:30 pm (CST) – Strike Suit Zero with Jen.

If there is a game you would like to see streamed or previewed, let us know and we will do our best to get to it quickly. Enjoy this week’s stream!


South Park Pinball coming this week


It may sound like a joke, but it’s super cereal: a pack of South Park-themed tables will be coming to Pinball FX2 very soon. South Park Pinball captures the essence of the construction paper cartoon in two new tables centered around our favorite foul-mouthed fourth graders. South Park: Super Sweet Pinball recreates the insanity of the small Colorado town with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. This table features many fan-favorite faces and some memorable moments from the show. Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game is all about the boy who could laugh at a storm cloud recreating his best moments, including saving Imaginationland and his exploits as Professor Chaos.

South Park: Super Sweet Pinball is coming to Xbox 360 on October 15 and Xbox One on October 16. The pack will cost $4.99 on either platform. If you want to see both new tables in action, just check out the trailer after the jump, m’kay?

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Telltale teases House of Forrester’s involvement in Game of Thrones

Telltale's Game of Thrones Ironwood Sigil

This story contains some spoilers for the end of the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones as well as for parts of the book A Dance with Dragons.

When Telltale first announced that it was working with the Game of Thrones property, gamers began wondering what part of the universe the studio would explore. Would it follow the books? The shows? Something entirely different from the world of Westeros?

Telltale has previously said that it would stick to the HBO show rather than George R. R. Martin’s novels, but the studio recently tweeted out a teaser image implying it may be doing a bit of both. As Mashable points out, the image Telltale released contains a quote from Martin’s most recent book, A Dance with Dragons.

The quote mentions ironwoods, which are a type of tree indigenous to Northern Westeros, including the haunted forests beyond the Wall. Fans of the show will remember that its latest season ended with Stannis Baratheon, the Lord of Dragonstone, arriving beyond the Wall with an army at his back just in time to put a stop to the Wildlings’ siege of it. This could mean that the game will show some of the events before Stannis’ arrival or delve into those immediately after to lead into the show’s fifth season.

However, as Mashable points out, the ironwood is also the sigil for House Forrester, whose involvement in the game was teased in August. In A Dance with Dragons, House Forrester provides Stannis with scouts to aid in his march to Winterfell, but the noble house has otherwise gone largely unmentioned in both the show and the books.

Telltale has confirmed that Game of Thrones‘ first episode will release this year.

Source: @telltalegames via Mashable


The Boston Festival of Indie Games showcases fresh Xbox titles

Boston FIG

The Boston Festival of Indie Games held its second convention on Saturday, September 13 after a successful Kickstarter. The convention features up-and-coming indie developers making games for consoles, PCs, mobile devices, virtual reality and tabletop. XBLA Fans had the opportunity to attend and see what goodies might be in store for Xbox in the near future. These are the games that we got to see in that short day.

Keep in mind, while most of these are in the works to come to Xbox platforms, not all of them are confirmed Xbox releases yet.

High Strangeness

High Strangeness screenshot

This paranormal adventure game from Crystal Labs swaps between game console generations. By pushing the right trigger, you swap between eight bits and 16 bits with authentic graphics and mechanics from that generational “dimension.”  For example, in the SNES-stye 16-bit dimension, you can move diagonally and use more combat moves, whereas the eight-bit dimension leaves you with a simple jab attack and only four directions to move in. While the world stays the same, you will have to occasionally swap to defeat certain enemies trapped in a particular dimension. However, most of the game can be completed in both bit variations, so you can enjoy the game in whichever generation feels more comfortable.

Retro fans will notice the resemblance to classics like The Legend of Zelda once they experience some of High Strangeness‘ puzzles and combat. You will need to throw switches, move blocks, catch patterns and uncover secrets to get through it. During the demo, I experienced that classic moment during which a friend figured out the puzzle over my shoulder and walked me through it. That’s what lead developer Ben Shostak was going for. “A lot of retro-like games out there are using a lot of the style and references, but we’re using the actual design and gameplay,” he explained.

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Phil Spencer defends ID@Xbox’s parity clause, but wants to rethink it

Phil Spencer talks Xbox One Parity Clause

There isn’t much love in the developer world for the ID@Xbox parity clause, which requires independent game developers to release their games on Xbox One at the same time as on other platforms. Some developers have lodged public complaints about it, and rival Sony has lambasted it.

It’s not that Xbox head Phil Spencer hasn’t heard these complaints, it’s that he believes that despite these objections and ridicule, the parity clause takes care of his most important audience: Xbox One owners.

“The thing I worry about is — because I look at all the people who buy an Xbox, and they invest their time and their money in Xbox One, and, as millions of people obviously own Xbox Ones, I want them to feel like they’re first-class, because they are,” Spencer said on The Inner Circle podcast. “When a third-party game comes out, it comes out on all platforms at the same time, and when indie games come out, I want them to come out and I want Xbox to feel like it’s a first-class citizen when an indie game launches.

“So, for me, the parity thing is, if you own an Xbox One, I want to work for you to make sure that when great content launches, if it’s coming to Xbox and another platform, that you kind of get it at the same time everybody else does.”

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World of Tanks update rolls in with new vehicles and maps


The new update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition adds a collection of artillery for Britain, “including the iconic Crusader, ConquerorGC, Bishop, and Sexton II,” as well as medium tanks for Germany like the Leopard 1.  Also unique to this update are two new maps to explore, Redshire and Siegfried Line.  The new vehicles and maps should add variety and additional objectives for gamers.

Sources: Xbox Wire and Wargaming.net


Skullgirls’ Eliza DLC releasing on Xbox 360 (again) on October 14

Skullgirls Eliza DLC for XBLA

It didn’t work out the first time, but Lab Zero Games is trying again, this time with what should be a different result. The studio announced today that its Skullgirls‘ Eliza DLC, will once again be available to Xbox 360 gamers to download starting October 14.

In what Lab Zero described as a “bureaucratic mix-up,” the DLC first released on Xbox late last month before it should have. A two-and-a-half-year-old bug that had previously gone undiscovered was found by Microsoft during the certification process for the title update and compatibility pack tied to Eliza. Meanwhile, the DLC passed certification and was mistakenly made available to Xbox gamers by its lonesome, which resulted in it not working and causing problems for some players with older downloadable content. Now Lab Zero says it’s fixed the bug, and it’s done it well within the two-week timeframe it originally offered last Sunday.

CEO Peter Bartholow is confident that the bug was never much of a real problem anyways. He told XBLA Fans that it was “a compliance bug that would almost never happen in the real world. We had to make the game react gracefully if a DLC was corrupted, instead of just crashing.”

A September 29 forum post by Lab Zero said that the DLC’s XBLA woes were “part of time-honored tradition,” in reference to previous difficulties getting new Skullgirls content available on Xbox 360.

Source: @LabZeroGames


ID@Xbox games will now release at 12:00 am UTC


Microsoft has announced via Twitter that ID@Xbox titles will now release at 12:00 am UTC which is 6:00 pm in the CST. This is a positive change for U.S. players who previously had games release between 2:00 – 5:00 am. This change currently is only for ID@Xbox games and has no effect on downloadable big box games. Considering how many publishers are offering early access to content via some form of “season pass”, we don’t expect that AAA titles will be available any earlier. This is also the “standard” release window now, so certain ID@Xbox games may release at other times, but the majority should be available in the early evening for U.S. players.

Source: @ID_Xbox

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